Valuing Traditions

Today’s meditation was a bit over fourteen minutes long and was spent in quiet with breathing exercises and forearm stretches.  My right forearm has seized again, and so the stretching during my meditation was to tend to this issue.

Telluric Tarot 2nd EditionToday’s draw is the Hierophant, which is traditionally a representation of tradition, structure, guidance, established principles, and spiritual knowledge.

In today’s card, the Hierophant is represented by Staurolite and Oak. Staurolite, an iron based mineral, has qualities of stability and longevity, while the Oak shares and transforms this longevity into strength and long established tradition.

The message in today’s card, therefore, is about where we find comfort and stability in old traditions and passed down practices. Especially in the third quarter of the year, we run into a wide variety of traditions, both in society and family. The holidays that fall in this quarter of the year are steeped in them.

Today’s card invites us to examine those traditions and the reason they are carried on through the generations. What value do they hold that keeps them flourishing year after year? Which traditions do you value most, and which need a closer look to understand more fully?


OwlandBonesTarot’s #BothSidesOfTheTarot Prompt
Questions for September 29th and 30th

Oracle des Messages de Ton Cœur and The Wandering Soul OracleWhat boundary could be set in place?

Angoisses – As the holiday rush approaches, anxiety will rise. Make sure that you are not allowing this anxiety to freeze you in place. Staying fluid and flexible is important.

What wall could be taken down?

Souffrances – The chronic pain you deal with on a daily basis has levels, and you need to start doing those things that help keep your pain and suffering in check.

Finding Balance Between the Two – You know what you need to do (Wisdom), so untie those stubborn knots tying your hands and holding you back (Bound) and do it.

You need to work on establishing a regular meditation practice, which helps a great deal with both your anxiety and your pain levels.

What needs acceptance?

Nourriture – Nurturing comes in all forms. We feed our body with food, we feed our heart with good friends and love, we feed our mind with books and curiosity, we feed our soul with those things and people that make our soul sing. All of these aspects need fed. All of them; not just whatever ones you feel are valid.

What could you refuse?

Pitié – Pay attention to your negative inner narrative and shut down its lies when they try to whisper to you. Don’t allow them to turn your perspective sour.

Finding Balance Between the Two – When you connect to those things that spark fire in your soul (Burn), it creates a lift in all areas of your life including how you speak to yourself. The better you feel, the less your negative inner narrative has to say (Interconnected).


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for September 29th

Telluric Tarot 2nd EditionGoalKnight of Cups – To instill more joy and enthusiasm into your day-to-day activities, especially in relation to pursuits that involve your creativity.

ProsThe Lovers – More connection with your purpose, and a healthier outlook towards your work and responsibilities. Rose colored glasses make everything look better, which influences how you feel, think, and communicate with others.

ConsAce of Swords – Enthusiasm created from those “feel good” feelings brings about a plethora of inspired ideas that you don’t really have time to add to your plate.

ObstaclesTwo of Swords – This over abundance of enthusiasm and barrage of ideas can cause solid planning and realistic goal setting to fall to the wayside.

SolutionsAntecedent of Pentacles – Don’t start what you can’t finish. Write it down instead, and save the ideas “for a rainy day” when you have a bit more time. You can always return to them late.


Daily Self Kindness

I shared my frustrations with others instead of holding them inside and letting them fester.

What Makes the Journey Worthwhile

Today’s meditation was skipped (again).

Cats Rule the Earth Tarot - Three of WandsToday’s draw is the Three of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of forward movement, advancing, plans set to action, and opportunity.

Sunflowers.  That’s what catches my attention in this card, and it’s an interesting choice for a card that traditionally holds a depiction of a figure looking out to sea and a whole lot of water.

Sunflowers are a symbol of happiness and joy, and what I see as the message in this card is actually an encouragement to make sure that when you begin to act on your plans that you’re heading in a direction that will include happiness and joy in the journey.

Don’t forsake how important these qualities are, or how important it is to instill these qualities in any journey you undertake in life.  They are what makes the journey worthwhile.


Mr Lionhart’s #TheSeptemberTarot Between Dusk & Dawn Prompt
Questions for September 28th thru 30th – LESSONS

Medicina de los Animales de la Cruz del SurWhat did my September journey help establish for me?

Yarará – It provided you with the rest, respite, awareness, and clarity needed to prepare for what’s ahead. It was a time of pause that is helping in getting ready for the busy season to come.

How am I invited to build upon September moving forward?

Lechuza – Turn those qualities gained through September toward helping you nurture the success you wish to achieve (as opposed to trying to force it) over the next three months.

