Dream Share – The Need For Green

I am in a barren and dry place. A city. But there’s no trees and there’s no grass or green. It’s all brown and tan and dry and dusty.

I see a tree in the distance with a tall trunk and lush leaves. It grows out of the sidewalk.

I run towards it, eager to get closer. When I get to the tree, I wrap my arms around it in joy…. only to discover that it’s a fake tree. My disgust and disappointment is a heavy weight on my soul as I pout up at the trunk.

Then, the scenery changes, and I am Keeper of the Green size (about an inch or two tall), and I am sitting in the soil of a potted plant on the windowsill in an old woman’s kitchen. I feel I am glowing in contentment and happiness.

Then I wake up.

My Morning Routine

Being that I’m away from home for the week this week, I figured today would be a nice day for some nostalgia.   Well, nostalgia concerning my normal routine, that is.   So I thought you might like a peek at my regular morning routine.


I usually work on the farm at least six days a week, and I wake up VERY early each morning to head to the farm and get there by 5am for my shift.  I very literally pick my ass out of bed, put on  my crappy tattered farm clothes, grab my keys, a handful of protein bars, and my phone, and head out.  I don’t bother with a shower or brushing my teeth, or even combing my hair.

My shifts on the farm are usually between 4 to 7 hours in length depending on what needs done that day and if the owner needs any extra help.

Once I get home, I immediately toss my clothes in the washer and hop in the shower.  I do all of my washing, flossing, tooth-brushing, plucking (because I do not grow enough hair on my face to bother shaving), hair combing, other intimate grooming, etc in the shower.   I get out and apply lotion, then apply emollient bar to the various scarring on my body to keep them supple so they don’t crack.  Deodorant, ear cleaning, all that good stuff comes next.

I then get dressed and spend about 30 – 60 minutes on the floor doing yoga.  Once this is done, I move to my altar and do my daily devotional.


What is a Daily Devotional?

Every morning I stand before my altar.  I take a few minutes to center and ground myself, and then I light the candle on my altar.   I touch each of the corresponding spheres on my altar as I go through this invocation in my mind (obviously, I can’t speak these aloud).

Energies of the North, Earth, and Body… I welcome you
Energies of the East, Air, and the Mind… I welcome you
Energies of the South, Fire, and the Inner Spark… I welcome you
Energies of the West, Water, and the Emotions… I welcome you

I then touch the Gaia statue and continue…

Energies of creation, evolution, and balance… I welcome you

I touch my father’s kila and the mirror of my grandmother and continue…

Beloved ancestors that wish to bestow love and wisdom… I welcome you

I light incense.   Usually this is a combination of Nag Champa and Frankincense. I then stand before my altar and take a minute to center myself again so that I am not distracted when I decide to continue.  Gratitude comes next…

Thank you for this beautiful new day and all of the opportunities it presents to me to improve myself and the world around me.

Thank you for my safe and secure home, my beautiful and loving sister, my trusted friends, my lovely Luna, and my beloved partner.   Thank you as well for the love of my mother and loving care others around me.

Please guide my feet along today’s path so that I may…. (changes from day to day)

Examples:  Enjoy the day to the fullest, have safe travels on today’s journeys, have a productive day filled with accomplishments and small pleasures, etc.

I then pick up my daily draw deck for the month and I begin to shuffle.  As I shuffle, I am requesting…

I ask that you provide me with a positive message to carry with me throughout my day and foster perspective.

I repeat this as I go through riffle shuffling then switch to a seesaw overhand shuffle until a card falls out (or jumps out).   Sometimes more than one card comes out (as you’ve seen in my daily posts).   If it is more than two cards, I will put them back and ask for an answer that involves less cards.

Once I have my card of the day before me, I will take a moment to sink into the image and really -feel- the card, then return my attention to my altar to close things out with…

Please accept my gratitude as I strive to learn from your messages and follow your guidance.  Today, and Every Day.

I then blow out the candle to close things out, and snuff out the incense.

