Embracing Joy

Today’s meditation was a little over twelve minutes long and was the sixth installment of the introductory meditation sessions in the Balance app.  It was basically another breath counting exercise, but a bit longer paced and more self directed.  It was nice, and again, strangely went by faster than it felt.

Cheimonette Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Ten of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of emotional fulfillment, harmonious relationships, and finding abundance on an emotional level that spills over to incorporate those around you.

Here in the Cheimonette tarot, the imagery for me has more to do with the color than the actual drawing. The calming blues and purples  that blend up into a joyful shade of yellow.  The colors are deep and resonant, and yet not aggressive or abrasive. In the center of these beautiful colors you have balding, elderly figures in a bare embrace, speaking of closeness and comfort as well as the security that allows them to be vulnerable with each other.

The Walt Whitman quote in the affirmation card today goes well with the theme of the Ten of Cups, as it is all about finding what makes you happy and gives you peace… and sinking into it.  So often, we reject the things that could make us happy either through lack of believing that we don’t deserve it, or because we feel it’s “not the right time”.   Today’s cards say that now is the right time, and you do deserve to be happy.  Don’t push it away… embrace it.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2021 Challenge Prompt
: Grab a spread that you have been curious about… and give it a go!

Cheimonette Tarot

What’s the most magical thing about me?

The World – My ability to adapt through one life lesson to the next. To survive and keep going with the inner knowledge that there’s something more ahead to see and do, even if it’s not quite in reach right this moment.

How can I express more of my wild nature?

Temperance – Connect more strongly the spiritual self to the world around you. Take more time to both explore, and to nurture yourself and others. Your wild nature is not the tornado or the tsunami, but lies in the gentle currents and eddies of tide pools and meandering glacier streams.

Where/how have I been suppressing my magic?

Two of Cups – You’ve been stepping back recently on connecting with others on a deeper level, as well as on those things that you share in common. It’s okay to sometimes need a break, but it does suppress a piece of your magic when you are unable to share freely with like-minded others.

How can I release any feelings of shame or unworthiness?

The Empress – I focusing on being kind to yourself and others. By getting out in nature and allowing it to give you the healing energy that you need. Dry earth is not your forte, but I can still help to balance you out.

How can I BE exactly who I am and shine my wild & magical self to the world?

The King of Disks – Stay grounded, and focus on manifesting what you want to happen and come in to being. You are skilled at molding the world around you into what you want it to be. Don’t forget that.

A message from my guides.

The Priest – We are here to help you and guide you along your path. It’s OK to lean on us now and then. We are not as intimidating as you sometimes make us out to be in yore head.

This is the second time in the past week that a message from my guys has been the Hierophant card.


Daily Self Kindness

Today I accidentally surprised someone trying to break into the building and got my head slammed into a wall.  When I woke up, the paramedics were there and although I didn’t want to, I let them take me to the hospital to get checked out instead of coming back upstairs like I wanted to.

Listening Is More Than Hearing

Today’s meditation was done in the wake of pulling next month’s decks and putting the majority (other than the ones I need for tomorrow) of this month’s away.

Panda Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Five of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of conflict, disagreements with others, and conflict through the clashing of wills.

The thing about the Five of Wands is that yes, it’s about conflict.  But it’s not the same kind of conflict you find in the Five of Swords.  In the Wands, we deal with the things that make us tick.  Our principles, our values, our enthusiasm, our drive.  In the Wands, the conflict card includes these aspects.  You’re not fighting just to fight, but because you are fighting -for- something.

Sometimes when many people feel strongly on a topic, they clash.  That is the kind of conflict that this card is about.

The affirmation card for today tells us that a lot of these battles of will, principles, and values can be solved if we will only pause to listen.  Not just -hear- what others are saying, but actually listen to what they have to say and think about it instead of trying to talk over them to get our own point across.


Cosmic_Crow_Tarot’s #FreedomTarotChallenge Prompt
Questions for July 29th thru 31st

Ancient Animal Wisdom Oracle and Chinese TarotWhat should I appreciate more?

Three of Wands and Lion – My journey, and the autonomy I have within it. The strength it has given me that I now own through the trials I’ve experienced, and can now utilize as I move forward.

What am I free to begin at this time?

