Year Ahead Spread 2021 – April thru June

This spread is a predictive spread that is very commonly used as a bit of a preview of the year ahead. The question asked for each of these positions is…
Tarot Card: The theme of the month in question,
Oracle Card: What to focus on for the month in question, and
Affirmation Card: A ray of hope to hold onto for the month in question.

Year Ahead Spread for Divination

This reading is simply a brief exploration of the current trajectory of my path and energy for the year ahead. Like all predictive readings, nothing here is written in stone, it’s more of a look ahead just to have an idea of what to anticipate and what to work at avoiding.

As an experiment, I have decided to do my year ahead reading a little differently this year. In January I pulled cards for the first six months of the year and interpreted the cards for January thru March. I am then interpreting the second three months today.  I will then revisit the spread at the end of June to do the following six months. I feel that this might help in ensuring a more accurate reading for the second half of the year.

Six Month Ahead Spread for Divination - Part 1 - January through June

2021’s ThemeJustice – This card is calculated through mathematics, and is not drawn randomly.  My card for 2021 is the Justice card, with the theme of having to acknowledge that what you put out into the world and what you do in your life reflects back to you in turn.  Good begets good, bad begets bad.  Following that inner moral compass will be especially important this year and possible a bit of a challenge.

Six Month Ahead Spread - Brady Tarot, Tree Whisper Oracle, Magickal Herb Oracle

April’s Theme Strength – Like spring slowly builds into summer, as you head through April your own strengths will slowly continue to build.

April’s Focus / Advice Healing –  During this time, make sure that you are focusing on the last vestiges of your recovery. Allow your strength to build instead of trying to tap into it and utilize it before it’s leveled off.

April’s Ray of Hope Bilberry (Clarity) – The more and more you approach full recovery, the brighter your thoughts will be and the clearer your mind will become. The fog lifts a little at a time, and each day you can see a little clearer than the day before.

May’s Theme Father of Horns (Cups) – Finding your footing is the theme of this month.  After the slippery slide down into the pit of depression and the long, slow climb back out, you’re finally at a place where you will feel as if you’ve found your footing emotionally and are on solid ground.

May’s Focus / Advice Beyond – Now is a good time to look forward and start putting plans into action to build what you want to come into fruition in the future. You’ve held off long enough to allow yourself time to recover, and with solid ground once more under your feet, you are able to now begin striding forward in these matters.  Step out of the planning stages.

May’s Ray of Hope Echinacea (Protection) – You are looked after and protected. Put a little more trust into the universe and your guides.  Allow Gideon to worry over you and your loved ones to take care of you in their own unique and preferred ways.  This blessing is here to lift you up, keep you protected, and give you the help you need to keep you safe as you begin to move forward into new frontiers this month.

June’s Theme The Sun – With summer upon us it will be time to have a little fun this month. Don’t hibernate or hide indoors.  The temperatures are comfortable enough to enjoy some time outside, so take advantage of that to its fullest.

June’s Focus / Advice Innocence – The seeds begun in May will have the chance to grow and flourish, and without putting in so much work that you have to feel “put upon” or “stuck” in the process. Don’t make this growth a chore.  Instead, have some fun and let more serious matters and endeavors develop at their own pace.

June’s Ray of Hope Yerba mate (Activation) – You set the ball rolling on the projects and goals you wanted to get started.  Let the ball roll.  It’s going to carry itself for the most part this month.  You don’t have to babysit it every step and millimeter of the way.


Morning Bonus Read – Spiral Journey

Spiral Journey Tarot Spread - Tanis Lenormand

EssenceAnchor – Stable, persistent, and faithful to those around you and your goals. Not one to flit from place to place or person to person, you approach the world around you with two feet steady on the ground and rooted for good measure. Feeling uprooted or unstable is extremely uncomfortable for you and you struggle under these circumstances until you can find security and stability once again.

PastCoffin – A lot of negative experiences litter your past that need to be left behind and discarded. You’ve come so far since then and transformed from that place into a much better one. Make sure you are not allowing these experiences from the past to haunt you, and stay vigilant to ensure their influences foster change and not stagnation.