From there, I will go to the bed and lie down with my legs up the wall.  I will settle into a piriformis stretch position, and then meditate (usually to the guided meditations provided in the Calm app on my phone).


Once my meditation is done, I will then head out of the bedroom and feed Miss Luna, get my tea made (complete with collagen peptides added), make a couple pieces of toast with peanut butter, and get my probiotic yogurt out.  With tea, toast, and yogurt in hand, I then sit down to take my morning medications and eat.

From there, my day diverges into whatever else I have to get done or do throughout the day, any other shifts I need to work, business tasks that need completed, etc.  But, my mornings up until that point?  They’re pretty much the same every day except Saturdays.

Where My Perspectives Have Changed

So, last month on  YouTube, MIRTHandREVERENCE did a video answering a subscriber’s question about how her practices and perspectives have changed over the 40+ years she’s been on her path.    I really like this question, and decided I wanted to share my own experiences concerning the differences between how I was raised, and what I practice now.


I think that the biggest difference is the use of deity.   In my parent’s home, we had the God and Goddess of the Pagan’s wheel of the year.  We also had Buddha, Sanshin, and Quan Yin.   My father had a shrine, my mother had an altar, and there were small statues set out in reverence to these deities throughout the house.

I never really felt comfortable worshiping deities, and once I had left my parents home soon after I turned sixteen, I stopped.  That isn’t to say that I stopped my faith, only that my faith changed.  I did not personify my faith, but rather reach beyond the faces and “deities” to the elements and the energy of creation, evolution, and balance itself.   This is where my focus lies in my devotionals, petitions, and invocations.

Along that same line is the difference in how much worship and prayer is involved as a whole.   I spend less time on my knees in front of a shrine or altar, and more time within nature, bonding and appreciating it all.  I also do a good deal of my worship standing or active within nature.

Group gatherings.  Meh.

Growing up, my parents attended many group gatherings with like-minded folks.  They had circles and they had munches.   They sought out a pagan parenting mentor (who you know as Z) to assist them in guiding my sister and I along a similar path.

Other than with my sister?  I don’t worship with others.  I have no interest in sitting in a coffee shop talking about deity and ritual.  I don’t need others energies and intentions and motivations screwing with my spellcraft.  Just… not for me, I guess.  I suppose you could say that I just don’t “play well with others” in that way.

There is much that has remained the same in the separation of those fifteen-ish years, but above are the most notable differences that have developed over time to transition my faith from that of my parents into something that works for me alone.


Choices… and Perspective

I may have stumbled upon one of the new perspectives that my Self Care Saturday spread from earlier this week was referring to while I was in the shower last evening.


Sometimes in my mind I gripe about the shit I don’t like… as I’m sure most people do.  You know… not the people per se, but like the soft water in this house that has a weird taste and makes it fucking impossible to rinse all the conditioner out of my hair.

And then my mind kind of wandered on to thinking about my shower at home, which has much harder water and you come out of it feeling much cleaner.  And in the middle of this thought, I had a memory of when my aunt and cousin came to visit MY home for a while and how she had complained about my water being too hard.

And that got me to thinking…

Would I rather have her (or them) visiting my home?

Or would I rather be a guest in her home?

Her home.  Hands down, 100% completely her home.  That’s the answer.  I don’t like them in my home.  I don’t like any of them in my home. I don’t like them touching my stuff, putting ass prints on my furniture in odd places, or mingling their scents into the familiar scent of my home. I don’t like their energy mucking up my space, their dirty dishes, or their constant disturbances, or the need to feed them or entertain them.  I hate it.  All of it. I really do.

If coming here now and again keeps them from coming to my house?  It’s worth the discomfort.   Absolute, completely worth every little shred of the discomfort of being here.

And that is an entirely new perspective on visiting family that I hadn’t thought of before. So there you go… there really is gold at the end of the rainbow, you just have to dig in the mud to find it.