Two of Cups, Sausage Fruit Tree atop Civet – Cracks up. Okay. So these cards essentially say that I’m “ripe for spectacular sex with a mysterious stranger”. Maybe Gideon and I need to make new characters? I’m really enjoying the ones we have right now tho. Good thing that “free to begin” something doesn’t necessarily mean you have to. Maybe I can channel that “ripeness” into something else, hm?

What thought do I need to keep with me moving forward?

Nine of Cups and Monkey – Don’t let your feelings of satiation dampen your curiosity for life and the world around you. Just cuz you’re happy and comfortable doesn’t mean there’s not plenty more to explore, discover, and enjoy.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheJulyTarot #TarotSuitsChallenge Prompt
: What can I do in the present in support of my definition of a happy home?

Panda TarotReading Summary: Let go of past experiences (Ten of Swords) and own the present (Four of Pentacles). Ensure prolonged security (Ten of Pentacles).

Take Away:  In order to support my definition of a happy home, it’s important to not get so wrapped up in my past experiences and processing things concerning them that I lose focus on my goals.

A lot of my security plans and goals are on a sort of autopilot.  Automatic payments and the like. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t check in on them now and then to make sure things are going as planned and everything is in order. 


Daily Self Kindness

After I pulled next month’s decks, I took an ibuprofen and allowed myself to lie down for a bit and take a break.

Who’s Goals Are Those?

Today’s meditation was skipped for orders day.  That said, I feel like I might do a bit of meditation before bed tonight.

Michelangelo Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Ten of Cups, which is traditionally about finding one’s emotional nirvana.

On the back of this affirmation card are the words “Look Within”. This, I feel, is a very apt match for the imagery in this particular Ten of Cups. The female figure in this card looks determined. She sees the value of the baby, even when the baby is behaving badly. But, look at the face of the male figure in the card. It is full of doubt and even a bit of trepidation. He has that “what the fuck am I doing here?” look about him that makes it clear this is not -his- version of happily ever after.

Combined, these cards are a reminder to look within yourself and what you really want in life. Don’t base your goals and dreams on what others want for you (or out of you). Base them on what you want and what you feel is important. Living your life for others makes the accomplishments you obtain feel empty and can result in looking back on your life with massive amounts of regret. Live the life you want, and you’ll be much happier.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for July 29th and 30th

Seawitch TarotWhere do I need to foster more joy and happiness in my life?
Prince de Épée and Four of Cups Rx

You need to start fostering joy, happiness , and enjoyment in your business again. You have spent too much time lately seeing your work as a chore instead of the creative endeavor and outreach of joy and happiness that it is. Because of this, your enthusiasm for encouraging the business to not just sustain but actually thrive and improve is suffering.

How can I encourage that joy and happiness to flourish in my life?
Roi de Épée and Les Amouroux

Consider just how boring and lackluster life would be without your business to drive you. Sure, your home would be spotless and you’d get to explore a handful of projects that you’ve had to put off, but what happens when your house is no longer in need of more organizing and cleaning, and you have explored those back logged projects?

Boredom. That’s what. Listless boredom.

You need to acknowledge that the daydream of so much free time is unrealistic not because of financial reasons… but because it wouldn’t take you long to become bored out of your mind and stir crazy.


The Sacred Grounds Tarot Club Prompt
Questions for July 29th and 30th

Green Witch Oracle and Michelangelo TarotWhat is going to support me most with embracing the opportunities that the summer has for me?
Ten of Cups, King of Cups, Marjoram (Happiness)

It’s all about your emotions and tapping into them. Connect with the things and people that make you feel happy, complete, and secure. And, as echoed from your COTD activity for today, make sure that you are focused on what you need instead of allowing your focus to rest on what is expected of you.

How can I overcome the obstacles that I am facing to acknowledge and engage with these opportunities?
The Empress, Knight of Pentacles, Basil (Trust)

Trust what works. Nurture yourself. Get out in nature if only a little bit at a time. Good stuff can build up a little at a time the same way bad stuff can. That whole “nickel and diming” concept works both ways.  So give yourself small pleasures and moments.  Seek comfort.  Discover the differences that tiny positive influences can make when they build up over time.