What am I guided to graciously part with or move away from starting October 1st?

Águila – Take care that as the veil between the spirit world and ours thins, you aren’t allowing those coming through to hinder or hold you back. You have had this experience in the past, depending on who decides to come through, and it’s not something you need to add to your plate this year.


OwlandBonesTarot’s #BothSidesOfTheTarot Prompt
Questions for September 27th and 28th

Cats Rule the Earth Tarot and Glowwood OracleWhat is falling?

The High Priestess – The time to linger and explore the secrets of the world around you (and those within you as well) is coming to a close. This time, as it does each year, will put a good part of your intuition into a holding pattern while you deal with other more logic driven concerns and physical world matters that need your attention.

What is rising?

The Chariot – In place of your amble through what (should usually be) the unknown and the secrets that lie there, you will be swept up into the control and drive needed for the tasks ahead. You know how you want the next three months to go, and your determination and control are rising up to make sure it goes just how you want it to.

Finding Balance Between the Two – Look to those that you trust and give you a sense of home and safety (Earwig), to help in preparing for the road ahead (Limestone). You’re not in this alone, so don’t make yourself do it all alone.

Where do you feel respected?

Death – You feel expected when it comes to leading the way through change and helping others through the process. Others notice the sense of stability and support that you bring to these situations far more than you notice doing so.

Where do you feel disrespected?

Two of Cups Rx – There are times that when you don’t see eye to eye with someone, you perceive this as disrespect instead of just a difference of opinion or a differing perspective. This is usually tied into how the differing opinion is presented to you.

Finding Balance Between the Two – Be an inspiration to yourself and others (Snow Lichen) by rising above miscommunication and struggles to understand (The Hornbeam). Work at staying aware of the fact that people look to you for guidance and a sense of strength and stability, even when you aren’t aware it’s happening.


Daily Self Kindness

I really didn’t want to get up and go check, but when Gid asked me to go make sure I hadn’t missed any doses of my meds, I went and did it anyway.  (This seems like a stupid self-kindness, but there was some real inner resistance there for some reason.)

The Sadness of Letting Go

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Trionfi Tarot - The WorldToday’s draw is the World card, which is traditionally a representation of the end of a journey, the completion of a time of growth, accomplishment, and transitioning from one path in life to another.

The imagery for this card today is very classic, but what catches my attention is the fact that the card is a bit… dark.  That’s not a trick of the light in the photo, it’s actually a bit dark and muted.

This brings to light an aspect of a card that is usually a bit of a celebration and a bit of a relief.   That is, the sadness of letting go.  In order to step through that wreath of laurels and into a new beginning, we have to leave something behind.  That can be hard, and sometimes it can feel a bit sad.

The message in today’s card is to remember that you have new good things ahead.  Don’t let the letting go get you down and make you forget where you’re going.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2022 Challenge Prompt
Questions for September 26th and 27th

Secret Wood OracleAs the warmth of early Autumn draws to an end next month, what needs to be let go of?

Dreamer atop Ally – Sadly, this is referencing the interactive storytelling that you enjoy with Gideon. In these endeavors you create worlds together, and spent time with him in these worlds.

This is a reminder to enjoy it while you can, for as the holiday rush arrives in early November, you will have to let go of this joy in your life until next January.

What needs a little more focus and energy to complete before winter?

Creatrix – Self discovery and self care. Soon enough you won’t have time for either. It’s time to make sure that you ensure you get all that you need, and build up the practices that will get you through the winter rush.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Questions for September 26th thru 28th

Trionfi Tarot - Knight of Swords, Queen of Swords, Hanged Man, The HermitHow can I stop taking criticism personally?

Queen of Swords atop Knight of Swords – Stop and think it through then rise above instead of impulsively flying off the handle.

Do I believe my opinion matters?

The Hanged Man – Yes, but you think everyone’s opinions matter. You like to see outside your own perspectives, and part of that is in listening to and trying to understand other people’s viewpoints.

How can I best express my love for others?

The Hermit Rx – Don’t shut them out. It’s not healthy for you and it makes them feel lost and alone.  By letting them in and making sure they are a part of your life instead of just in the periphery of it, they feel more loved and more important, and you are healthier both mentally and emotionally.


Daily Self Kindness

I brought a handful of tarot cloths with me to the house today so that I don’t have to pull cards on cardboard and packing paper every time I pull my cards there instead of at home.

Don’t Rush It

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Madam Lydia Wilhelmina's Tarot of Monsters, the Macabre, and Autumn ScenesToday’s draw is the Page of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive omega energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s enthusiasm, passions, drive, principles and values, willpower, and motivations.