#50QuickQuestions2019 Just for Fun (non) VR to The Hermit’s Cave

Simon over at The Hermit’s Cave created a new hashtag today, and it’s my favorite type of quizzes to do, which is random question posts.   So, I grabbed it to answer and here we go….


The Questions

1. Have you ever changed your clothes while in a vehicle?

Yes.  I lived in my car for a while in my teens and I have done just about everything you CAN do in a car in the whole day-to-day life aspect, including eating, bathing, sex, changing clothes, sleeping, etc.

2. What do you want to do before you die?

I had trouble with this one.   One more visit to the rainforests.  It doesn’t matter how many times I go… one more.

3. Are you single?

Nope.  I belong to Gideon.  We’re going on over 11.5 years now.

4. What’s one thing you will not eat?

Live insects.  Live anything that moves, really.  I have an issue with the wiggle-in-the-mouth thing.

5. What color is your underwear?

Dark gray for today.

6. When is the last time you went out of England?

Never been to England, but out of my own country?  Last Tuesday, because I cross into Canada twice a week for work.

7. Who was your last received call?

UW Medical Center.   Most of my communication with others is through texts.  I don’t get many phone calls from people I know other than my mother.

8. Have you ever drank milk straight out of the carton?

Yes.  I don’t these days, but back when I was living alone or living in the car?  Yep.  Although… I never realized it was an actual skill until watching Becca’s responses.

9. What was your last holiday?

I’m guessing this is the UK meaning of “holiday”, which means vacation.  That would be a visit to my mother’s in the spring.  I left all of my work except my phone at home and deliberately focused on rest and restoration while I was there.

10. Can you hula hoop?

Yes, I can.

11. Have you ever crawled through a window?

Yep.  I have.  And I’m going to plead the 5th under the risk of incriminating myself.  LOL

12. Ever skinny dipped?

Yep.  In lakes, canals, and the ocean… I’ve never skinny dipped in a swimming pool tho.

13. Have you sang karaoke?

Once upon a time… yes.

14. Was today better than yesterday?

A bit busier today than yesterday, so not really?  But it’s not bad either.

15. Is anybody getting on your nerves?

Not at this moment.

16. Do you talk to yourself?

Yes.  Not that I can physically talk anymore, but my mouth still works even if my voice doesn’t.

17. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

That would be Gideon, and that’s a HELL yes.   If we’re talking about just a peck-on-the-cheek?  That would be my sister, and of course I would.

18. How many languages can you speak?

None of them anymore.  I’m fluent in English.  I’m semi-fluent in Korean and French.  I can mostly understand spoken Vietnamese.   I can semi-understand spoken Japanese, and spoken or written Italian and Spanish.

19. Ever waxed your eyebrows?

I have not.

20. Earrings or Necklace?

Necklace, because if I had to give up my collar I’d be really upset.

20. What’s the last gift you received?

Gideon sent me a pair of labradorite hearts to take with me on my trip.

21. Are you mad at anybody?

Not that I can think of at the moment, so I guess that’s a no.

22. Ever receive detention?

As in when in school?  Yes, a few times.  Usually for sleeping in class.

23. Ever cried listening to music?

Yes.  Absolutely.  Some music just touches me that way.

24. Do you use smiley faces on the computer a lot?

Yes.  Well, yes and no.  It depends on what I’m doing, where I’m communicating, and who I’m communicating with.

25. What are you doing tonight?

Prepping orders to ship out tomorrow and spending time with Gideon.

26. What time is it?

Nearly 2pm

27. Are you loud?

Not anymore.  LOL   No, I’ve never been a loud person.  Although I have been told that I’m very good at projecting energy, which I suppose is a kind of “loud”.

28. What are you looking forward to?

Sleeping. Samhain. January.

29. Do you watch Family Guy regularly?

Yep.  I love Stewie. He’s a little evil genius.

30. Have you ever watched a little kids show?

Yes.  Both as a kid and as an adult. Sometimes they’re just fun.

