Everything is Temporary

Today’s meditation was curtailed in preference for more sleep. I’m not recovering from the all-nighters the way that I used to.  I guess it’s one of those “getting older” signs that I can’t just bounce back the way I used to.   Instead of meditation, I chose to go with more sleep and more time with you.   Tomorrow, I’ll get back on track with the self care, but today?  I really just wanted to spend time with you and get through the crapload of mail that I’d picked up yesterday.  I’m happy with the fact that I was able to manage both of those things today.

Tarot of the Sidhe - Dancer EightToday’s draw is is the Dancer Eight (Eight of Cups) card, which is traditionally a representation of walking away from a bad situation, abandoning what isn’t working, or releasing emotional burdens.

I like the interpretation in the key words for this card.  “Escaping Stagnation” is a beautiful interpretation of the Eight of Cups.   The imagery here of the woman leaving the dead grey waters behind her in preference for a path towards life and the sun speaks strongly to me of climbing out of the dark pit of depression to once again be able to recognize and seek out the light.

Depression, at least in my case, is not a choice.  Although there is much I can do to stave it off and lessen its effects, the fact is that it isn’t a situational reaction but rather an imbalance.  When climbing out of a depression, it feels an awful lot like the sloughing off of shadows that cling to one’s form and weighs one down, just as in this image the gray mud may try to cling, but slowly releases and sloughs away as she pulls free of its grip.

The message here is one of encouragement.  A message to bolster the heart and mind and soul when things are feeling dark or overwhelming.

Everything is temporary… including the bad stuff.


#DiscordTarotholicsAug2020 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question: Can we understand good without evil?

Tarot of WhyReading Summary:  Defenses up (Nine of Wands) in response to sloppy drunkenness (imagery in the King of Cups). A resting time for to gear up and recover from being overburdened (Knave of Wands), followed by depth of understanding through empathy (Queen of Cups).

Take Away:  No.  When we are approached by something unpleasant, we learn to create defenses, but we also grow, and through growth something good is born (empathy).  This is the pattern shown in these cards.

Although I’m sure that good can exist without evil, I do not think that humanity is able to understand good without the existence of evil.   The cards here speak of the things that create defensive feelings, and how we learn through growth.  None of this is possible without lessons to help us in learning, and one of those lessons is given through the contrast we find between good and evil.  


Lionharts #TheAugustTarot#ElementalChallenge
Question: How can focusing on creation support my path/journey?

Hero Analysis for the Future #79 MHA Tarot

Reading Summary:  Youthful enthusiasm (The Fool) kindles the fires of creative ownership (King of Wands) and create a sense of emotional fulfillment in my creative endeavors (Ten of Cups).

Take Away:  Focusing on creation instills a sense of eager enthusiasm in my life that feeds my creativity, swelling it to a point where my creative endeavors become consuming.  This process is a part of the secret to my success and the sense of fulfillment that I receive from what I do.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What lesson do I need to learn?

Magic Tarot

Reading Summary: You can’t get nectar from a stump (imagery in the Ace of Wands).  Take what you’ve learned from the pain in your past (Ten of Swords) and compare it with the things in your life that make you happy now (Nine of Cups).  Allow this contrast to soothe you to into resting (Four of Swords).

Take Away:  I’m working too hard and I need to learn to truly rest.   To do this, it will be important to take a look at how far I’ve come and all that I’ve over come, and compare it with what I have now and what makes me happy in my life at this time.   In doing this, I can then allow this comparison to soothe my guilt over taking the rest that I need, and it will help in releasing me from the need to always be advancing.


One thought on “Everything is Temporary

  1. I think today’s message is a good one. Everything is temporary and even the bad times won’t last forever.

    I love you so much, beautiful. SO much.

    I’m also really proud of you for these little vacations, the little breaks each month that you have scheduled until the busy season sets in. I know they aren’t easy for you, time off isn’t easy for you, but this is the second one and I am SO proud of you, baby.

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