The stillness of the figure in this card’s imagery speaks to me about the concept of stillness and patience.  Sometimes, when we are learning a new skill or starting a new passion project? We have to check our expectations and take things slow… even when maybe we don’t want to.

The thing is, these things can take time, and to do things right? It can be important to not rush it.


OwlandBonesTarot’s #BothSidesOfTheTarot Prompt
Questions for September 25th and 26th

Bones of the Bonestone Tarot and Sacred Horse OracleEngage here.

Page of Wands – Every year is a new opportunity to do the holiday rush better than before. Make sure that you are engaging in the practices that will help pave the way, and trying new things that could help make the rush less of a chore and more of a passion project.

Disengage here.

Eight of Swords Rx – Willful ignorance is not your friend. Don’t ignore what is coming. You need to be checked in and engaged, not trying to pretend what’s coming is not so close and drawing closer.

Finding Balance Between the Two – The holiday rush is on the horizon but not yet here (Liminal Space), so make sure that you are taking time for yourself for rest and restoration (Integration). Preparation is about more than tasks that need to be done and things needing stocked up in advance, remember that it is also about self-care and getting what you need to enter into the holiday season feeling grounded, ready to go, and energized.

What have you always known?

Five of Wands – What feels right do you. No matter if it small and inconsequential things, or big important ones, you’ve never had a problem knowing what’s right for you and standing in certainty of that knowledge.

What still needs to be learned?

Page of Cups – Your journey of emotional intelligence and especially in understanding your own emotions is still at its beginning and there is still much more to be learned in this area.

Finding Balance Between the Two – Find a sense of peace and balance between what you know is for you and the uncertainty of your emotional journey (Harmony) by sinking into your creativity and allowing yourself to find joy in the creative process (Divine Encounter).


To Cull & Gather #VennoxesTarotChallenge Prompt
Questions for September 26th thru 30th – HONOURING THE DARKNESS

Madam Lydia Wilhelmina's Tarot of Monsters, the Macabre, and Autumn ScenesWhat do I need to illuminate and bring to the forefront?

Four of Wands – This is about gratitude. It’s about bringing to the forefront all that is good and comfortable in your home life. There’s lots that you want to chance, sure. That doesn’t mean you should let those things overshadow all the good, though.

How can my fears be transformed into joys?

Two of Cups – Share your fears with those that care. In the sharing, your burden is lifted enough to allow room for others to care for and comfort you.

What is the best way for me to rest and recuperate?

Page of Cups – Tap into your creativity and imagination. Do things that are completely unrelated to your work, and use the creative spark they kindle to reinvigorate you.

What void is in my life?

Two of Coins – You’re fooling no one by trying to circumvent your need for life balance. You need to take a moment to look at what you are juggling, and how to go about it in a manner that doesn’t steal from your self-care needs.

What should I let fade away?

King of Swords – Clear away authoritarian communication and step back from “taking charge”. It’s okay to take a back seat now and then and just see what happens.


Daily Self Kindness

I had J help me with the packaging process so it could go a bit quicker.

Getting In Your Own Way

Today’s meditation was skipped.  I did some dawdling on the bed today, but I didn’t actually meditate.

Mage Tarot Ascension EditionToday’s draw is the Five of Pattern (Pentacles), which is traditionally a representation of tests, trials, and hardship in the areas of one’s finances, resources, home life, labors, and manifestations.

What I see in the imagery of today’s card is a man imprisoned, and it seems to me that it’s the same man (with hair) that is on the screen behind him.  This gives me the impression that the man is in chains of his own making, his thoughts, judgements, and displeasure projected behind him and continuing the imprisonment of his own making.  It is a cycle of self-judgement that turns into an inability to act, which perpetuates self judgement, and further inability to act.

The message that I then see here in today’s card is that you can’t work well or efficiently when you’re all stuck in your own head. Sometimes, we bring ourselves down far better than anyone else ever could.  There is encouragement here, therefore, to examine what negative inner narratives and judgements might be holding you back from taking action or performing at your best?


Mr Lionhart’s #TheSeptemberTarot Between Dusk & Dawn Prompt
Questions for September 25th thru 27th – CELEBRATE

Black Cat Tarot and Mystic Garbage OracleWhat is something about my journey I can be grateful of /for?

Knight of Wands and Crystal – Your path is unconventional and most of your interests are as well. Be grateful for the ability to safely and happily go about your passions and interests without danger to yourself or those around you. In many places in the world this is not the case and you must toe the line or pay serious consequences.

