Gideon’s Challenge

16543135424_8547b40dc7_zIn the beginning, the challenge was to share a photo a day that expressed an emotion from my day.   It was shared on Instagram, and I did my best to make sure that there was a new photo there every single day.

Unfortunately, over time, this fell to the wayside.   I think, primarily, because I didn’t always have the time or was just too exhausted to get a photo prepped and ready to post.  This meant there was nothing to post on those days, especially on a site like Instagram that is entirely photo based.

But, in essence, Gideon’s Challenge isn’t about the photos.  Not that you don’t enjoy my photography and seeing the world through my eyes,  I know that you do.  But, the challenge was about sharing my feelings, emotions, and experiences.

So here on the blog I am resurrecting Gideon’s Challenge, only with the pictures as a bonus when I am able to include them, instead of as a requirement to making a post.