Daily Self Kindness

I took time out on the balcony today with my plants.  I’m a little frustrated as all the heat has made some of my regulars (like the pansies and lobelia) die out this year. It’s just been too hot.  I did some pruning and dead heading, and then everyone got a good drink and fed.

Every Soul Is Unique

Today’s meditation was skipped again today. Not intentionally, but I once again fell asleep in the middle of it.

Fyodor Pavlov Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Hierophant, which is traditionally a representation of long standing traditions and those that teach them to others, as well as themes to do with spiritual wisdom and religious beliefs.

For me, the Hierophant is often about teaching, especially in relation to helping others find their unique spiritual path,  or helping them in finding their direction and stride upon that path.

One of the things that I have discovered in my own experiences in this area is that it’s often through our connection to something bigger than ourselves that inspiration and peace are found in our lives.

This isn’t true for everyone, but with most of those that I have helped in finding their personal path, that seems to have been universally true. It’s not about “finding God” or a specific deity, but rather about finding what clicks with them.  What beliefs about life and death and how things work that resonate most strongly for them, and realizing that it’s okay to pursue that path for themselves.

Today’s cards are a reminder that finding what works for -you- is important.  Tradition and conformity cannot outweigh the fact that we are all unique… and so are our souls and the path our souls connect with.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2021 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question
: What is true beauty?

Tarot de Marseille Jean DodalReading Summary: Good memories (Six of Cups). A sense of satiation and security (Nine of Pentacles). Being able to support others in finding the same (Queen of Cups).

Take Away: Interesting. I was expecting this answer to be something about aesthetics, and yet that’s not what came up at all.

The answer here in these cards is that true beauty is about living well and helping others to do the same. It’s about cherishing the past, appreciating our accomplishments in the present, as well as valuing our connections to others.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheJulyTarot #TarotSuitsChallenge Prompt
Question for July 28th and 29th

Fyodor Pavlov TarotWhere, or in what way, am I asked to ground myself at this time?

Don’t let changes taking place in your life (Death) take away your sense of emotional satiation and security (Nine of Cups Rx). Think logically with a sense of confidence and strategy (King of Swords) about what’s happening, instead of allowing your emotions runaway with themselves to a bad place.

What am I guided to work on / towards during this current season?

Finding solid footing in the direction you want to go in (King of Wands) so that you can lead others down that path with confidence and the preparation associated with knowing where you’re going and how you’re going to get there (The Magician).


Daily Self Kindness

Quiet time with Gideon today.  It was really nice.   Relaxing.  Soothing.

Move Forward With Confidence

Today’s meditation was skipped, although not intentionally.  I fell asleep.

The Prismatic Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Three of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of of the first steps that come after planning turns to action. It is about looking ahead, direction, and progress.

Just sayin’, but there’s a whole lot of nekkid swinging in the breeze in this deck that I wasn’t aware of when I first bought it.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you… but just sayin’.

Anyway… the nudity in this card serves a purpose.  It speaks of an openness, an honesty, and a comfort within oneself.  This is a man that knows where he’s going and how he’s going to get there.  He is not lost, but rather stands confident as he looks forward into his future, facing it head on without fear.

Combined with the affirmation card for today, what we see in today’s cards is an encouragement to go after those things that truly call to you without fear of the judgements of others or worry over the potential for failure. Stand confident and strong, and reach for those things that you feel a true connection to.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheJulyTarot #TarotSuitsChallenge Prompt
Questions for July 26th and 27th

The New Chapter TarotWhat have I created for myself in the months leading up to now?

Inspiring myself and others (Queen of Wands) to spend more time together (Three of Cups).

This is something I’ve been working on both in my work as well as my personal life. Taking time off to chill with others, or working alongside them and making it fun.  In both cases, it’s new and different, but a part of growing into a healthier way of doing things and dealing with the balance between my personal life, work life, and responsibilities.

What am I currently manifesting for myself?

The opportunity (Ace of Disks) to use my influence and strategic thinking (King of Swords) to stand strong for those things I believe in (Seven of Wands).

This is because I am giving myself time to heal and recover instead of pushing myself so hard all the time. It provides more time for soul searching and connecting with my values, principles, and inner compass.