If tarot would be my soul currency, what card would make me wealthy?

Death and Artemis – Don’t allow the changes in life to beat you down, but continue being yourself regardless of what comes your way.

Confession… I did not understand the question, so I just winged it and let the cards tell me what they wanted to say. Although I still do not understand the question… I understand what the cards are saying.

How am I invited today to celebrate my life and that which is dear to me?

Strength and Sunflower – Use the knowledge you have gained about positivity and optimism as tools to lift you up and make each day just a little better.


To Cull & Gather #VennoxesTarotChallenge Prompt
Questions for September 25th – BALANCING RELATIONSHIPS

Mage Tarot Ascension EditionHow do I balance my needs with others?

Page of Pentacles and Death – Focus on learning to move more slowly in life and let things take their own course. You don’t have to be in control all the time.

How can I foster better teamwork?

Page of Wands and Nine of Cups – Find ways to share what makes you happy with others. In this way, you then grow together instead of alone.

Where do I need to slow down?

Eight of Wands and The Lovers – Check your enthusiasm enough to at least consider personal safety. In other words… look before you leap.


Daily Self Kindness

I instigated some “together time” play with Gideon today, which I think we both were in desperate need of.

The Snake In the Grass

Today’s meditation was skipped.

American Renaissance TarotToday’s draw is the Seven of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of strategic thinking, “sneaky shit”, or getting away with something.  It can also often be about taking only what one can carry.

What I see in the imagery of today’s card is some sneaky bastard stealing away with a very important and private missive while the lady of the house is distracted looking out the window.

This image displays a form of tactical thinking that is one of the most common tricks of thieves. Misdirection. They get you looking off in one direction, distracted and not paying attention, and then while you’re distracted they slip out with what you value, have earned with hard work, or that they are envious enough to take for themselves or their own purposes.

Today’s card is a reminder to pay attention, which has been a theme that has come up quite a bit lately in my readings. If you are paying attention, there’s less opportunity given to others that might be looking for an opening to get away with something they shouldn’t.  Don’t turn your back on the snake in the grass.


OwlandBonesTarot’s #BothSidesOfTheTarot Prompt
Questions for September 23rd and 24th

IMG_E4331What is just beginning?

Eight of Wands – The busy time of year for you is right around the corner. It will quickly be upon you, and your life will turn into a hectic rush with no time to breathe.

What has reached its end?

The World – As happens each year at this time of year, it’s time to pack up and close out the pursuits you’ve been exploring over the past three quarters of the year. There will soon be no time for them until January.

Finding Balance Between the Two – Make sure that you do not fall into viewing your responsibilities (Les Pénates) as a form of imprisonment or servitude (Déspotisme). You are not a slave to your responsibilities, but rather it is these responsibilities that provide you with the freedom, security, and home life that you desire.

What could you ignite?

Five of Wands – More conviction. When you know you’re right… you’re right. It’s okay to stand your ground on these things against the objections and arguments of others.

What could be extinguished?

Two of Feathers – Less waffling and indecision. Instead of letting yourself get wrapped up in deliberation, look at things more closely and with a clear head, and be more decisive.

Finding Balance Between the Two – Prepare in advance (Entreprises) for push back and outright resistance from others (Procès).  It’s okay to listen to their side of thing, but don’t allow manipulation to take the place of reason.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2022 Challenge Prompt
Topic for September 25th: Do Spread 1
Question for September 24th
: What do you need to focus on for self-care for this new moon?

American Renaissance Tarot and Vintage Collection Postcard SetReading Summary: The vertical angles of the trees in the Eight of Cups, the King’s Wand, and the stripes on the skirt of the woman in the Nine of Coins tie all three of these cards together with the Marram beachgrass in the anchor card. This speaks of taking a hard and hardy attitude in moving away from those things irritating and frustrating you in the pursuits that “put bread on the table” so that you can better attend to and appreciate what is working for you.

The pattern of the Velvet bentgrass only shows itself in the King of Wand’s wrist and ankle adornments, as well as very faintly in the background of the Nine of Wands. This indicates that although persistence is necessary, when it comes to where you are going nothing is set in stone and there is a need to stay flexible to succeed.

Take Away: Don’t let things go just because you don’t want to deal with them. Now is not a time to bend or be flexible with things that aren’t in your best interest or don’t further  your own agenda.  Let go of those things that aren’t working so that there’s room in  your life for what is, and be prepared to bend and sway as needed to stay on course when things get rough.


Daily Self Kindness

I had a lazy day and haven’t really done much of anything today other than the readings that I needed to get done.