PresentGarden – You’re very social in your present and are thriving in that environment.  The interactions you’re having are primarily positive and helping you in your growth as well as allowing you to find some enjoyment in others, something you haven’t had a lot of experience with in the past. 

FutureKey – Your future is filled with a vast array of opportunities, as long as you are willing to keep your eyes open and watch for them.  These opportunities aren’t the kind that just fall into your lap, but rather the type that you need to involve yourself in and expend a bit of energy in order to bring into fruition.

PossibilityLetter – Leading into possibilities and opportunities in the future… make sure you are not being careless with your emails and snail mail.  You may just accidentally delete or toss out something important! Check your packages carefully for added bits in the bottom, make sure the junk mail folder doesn’t hold anything important before you empty it, and just be overall vigilant in this area.

BlessingFox – You’re clever. You’re smart.  You’re able to spot a lie a mile away and sense when people are not being upfront or have sketchy motives.  Listen to your intuition and make sure you’re not reasoning yourself out of what your instincts and intuition have to say.  Don’t close yourself off from hearing that inner voice and don’t doubt what it tells you about those around you.

SynthesisBouquet – Now is a blessed time in your life and it has the potential to become even better if you use your keen intuition and instinct to lead you forward, and stay vigilant in paying attention to what’s going on around you.  Don’t be careless or cavalier about things that you might feel are little things, that in truth could turn out to be lost opportunities if squandered or tossed aside.  Energies are on the rise… ride them and take advantage of the benefits they offer.


Full Moon in Libra – March 2021

Gummy Bear Tarot In a Tin

Yesterday was the full moon, and like all new moons and full moons, I did a spread aligned to the moon’s current themes as a part of my recognition of the moon’s cycle and influences upon us. Today’s spread is about tipping the scales, and brought to you by Sharron Basanti of Seeds of Shakti.

1. What imbalances is the Full Libra Moon magnifying?

Eight of Swords – My fears are being amplified. I need to expect a bit more anxiety surrounding the next few days and remember that anxiety is not premonition… it’s simply anxiety.  Don’t allow it to compound upon itself by thinking it means anything.  Your intuition does not speak to you through anxiety and it’s not going to start doing so any time soon.

2. How can the scales be brought back to balance?

The World atop King of Swords – Ground yourself with a foundation of logic and knowledge. A lot of things are being done differently these days and it’s okay to feel anxious as long as you recognize it’s an irrational response and keep your eyes on making sure you stay up to date with the changes and transitions taking place.

3. What truths is the Libra Full Moon revealing that I need to acknowledge?

The Fool – Lighten up.  Make sure you’re making time for fun and play.  Not everything can be serious all the time and it’s important to allow yourself some carefree time where you release the weight of responsibilities and just allow the world around you to enthrall and delight you.  It doesn’t have to be long or intense, but this is something you need to make sure you’re including in your life in order to find a better life balance.

4. How can I create sacred space for harmony to thrive and flourish?

King of Cups – Allow yourself to be emotionally supported by others.  Allow an emotional connection within your spirituality to flourish.  Just because you don’t always know the names of the emotions you feel or how exactly to express them doesn’t mean they’re any less valid than if you did.  If you need help expressing these emotions, you know you can find it in Gideon, who is always there to help you sort it out.

5. Message from the Ancestors and Guides.

The Emperor atop Eight of Cups – Step up and claim a healthier path. You’re going to end up frustrated and stuck in another unhealthy pattern if you don’t seize control and direct things to go the way you want them to. Now is the time to seize that control and make sure things go in the direction you want them to rather than in the same old frustrating direction that they have always gone in in the past when at this point in your recovery from an MDE.


Stirring Up Energies

IMG_0268Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and another of the short Calm app meditations combined with the interval timer for my piriformis stretching.  Thing is?  Although I benefit more from the eighteen minute meditations than I do the ten minute ones?  I have a hard time allotting myself that extra eight minutes.  I’m not sure why but I do.  So…. I’ll save those for when need that extra amount of meditation and go for the shorter ones for the day-to-day.