31. What does your last inbox text say?

“DEBIT – $10.84 Purchase Visa G…”

32. Zodiac sign?

Taurus sun sign, Scorpio moon sign

33. Are you wearing socks?

No.  In fact I go barefoot as often as I can.

33. Were you born during the last century?

Um…. well, I was born in 1988.  So yes?

34. What is your religion?

Buddhist Pagan.  Buddhist like an adjective, Pagan as a noun.

35. What’s something you have nightmares about?

Aside from my ex?  I sometimes have nightmares about not finishing high school, getting lost in the high school I went to, and/or losing my class schedule/locker combination/etc in school and missing classes because of it.

36. Have you ever been on a rollercoaster?

I have been on many rollercoasters.  I love rollercoasters.

37. Do you care what others think about you?

Sometimes. Strangers, not so much.

38. What do you do all the time in a car?

Listen to music and/or an audiobook.  It helps me stay awake.

39. Do you trust people easily?

No?   Maybe.  Mmmm…. No, I don’t think so.

40. Do you watch football?

I do not.  I’m not into sports.

41. Where was the last place you went shopping?

Walmart (for cat litter and to pick up prescriptions)

42. Favorite football team?

I don’t have one, cuz I don’t watch football.

43. Do you watch the Olympics?

Only the gymnastics really, and sometimes ice skating.

44. Last bar you went to?

The Pine Box (in Seattle)

45. Do you have a favorite number?


46. Are you multitasking right now?

Yep.  I’m answering these questions, working on making earrings for tomorrow’s orders, and watching YouTube.

47. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I do.  I think it’s extremely rare, and that people mistake infatuation for it on a regular basis…  but, yes I do.

48. Do you believe in karma?

Absolutely.  I believe in balance.  I believe the universe requires balance and rectifies imbalance.   And thus, Karma is born.

49. How is the weather today?

Very nice.  Overcast.  67 degF.  A little damp.   Perfect, really.

50. Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?

I don’t do stupid shit with my cell phone.  It costs too much to replace.  That said… I have dropped it on concrete a few times.


Nature Does Not Hurry

So every day, I have tea in the morning.  This isn’t because I’m a big tea drinker.  All the teas I drink are herbal, because I can’t handle caffeine.  And honestly?  It’s taken me a long time to even find some that I’m fond of.


That said, I have managed, over trial and error, to find a few.  One of them is a Rosehips tea by Traditional Medicinals that I like to mix with either  chamomile tea or peach tea.   In the Traditional Medicinals tea, each tea bag comes with a little quote on the tab.

Today’s quote was from Lao Tzu.  “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Although I get what this is saying?  I disagree with the quote in a very literal way.  The fact is that it is true, nature does not hurry.  But, everything is -not- accomplished.   This is why plants die before all the buds can open at the end of the season, and there are often still new leaves just coming into being when fall and winter come to kill off the plants and make the leaves fall.

Everything does not get done.

Everything does not survive and thrive.

This quote, or perhaps how it is used in this instance, makes it seem like you can just take your time with things and everything will fall into place.  And it’s true, everything -will- fall into place.   But if you want things to fall in the place how YOU want them to?  It’s going to take more than that.  Otherwise, like late blooms and off-season buds, those things that are important to you will die off instead of flourishing.

This is not to say you don’t need to take time to slow down and breathe, time to step away and relax.   But sometimes?  The only way anything gets done is with a PUSH to get it there.

Just my two cents.

And, because I know you’ll be wondering, I drink tea every morning because I need a hot drink to mix my collagen peptides into. It’s healthier than hot chocolate.

Where Do You Go?

In a previous post, I mentioned a type of meditation where I visit a safe place within my mind.   I thought in this post I would take some time to describe what and where this place is.


My personal inner space has not changed throughout my entire life since I first discovered this method of visualization and meditation.  That is not to say that qualities of the place haven’t changed, but the foundation is the same regardless of some of the trappings.    It is not a real place in the physical world, but rather it is a fantasy that is real only in my mind.   Within my mind, it has depth and breadth, though.  It goes through the seasons in time with the real world as well, and has been built over decades into a place that is not just a safe and secure place, but is a feast for all of the senses.

