❤️ Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Self Care Saturday Reading with Alexandria's Tarot and Blue Night Lenormand

EarthTwo of Cups – Your sense of stability in your life often comes from knowing everything is simpatico between you and those you love. Make sure that you are connecting with loved ones in order to foster this sense of connection and stability in your life and theirs as well.

AirKnight of Swords – Take extra care to write down your ideas. They might feel memorable in the moment, but once the excitement wanes a bit you’re going to need those notes.

WaterEight of Swords – Don’t ignore the approaching rain clouds. Pretending they don’t exist is not going to help either your emotional or mental health.

FireFour of Swords – Make sure that you are approaching your ambitions with a manageable mindset. You can’t just plow through things all the time, expect everything to come out okay, and expect for you to come out the other end unharmed.

WaningHouse and Tree – Don’t hide away from the world and expect to sustain good health in this manner. When you retreat, everyone suffers, not just you.

WaxingStar and Key – Hope and positivity are the key to overcoming the encroaching rain clouds.

Take Away – There are warnings here that the depression is going to start trying to edge in this week.  Make sure that you are leaning into that positivity and optimism that you know can help keep you afloat, and don’t retreat from others.  They need you… and you need their help to get through the struggle.  If you ignore the approaching depression, it will sneak up on you and you’ll miss your opportunity to do something about it.


🌑 New Moon in Aquarius – January 2023

Tomorrow is the new moon, and like all new moons and full moons, I did a spread aligned to the moon’s current themes as a part of my recognition of the moon’s cycle and influences upon us. Today’s New Moon in Aquarius spread is brought to you by @bee_conscious_crafting on Instagram.

New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Reading with Tarot FaunaIn which area do I need to think outside the box?

The Hermit – New and healthy alone time ideas are needed. You’re feeling a bit uninspired by some of your old methods, so it’s time to look at developing some new ones that are just as healthy.

What version of “me” do I want to embody?

Ten of Feathers – The survivor. I don’t want to be the victim or the one that is left bloody and dead in the dust, but rather the survivor who, even when injured, picks themselves up and continues onward.

How can I make myself more seen and heard?

Ace of Rocks – Inspire others to look for hidden opportunities. Show them just how much potential life holds if you’re willing to open yourself up to it.

New Moon advice from the Minoan Goddess Amalthea.

King of Torches – It’s okay to go after what you want, just bring others along for the ride. You’re not alone, but are instead leading an army in your wake.


Acknowledging the Problem

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Phantomwise Tarot - The DevilToday’s draw is the Devil card, which is traditionally a representation of temptations, addictions, and the quandary that we get ourselves into when we go “too deep” into something we (at least initially in some way) enjoy.

What really draws my attention in this card is the shadow of the figure at the table’s end.  Addiction draws a long, long shadow in our lives.  What starts off as something enjoyable becomes an obsession, then a need, and develops into something unhealthy that we can’t do without.  When we kick an addition, it’s still there lingering, stretching out into the future to forever continue to tempt us even once we’ve distanced ourselves from it.

The message in today’s card is an encouragement to not ignore these addictions and their temptations, but acknowledge their presence so that you can better make healthy choices… informed healthy choices, instead of possibly stumbling back into something you have kicked and are trying to avoid.

CrowSister’s #DeckStudyTenTrueWords Prompt
: Distill your reading of the card to your ten truest words.

Elephants in the room
sit at the table
patiently waiting


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2023 Challenge Prompt
Question for January 18th and 20th

The Phantomwise TarotPhilosophical Question: Currently, what is humanity’s biggest challenge?

Page of Swords and Ace of Cups – Cutting off one’s nose to spite their face. Humanity must repeat their mistakes again and again, for emotion makes our memories too short to remember we’ve made those mistakes already before.

New Friends Day – How could making new friends better your life?

Ten of Wands, The Chariot, and Three of Wands – When there is less burden for you to carry, the journey goes far quicker towards your goals. The more friends there are, the more arms their have to carry the load while you steer the bus towards your goals and dreams.

International Day of Acceptance – How can you better accept others’ perceived faults?

Four of Wands and Queen of Wands – Find comfort in that no one is perfect. Seek out the value in these people despite those perceived faults (or even the value in those faults themselves), and help others find the value in them as well.


Daily Self Kindness

This is a catch-up post, and I can’t remember what my self kindness might have been on this day.

All that Inspires

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Porcelain Tarot - Eight of WandsToday’s draw is the Eight of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of action, speed, alacrity, and having a target goal in your sights that you are charging towards.

Here in the imagery of this card the figure is stagnant, as he sits on the ground looking up at the stars, and the stars are filled with motion as they shoot up into the sky.

This imagery speaks to me of the dreams that inspire and motivate us. Even in moments of rest, those things are with us and fuel our dreams and desires, and are the spark of motivation that gets us moving again.

The message in today’s card is a reminder to look at these things that inspire and motivate you, and not allow stagnancy to creep in and cause you to lose sight of your dreams.

CrowSister’s #DeckStudyTenTrueWords Prompt
: Distill your reading of the card to your ten truest words.

A single spark
lights the wick
for our
pyrotechnic dreams


Daily Self Kindness

This is a catch-up post, and I can’t remember what my self kindness might have been on this day.