The focus of today’s meditation was about trying new things and not -avoiding- trying new things if the reason for avoiding them is just that it’s uncomfortable in some way.  All new things are uncomfortable.  All new things can cause worry or anxiety or discomfort.  That doesn’t mean new things are bad.

Denizens of Earth Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Nine of Earth (Pentacles) which is traditionally a representation of satisfaction with a job well done and the sense of security that comes from that. It’s often a solitary card, but one filled with gratitude and self-acknowledgement for one’s blessings and accomplishments.

The crocus is one of the first announcements of spring each year, emerging from cooler temps to greet the warmth of the season and it’s earthy themes of rebirth.  It is a sign that spring has arrived and all is well, and that the bounty of summer is coming.

What I see in this card is not so much about what you have, but rather the potential of what can be achieved.  The promise of opportunity ahead to fulfill your needs, succeed in those things that create stability and comfort in your life, and not just survive but thrive in the budding energy that spring has to offer us all.

When combined with the Thera-Pets card for today, the message here is that not only is the opportunity there for you to make these things happen, but so too is the capability within you to do it.  Sometimes we feel like we’re just not enough, and because of that feeling, we allow opportunities to pass us by that otherwise we would have jumped at.  Don’t allow this spring to be one of those times you let opportunities pass you by. Instead, choose those things that will help you thrive, and pursue them.  You have it within you to ride spring’s energy and direct it into a positive outcome.


LionHart’s Whispering Woods Tarot Challenge Prompt
: What good have I achieved for myself this month?

Bumbleberry Hollows Tarot

 Reading Summary:  New beginnings and new ideas this month (Ace of Swords) have allowed me to turn past bad habits and tendencies (Six of Cups) into something healthier and more beneficial moving forward (Nine of Pentacles).

Take Away:  I’ve come to the realization this month that emerging from depression is a form of rebirth.  A way to change things I’ve done wrong in the past an do better in the future.  In the past, my focus coming out of a depression has always been about “getting back to normal”, but I’m starting to understand that this is not the only way to approach my recovery, and that emerging from depression’s darkness provides me a way to essentially “begin again” and create new habits and new ways of dealing with things.  That the depression wipes out the majority of old habits, creating a blank slate to rebuild upon… and in this opportunity resides the potential for building something better.


#DiscordTarotolicsMar2021 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread #3

Denizens of Earth TarotWhat to leave behind along with the winter’s chill?

Father of Earth (Dragonfly) – It’s time to trade in more stagnant and staid energies for something with more vitality and alacrity. Being grounded is all well and good, but not to the point that you’re losing range of motion and opportunity through inaction.

What to take with me into the spring?

The Emperor – A sense of empowerment is necessary and you need to make sure you foster those feelings as you move into the spring.  Allow that sense of being “large and in charge” spur you into using your energy wisely to not just find your footing but run with those things that you want to build in your life and accomplish.

What needs exposed to the light and the world this spring?

The Lovers – You are doing the best you can to make the choices that are healthy for you and this is not something to hide away from the world, but rather something to celebrate.  When combined with the forward motion of the Emperor in the previous position, we see a message of leading by example.  Encouraging others to make healthy choices in their lives by showing them how it’s done within your own life.

What needs kept close for further contemplation and meditation?

Child of Fire (Red Fox) atop The Wheel – Inspired ideas that you want to explore need a bit more time to percolate in your head before you act on them. You have plenty to do without adding on more that will imbalance everything and “upset the apple cart”.  Keep them close and sort them out before acting, as you need this time to make sure these ideas become a success, rather than depending on luck to make them work and succeed.


Daily Self Kindness

I bought CocoPuffs!  Okay so yes, I need to eat healthier and I get that but it’s COCOPUFFS!  I will just have to practice that whole moderation thing and make them last.

Gideon’s Challenge

Tender Beginnings

Little buds kiss the air
offering promises
of flourishing growth
and warmer weather
as pink tips stretch
and begin to swell
reaching for the sun
soon leaves will stretch
and open wide
and buds will unfurl
to flutter
petal soft blossoms
in balmy morning

Photo © ZenStatePhotography