Deep in the forest, high in the mountains is a single level home made of earth and trees.

A winding road leads the way up to this part of the forest, and there is a small turn off where you pull in and park.  From there, you must hike the rest of the way in.  Grocery and package deliveries are the way most supplies come in, and at the end of the small turn off, there is a large lock box for the deliveries to be set in to keep them safe from weather and animals until I can come to pick them up.

The forest is like the rainforests of my home, thick and wet, filled with draping moss and lichen and the damp smell of decay and growth.  It is filled with lush ferns and trees of cedar, spruce, pine, and douglas fir.

Once you arrive, what you find is a cabin.  Log cabin style, it sits in a clearing in the middle of the woods. As you step out of the trees, the cabin is in a cleared spot of land, a river just beyond the house trailing away through a valley between towering peaks in the distance.

Surrounding the house is a yard  contained by a picket fence lined with a variety of herbs and plants and an arbor type of gate in the front.  There is a large tree with a swing, and in the side yard there are laundry lines for hanging clothes to dry.   On the other side of the house, nearest the river, there is a large fenced-in garden where I grow vegetables and other edibles.

At the back of the house is an attached conservatory/greenhouse much like the one in the movie Practical Magic, although that is where the resemblance with the movie ends.  Entering the house through the conservatory, there is a kitchen with gas stove and modern fridge, a large farmhouse style sink and plenty of cabinets.  Sometimes there is an island as well, other times there’s a large kitchen table instead.

It is an open floor plan, and the living room is comfortable, the interior a combination of dark wood and muted earthy colors joined with soft lines combined with hard surfaces.   Clean.  Organized.  Fragrant with seasonal scents and wood.  There is an open wood burning stonework fireplace, and large windows that look out at the river and valley in the distance.  The ceiling is high with exposed beams.

All of these things are the same, and have remained the same for many, many years.  There are things that change though, much like the alternating kitchen table and/or kitchen island.

These include whether the laundry lines at the side of the house are parallel or an “umbrella” style. Whether the tree with the swing is inside the yard, or outside of the yard.  Whether or not there is a small dock at the edge of the river. The size of the cleared land that the house sets on, as sometimes the trees of the forest are quite close, and other times they are further back.

I rarely ever see the bedroom in this house, and thus I can’t really say if much changes there, but in the kitchen sometimes the appliances change, or the equipment within the house such as the stereo, television, computers, etc will change. Whether or not there is a library or the living room is lined in books has also changed a number of times over the years. And the seasons…. the seasons always change with the seasons in reality.

These are not conscious choices, but  rather appear to happen depending on what I am needing at the time I retreat into this place. Funny enough?  My boots in this place are always the same. Not sure why I notice this, but I do.

And there you have my safe place. That place I retreat to when everything becomes too much, or I need a “time out” to just breathe. There are no photos shared in this post, because this place is purely imaginary and honestly?  I couldn’t find any photos that could do it justice.


#11ParanormalQuestions (non) VR to Amethyst Ascension


Another quiz!  Cuz you know how much I like quizzes.  This one is from Amethyst Ascension on YouTube, who answered these questions herself in a live.

1. Do you believe in Aliens?

Yes.  Do I think they are humanoid?  Probably not.  I feel like statistically, there is no possible way there isn’t other life out there.  It may not be  sentient, or maybe it is.  It may not be humanoid, or maybe it is.  It may not be recognizable to US as “life”… but I absolutely do believe there is alien life out there in the universe.

2. Do you recall a past life?

I do not.  I have also never done a past life regression.

3. Do you believe in Mermaids?

I believe in the possibility of mermaids. More than eighty percent of our oceans are unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored.  I feel there is a huge possibility for a great many things lingering out there in the deep beyond our reach.

4. Do you believe in Bigfoot?

Like mermaids, I believe in the possibility of the existence of the Sasquatch. There’s still plenty of places on earth to hide, and for something the size of a man (or perhaps a bit larger?)  That’s a lot of room to roam without being observed.

