Ethony’s 10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Should Answer

On Ethony’s website, she has a list of the ten questions every tarot reader should answer.  I don’t think I’ve done this one before, so I thought I’d go ahead and add it into the other tarot quizzes that I’ve done on here.


1. Were you mentored, or were you self-taught?

Both? I’d say it is both.   Lenormand has been a part of my life throughout my entire childhood and upward.  I did not start working with RWS until my early teens, and I have alternated between help from Z and doing my own research in all the years since then.

2. Are you a psychic or a Tarot reader?

Again… Both?  I don’t really consider it being “a psychic”, but I read the tarot intuitively 96% of the time.  BUT, I have a foundation of book learning behind beneath my feet, and I tap into that in my readings, even when reading intuitively, if for no other reason than to compare what I’m getting intuitively from the cards to the traditional meanings.

3. Are your predictions accurate, and is accuracy important to you?

I don’t usually set out to do predictive readings, although it does happen.   I find that accuracy isn’t something I really concern myself with in predictive reading, though.   Reason being is that even just being -aware- of what might transpire can change the future, and thus what -could- happen that’s read in the reading is averted/diverted due to the knowledge gained IN said reading.   It’s a Catch22.  Is it accurate and you changed your future?  Or was it inaccurate all along?   Unable to know one way or another?  I just don’t worry about it and read what I see.

4. Is there anything you can’t predict in a reading?

Can’t?  Lotto numbers.  Also, absolute certain, set in concrete predictions of events or situations that cannot be changed or diverted.  This is not really how things work in my experience.  Yes, sometimes things happen just as predicted. Sometimes you take action to ensure a different outcome.  The future is fluid until the moment it becomes the past.

5. Do you use only Tarot, or are you multi-disciplinary?

Okay…. so lets see if I can manage a complete list.   Lenormand, Oracle, Playing Cards, Tarot, Charm Casting, Pendulum, Stick & Pebble Casting (which includes not just sticks and pebbles, but also items such as tiny acorns and cones, tree nettles, thorns, etc found in nature), Runes… hm, I think that’s it.   I would also like to try orb scrying, but the only sphere so far I’ve found that speaks to me is a bit out of my price range at the moment.

6. Is the message in the cards, or in your head?

In my…. in my…. hm.   The messages  are in my solar plexus and delve inward and upward to emerge in the hollows of my collar bones to travel just beneath the skin up to the spot just behind my earlobes, then forward into my mouth.  My brain finds them there and translates them into something I can understand and communicate.

7. Are you a priest or a fortune-teller?

Neither.   I’m an intuitive that uses the cards to find the inner voice I just can’t hear well enough without them.

8. Are you a fixer or a looker?

Both.   Sometimes I’m just looking.  Sometimes, I’m looking for a reason.  Sometimes?  That reason is because I want to help, heal, or fix in some way.

9. Do you read for free, or for fee?

In the past I have read for money.  It was a good supplement to my income at the time.   Since my change in ability to communicate, I have only read for myself and for free for loved ones.  I am open to the possibility of trying remote readings using writing as a medium to communicate, although I’m not sure how interested people are in something like that considering how many other options for readings are out there.

(Edit: I did some face to face for-hire readings while away on my recent trip, and it wasn’t too bad, although the communication was definitely a hurdle to work with.)

10. Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading?

Death.  Nor do I do mediumship, as it’s just not in my wheelhouse.  I don’t give readings on shit that the querent should be going to a licensed professional for either.


It’s Going to Be Okay

Today’s meditation was twelve minutes long, and focused on the fact that sometimes meditation isn’t peaceful.   That is to say that sometimes, there is so much going on in our minds that it isn’t possible to sink into stillness.   It also discussed how this is okay.

This is a struggle that everyone deals with, but meditation isn’t about that silent calm.  It’s about seeking mindfulness.   If that means you don’t reach calm, but you are mindful in those moments of the present and what is going on with you.   Then you are still meditating.

I think that’s an important message.  A lot of people try meditation and feel that they are failing at it.  But the truth is, if you are trying?  You are succeeding.   It’s not about success, it’s about the journey.

Today’s draw is a double without a jumper, and may I just say…. I’m so happy to be home and able to use the Stolen Child tarot one last time for this purpose before the month shifts to October.  I really love this deck.

Ok… on to today’s draw.   The draw for today is the Nine of Zephyrs (Swords) and the King of Oak (Pentacles).

