Confronting Past Lives & Mending the Soul Oracle Reading

Confronting Past Lives & Mending the Soul with the Dragons and Other Rare Creatures Oracle

Card to represent me in a relevant past life.

Banshee Drake – An unforgiving protector. A watcher that shouts out their warning for all to hear when trouble crests on the horizon, and whose “roar” is a harbinger of change’s arrival.

Something unresolved from that past life.

Sphinx – Not a wound or a sin, but a riddle yet to be solved.

How this past life is affecting me today.

Red Dragonfly – This past life taught you to pay closer attention to the small details in life. The riddle would have been solved if you had done so at the time, and the lesson from that has continued to echo down through time.

Why I need to complete this unresolved issue.

Flame Draconis – There is unrest in the spirit caused by this unresolved issue. Resolving it would give the spirit in you a sense of victory and allow it to let go of that “unfinished” feeling.

How I can complete this unresolved issue.

Steam Dragon atop Purple Book Drake – A great deal of exploration, experimentation, and hard work. Research will be needed, as well as stubborn determination. Digging into the past will be a must if you wish to resolve this issue.

Important lesson I must understand fully.

Goblin Daredevil – Practice makes perfect, both in this pursuit and in all things. Don’t give up if you don’t succeed at first. Each subsequent effort gives you more knowledge and experience.

An energy/characteristic from this past life that I should channel.

Cookie Crumbler atop Wolpertinger – Your urges, addictions, actions, and cravings are often driven by something deeper than what is seen on the surface. Explore where these things come from to find a connection with this particular past life.