5. Do you believe in Ghosts?

Absolutely.  I believe in reincarnation, and I believe that sometimes a soul lingers before it continues on into the next cycle.  I believe, also, that sometimes for whatever reason the soul can linger too long and end up stuck.

6. Do you believe in Vampires?

In the Bram Stoker / Anita Blake / Sookie Stackhouse sense?  Not really, no.   I am open to the possibility, though.  IF they exist, I would not be surprised to discover that they are some breed or another of the Fae.

7. Have you ever astral traveled that you remember?

Only in my room looking down upon myself.

8. Have you ever had sleep paralysis?

No.  Never.

9. Do you have any of the 8 psychic Clairs?

Yes, I have a touch of all eight.   I believe that everyone has a touch of all eight, it’s just that the volume is turned up for each of them to different levels in each individual.

For me, clairsentience is the strongest.  That said, I am also an auditory –> tactile/olfactory/gustatory synesthete.  This means that there are a lot of crossed wires in my brain where my hearing is concerned.  Sometimes the resulting experiences can be confused with some of the 8 psychic clairs.

10. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Define paranormal?  I’m really not sure how to answer this question, as I don’t really consider ghosts or the psychic clairs, or any of that to be “paranormal”.  Then again…

Comes back after looking up the definition of “Paranormal”, which is defined as… “denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding”.

Under that definition?  Absolutely.  Many, many times.

11. Have you ever been abducted or contacted by aliens?

Not that I’m aware of.

I could have SWORN she’d also asked about Unicorns, although maybe that was only mentioned in the chat?  Anyway, I’ll answer that one too…

Bonus Question – Do you believe in Unicorns and the Fae?

The Fae…. 100% yes.  I do.  I do not believe that they are all pretty pixie-looking humanoids with gossamer butterfly wings, but I do absolutely believe in the Fae.  I can’t really say why or how I became so certain, but I have no doubt.

Unicorns…. I am of two minds on this one, although, I will say that the answer boils down to a yes either way.   In my opinion, the possibilities is split between 1) unicorns being a breed of the Fae and/or 2) the unicorns are an extinct species of animal.   I don’t really lean more one way or the other, I just logically speaking think it must be one of these.



Interesting Places

I really liked one of the prompts in a group I’m a member of on Discord, and I wanted to do an extended reply to it here.

Question:  Where is the most interesting place you’ve been? What did you find interesting about it?


This wasn’t a difficult question for me to answer, as I live near what I believe to be the most beautiful, captivating place on the planet.  (Not that I’ve seen the entire planet, but I have a feeling I’d be hard pressed to find anything that could out-shine it or my connection to it.)

That place? The Olympic and Cascade Rainforests of western Washington state.

I could spend an entire day exploring the moss draping from branches of trees, or the lichen on a fallen tree trunk. I could pick a spot, a single spot, and spend an entire day exploring just within that spot… and then pick another on the next day.  Another on the next.


I love that the terrain that is not flat or soft nor hard.  Instead it is rugged, with places of soft, spongy earth, and spots where the jagged rocks of the mountain beneath the soil jut out to trip you.

Speaking of tripping… I love the roots.  They are everywhere, exposed and reaching.  The earth is moist and fertile, roots lift out of it.  They fan out beneath the earth, other than these surfacing of knobs and knots that are like the joints of a swimmer poking out of the water’s surface.


Lie down on the forest floor in places like this, and even in the driest of summers, over time your clothing becomes damp and then heavy with moisture as the forest lends some of its bounty to you.

Here in this place I know the mosses and the trees, the ferns and the mushrooms; I know the slimy and wet, I know the crisp and crunchy. I know the fronds and the spores, the molds and the crumbling decay of fallen trees that give life to all that claim them home. The flora and fauna here are my family.

