The Faces of Dominance

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Monsoon Tarot - The EmperorToday’s draw is the Emperor card, which which is traditionally a representation of leadership, authority, strength, responsibility, and a “for the greater good” mentality.

I have a hard time with the imagery in this card in connection with the Emperor, for what I see here is the Lovers card… and applying the dynamic of the Emperor to the imagery, I feel, casts an ugly light.

Maybe it shouldn’t.  Power, dominance, intensity.  These are all qualities within the Emperor, and absolutely could be expressed here without negative connotations. After all, Gideon also possesses all of these qualities, and they’re hot as hell on him.


Daily Self Kindness

I took a nice long nap today after my visit to the hospital to have routine bloodwork taken. I also decided to skip the rest of my cardwork for today.