Cosmic_Crow_Tarot’s #FreedomTarotChallenge Prompt
Questions for July 27th and 28th

The Prismatic TarotWhy do I still feel like a prisoner at times?
Two of Swords, Ace of Cups, Page of Wands

I hate feeling as if I’m always having to choose between all the new creative interests that pop up in my life from one day to the next.  This new path of taking things at a more sedate and moderated pace is something I often feel I need to struggle against.

I understand that this is a healthier approach, and I accept that I don’t have the energy to pursue all the creative interests that flit through my mind and my life on a regular basis. It just… sucks sometimes.

How can I free myself of this feeling?
The Empress Rx and Wheel of Fortune

Throw nurturing myself and my needs out into the wind and instead dive back in to playing the “up and down” game of manic creativity and oppressive burnout.

Obviously, this is not a healthy choice, and that is the point.


Daily Self Kindness

I made that amazing stewed tomato and garden herbs pasta dish again today.  It was amazing.

Day-to-Day Goodness

Today’s meditation was eleven minutes long, and what is the fifth installment of the introductory course for the balance app. The focus was again on the breath, and introduced the method of counting breaths in order to help with one’s focus.

Tarot of Plants and Less Anxiety Affirmation CardsToday’s draw is the Nine of Summer (Cups) /Strawberry, which is traditionally a representation of emotional satiation, comfort, and personal acknowledgement at having found your “happy place”.

I am a big fan of strawberries. Not in biting into them, as I like them mashed up.  It changes the flavor.  In fact, I enjoy strawberries nearly every day.  I add them to a smoothie made of probiotic yogurt, kefir, apple, and (occasionally) raspberries. This treat has changed (and massively improved) my digestive process, which used to involve a good deal of pain.  It’s also delicious and healthy… and oddly has nearly entirely circumvented what used to be a pretty constant craving for ice cream.

No matter what type of day I’m having, or what I have to do that day?  I always have my smoothy… and I always love it. Sometimes I mix it up with different fruits, like adding mango or pineapple or peaches, but I have this treat every single day with very few exceptions.

I share this, because today’s message is all about this.   It’s all about finding the things that make you happy.  The little things that bring joy to your life… and enjoying them.  It’s about not pushing them away for “another time” that might be more convenient, but rather incorporating them into your day-to-day in any small ways you can so that you can enjoy them even when you’re at your busiest or feeling overwhelmed, and in those times they can help lift you up and give you a bit of joy you otherwise would be without.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for July 26th and 27th

Mermaid Cats TarotAs an adult, where do I take myself too seriously?

All my worries and anxieties (Nine of Swords) concerning others and my perceived responsibilities to them (Queen of Pentacles). Too much time spent standing up and standing strong (Seven of Wands) instead of having fun (The Sun Rx).

These cards are essentially telling me I need to ease up on looking after others and just let my hair down, kick off my shoes, and have more fun.

How can I go about lightening up in these areas?

Let them fight their own battles (Five of Swords). Build better personal boundaries for myself and others (Nine of Wands).

Think more selfishly, and use this mentality to create better boundaries both for myself to follow, as well as for others and what they expect from me.


Cosmic_Crow_Tarot’s #FreedomTarotChallenge Prompt
Questions for July 25th and 26th

Tarot of PlantsWhat am I most proud of?
Nine of Autumn (Pentacles) / Beet

How far I’ve come in life to pull myself out of the destitution and scarcity that I started in to the place of comfort that I now possess.

Although I am far from wealthy, I have done well for myself in dragging myself out of homelessness and near starvation, into a place of security and comfort. I’m proud of all that I’ve done to get to this place, and the strength it took to get here.

What do I need to take more pride in?
Ten of Spring (Wands) /Thistle and Seed of Summer (Cups) /Columbine

In moving away from the constant cycle of burnout and overwhelm that I was riding throughout the majority of my adult life, and choosing to begin exploring my emotions instead of closing them off and burying them.

Sometimes I wonder what in the world Gideon saw in me all those years ago that drew him in.  I was so closed off from my emotions, and working myself so hard. Pushing myself so hard that I had little time or patience for anything else, especially not anything that had to do with my own emotions.


Daily Self Kindness

I took some time today to make a new playlist on Spotify filled with smoky soft music that I enjoy listening to when I’m relaxing.