The Nine of Zephyrs is an “oh shit” card, and you can see this in the belly-to-the-ground pose of the hare in the card’s imagery.   There is a whole lot of uncertainty there, and a sense of a “the sky is falling” mentality.   In the traditional meaning for this card (the Nine of Swords) it is much the same.  It is a card of overwhelm and anxiety, depression and turmoil in the area of the mind, logic, intellect, and instinct.

The King of Oak’s energy speaks to me of self-possession and abundance.  The young king is surrounded by plentiful gifts, and the closing of his eyes in this card does not appear like ignorance so much as like a communion and gratitude.   Like with the previous card, my perceptions of this card’s artwork echo the traditional meaning of the card, which is a representation of a projective alpha energy in the area of resources, finances, manifestation, and the physical world.  This includes themes that involves wealth, abundance, and stability in the areas of business and finance.

Today’s cards are addressing my cyclical “catastrophe” type thinking concerning my business.  This time of year is very stressful for me, for although the dry period that comes each year has come to an end, the pick-up back to the norm takes a little time.

Sometimes it DOES feel like the sky is falling during this time before the holiday rush starts, and I worry that all the preparation will be for naught.   The King of Oak is there to tell me that I just need to center myself and keep preparing.  He speaks of the fact that I know full well what this cycle I’m in with my business is, and where it will go, and that I will become flush again soon enough as the recovery period flushes out into an abundance of business for the six weeks or so that are my yearly holiday rush.

Deck Used: Stolen Child Tarot


Oh… It’s You

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and focused on vulnerability. Namely the fact that there is a certain amount of vulnerability involved in the exploration of trying new things and meeting new people.

I think that overall this is a good premise Letting yourself be open enough to seek out and explore new experiences is an essential part of life.

At the same time, what the meditation didn’t discuss was that when you open yourself up and give yourself some free reign to be vulnerable, it is very important to have clear and established boundaries in place to ensure you are being vulnerable in a safe way.

I think that this is a very important distinction to make, and one that was missing in today’s guided meditation.

Otherwise, I found the meditation to be relaxing and that my body really needed some extra stretching time this morning.

Today’s draw is the Knight of Cups. I have to admit that in general I don’t usually see this card as a positive one. In fact, in a deck like the Morgan Greer, the classic imagery lends itself to traditional reading of the card, which makes it Sven more difficult.

Usually when I see the Knight of Cups, I see emotional manipulation. I see the guy at the club that tells you what you want to hear to get what he wants, and justifies his behavior by arguing that the end result is mutually gratifying.

I used to use that argument too, because like this guy, I was a “mutually beneficial user” as well, I just didn’t use emotional manipulation to get there.

I know that is t the only interpretation of the Knight of Cups, but it is where I often go when traditional imagery is involved, simply because there’s not enough in the imagery to steer me in another direction.

So… the Knight of Cups… This card’s traditional meaning is that it is an active beta energy in the area if the emotions, relationships, creativity, and intuition. He is, in his more positive aspects, about creativity and imagination, as well as charm and romance.

The positive message for me in today’s card, I think, has more to do with his appearance than his meaning, though. He’s arrived today to encourage me to keep an open mind, and remember that sometimes things aren’t as they first appear.

Dream Share – The Need For Green

I am in a barren and dry place. A city. But there’s no trees and there’s no grass or green. It’s all brown and tan and dry and dusty.

I see a tree in the distance with a tall trunk and lush leaves. It grows out of the sidewalk.

I run towards it, eager to get closer. When I get to the tree, I wrap my arms around it in joy…. only to discover that it’s a fake tree. My disgust and disappointment is a heavy weight on my soul as I pout up at the trunk.

Then, the scenery changes, and I am Keeper of the Green size (about an inch or two tall), and I am sitting in the soil of a potted plant on the windowsill in an old woman’s kitchen. I feel I am glowing in contentment and happiness.

Then I wake up.

Self Care Saturday… On a Sunday

As I’ve mentioned before, these readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and are not meant as a predictive reading.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Earth King of Cups – Take some time to project for myself some compassion and forgiveness, especially concerning any limitations that might arise in the week ahead.

AirThe Devil – Am drowning myself with the weight of all the “stuff”. Take a step back and evaluate mental clutter. Search for any obsessions that are not serving me and let them go.

WaterQueen of Pentacles – Going to need some alone time and to take some time to lose myself in fantasy and flights of fancy in order to nurture my emotional side.

