Weekly Creativity Prompt – Different Scenarios

Prompt: “The purpose of this activity is to practice interpreting small spreads by combining card meanings, symbols and intuition. We will all interpret the same cards based on a few different (imaginary) situations. A 3 card spread will be posted together with 2 more specific scenarios. It’s your choice which scenario you’d prefer to use, or if you’d rather do a general reading of these cards as for an imaginary querent.

This Might Hurt Tarot - Nine of Pentacles, The Devil, Nine of Wands

Scenario 1 – Connor is torn. He just got his birthday money, and wants to either use it to buy a new computer or enroll in an arts class offered by a nearby pottery studio. 

You’re feeling on top of the world with the money in your pocket (Nine of Pentacles), but you need to look at which option is going to actually benefit you long term instead of be a fleeting bit of fun or passion (The Devil). Things aren’t going to always be as carefree as they are now. Which option will you not just enjoy now, but will help you down the road during those more difficult  times? (Nine of Wands)

Scenario 2 – Raven is going to be performing in a concert next week and is very nervous about it. She’s also excited, but in general is feeling ungrounded about it. She wants to know steps she can take to ground herself.

The night of the concert is going to be a bit wild and crazy (The Devil).  Make sure that before the concert arrives you are taking stock of all you have accomplished to help bolster your confidence (Nine of Pentacles), and that once the concert is over you return to doing what needs to be done to keep everything in your life balanced and on track (Nine of Wands).  In other words?  Don’t let the wild and crazy escape the event itself. It’ll be fun and crazy… and one night only.  Contain it to that one night through focusing on building your confidence beforehand, and the return to stability and responsibility after.