FirePage of Rods – This week is a time for exploration and discovery. Try something new instead of the same old thing.

Waning – The need to carry my home with me is going to ease. This is not surprising, and is in direct relation to going home tomorrow.

Waxing – A new journey and crossing from the known into the unknown. This card feels like it is connected to the Fire cards in this spread.

Moral of the Story – New adventures ahead, but from home rather than abroad. Keep an eye out for what may be adding unnecessary stress or “weight”. Be sure to make some space and time for myself to breathe.

Deck Used: Morgan Greer Tarot

My Morning Routine

Being that I’m away from home for the week this week, I figured today would be a nice day for some nostalgia.   Well, nostalgia concerning my normal routine, that is.   So I thought you might like a peek at my regular morning routine.


I usually work on the farm at least six days a week, and I wake up VERY early each morning to head to the farm and get there by 5am for my shift.  I very literally pick my ass out of bed, put on  my crappy tattered farm clothes, grab my keys, a handful of protein bars, and my phone, and head out.  I don’t bother with a shower or brushing my teeth, or even combing my hair.

My shifts on the farm are usually between 4 to 7 hours in length depending on what needs done that day and if the owner needs any extra help.

Once I get home, I immediately toss my clothes in the washer and hop in the shower.  I do all of my washing, flossing, tooth-brushing, plucking (because I do not grow enough hair on my face to bother shaving), hair combing, other intimate grooming, etc in the shower.   I get out and apply lotion, then apply emollient bar to the various scarring on my body to keep them supple so they don’t crack.  Deodorant, ear cleaning, all that good stuff comes next.

I then get dressed and spend about 30 – 60 minutes on the floor doing yoga.  Once this is done, I move to my altar and do my daily devotional.


What is a Daily Devotional?

Every morning I stand before my altar.  I take a few minutes to center and ground myself, and then I light the candle on my altar.   I touch each of the corresponding spheres on my altar as I go through this invocation in my mind (obviously, I can’t speak these aloud).

Energies of the North, Earth, and Body… I welcome you
Energies of the East, Air, and the Mind… I welcome you
Energies of the South, Fire, and the Inner Spark… I welcome you
Energies of the West, Water, and the Emotions… I welcome you

I then touch the Gaia statue and continue…

Energies of creation, evolution, and balance… I welcome you

I touch my father’s kila and the mirror of my grandmother and continue…

Beloved ancestors that wish to bestow love and wisdom… I welcome you

I light incense.   Usually this is a combination of Nag Champa and Frankincense. I then stand before my altar and take a minute to center myself again so that I am not distracted when I decide to continue.  Gratitude comes next…

Thank you for this beautiful new day and all of the opportunities it presents to me to improve myself and the world around me.

Thank you for my safe and secure home, my beautiful and loving sister, my trusted friends, my lovely Luna, and my beloved partner.   Thank you as well for the love of my mother and loving care others around me.

Please guide my feet along today’s path so that I may…. (changes from day to day)

Examples:  Enjoy the day to the fullest, have safe travels on today’s journeys, have a productive day filled with accomplishments and small pleasures, etc.

I then pick up my daily draw deck for the month and I begin to shuffle.  As I shuffle, I am requesting…

I ask that you provide me with a positive message to carry with me throughout my day and foster perspective.

I repeat this as I go through riffle shuffling then switch to a seesaw overhand shuffle until a card falls out (or jumps out).   Sometimes more than one card comes out (as you’ve seen in my daily posts).   If it is more than two cards, I will put them back and ask for an answer that involves less cards.

Once I have my card of the day before me, I will take a moment to sink into the image and really -feel- the card, then return my attention to my altar to close things out with…

Please accept my gratitude as I strive to learn from your messages and follow your guidance.  Today, and Every Day.

I then blow out the candle to close things out, and snuff out the incense.

From there, I will go to the bed and lie down with my legs up the wall.  I will settle into a piriformis stretch position, and then meditate (usually to the guided meditations provided in the Calm app on my phone).


Once my meditation is done, I will then head out of the bedroom and feed Miss Luna, get my tea made (complete with collagen peptides added), make a couple pieces of toast with peanut butter, and get my probiotic yogurt out.  With tea, toast, and yogurt in hand, I then sit down to take my morning medications and eat.

From there, my day diverges into whatever else I have to get done or do throughout the day, any other shifts I need to work, business tasks that need completed, etc.  But, my mornings up until that point?  They’re pretty much the same every day except Saturdays.