These rainforests are filled with life and death.  It is in the air and touches your skin, you breathe it in with every breath.  I love the rich myriad of  greens and browns, the dank and earthy smells, the muffled and whispering sounds in the kind of quiet stillness that feels sacred.  I love the damp darkness and decay that blends seamlessly with lushness of growth and green.


This is my home.

I live in the city, but it is among the trees and the moss, the decay and the growth, the earth and the water…. it is there that is home.  These places are a balm upon my soul, and no matter where I travel or whatever else I see, I do not think I could ever find any place more engaging and more interesting to me than here.


What Do You Value?

One of the blogs I follow recently made a post about values, and how we identify with and connect to our values on a day-to-day bases. I really enjoyed this post, and decided to do the little quiz included that would rate my own values, as well as how well I have stuck to my core, main values over the past month.


The instructions indicate that you first go through and rate each of the values on the list with the V, Q, N scale, and then go back through and use the numeral values at the bottom to rate each of those marked with a V.


Very important to you (V), quite important to you (Q), or not important to you (N)

    1. Connecting with Nature: Importance of value to you (V, Q, N?) =V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 9
    2. Gaining wisdom: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    3. Creating beauty (in any domain, including arts, dancing, gardening): Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 9
    4. Promoting justice and caring for the weak: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    5. Being loyal to friends, family and/or my group: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    6. Being Honest: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 9
    7. Helping others: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    8. Being sexually desirable (TO MY PARTNER): Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 5
    9. Having genuine and close friends: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 7
    10. Having relationships involving love and affection: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 9
    11. Being ambitious and hard working: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q (I think?)
    12. Being competent and effective: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 8
    13. Having a sense of accomplishment and making a lasting contribution: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    14. Having an exciting life: Importance (V, Q, N?) = N
    15. Having a life filled with adventure: Importance (V, Q, N?) = N
    16. Having a life filled with novelty and change: Importance (V, Q, N?) = N
    17. Being physically fit: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    18. Eating healthy food: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    19. Engaging in sporting activities: Importance (V, Q, N?) = N
    20. Acting consistently with my religious faith and beliefs: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 10
    21. Being at one with (MY VERSION OF) God: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 10
    22. Showing respect for tradition: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    23. Being self-disciplined and resisting temptation: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    24. Showing respect to parents and elders: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    25. Meeting my obligations: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 8… Maybe 9
    26. Maintaining the safety and security of my loved ones: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) =10
    27. Making sure to repay favors and not be indebted to people: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    28. Being safe from danger: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 9
    29. Being wealthy: Importance (V, Q, N?) = N
    30. Having authority, being in charge: Importance (V, Q, N?) = N
    31. Having influence over other people: Importance (V, Q, N?) = N
    32. Having an enjoyable, leisurely life: Importance (V, Q, N?) = N
    33. Enjoying food and drink: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    34. Being sexually active: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    35. Being creative: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 10
    36. Being self-sufficient: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 9
    37. Being curious, discovering new things: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) =
    38. Figuring things out, solving problems: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) =  8
    39. Striving to be a better person: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 10
    40. Experiencing positive mood states: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 5 (I get a 10 for effort, though)
    41. Feeling good about myself: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 7 (also get 10 for effort)
    42. Leading a stress-free life: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 4
    43. Enjoying music, art or drama: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 6
    44. Designing things: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 10
    45. Teaching others: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 7
    46. Resolving disputes: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    47. Building and repairing things: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 10
    48. Working with my hands: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 10
    49. Organizing things: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 6
    50. Engaging in clearly defined work: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    51. Researching things: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    52. Competing with others: Importance (V, Q, N?) = N
    53. Being admired by many people: Importance (V, Q, N?) = N
    54. Acting with courage: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    55. Caring for others: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 8
    56. Accepting others as they are: Importance (V, Q, N?) = V
      Consistency (0-10?) = 8
    57. Working on practical tasks: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    58. Seeking pleasure: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    59. Avoiding distress: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q
    60. Avoiding self-doubt: Importance (V, Q, N?) = Q

Consistency Scoring:

0 = you have not been following this value over the past month
1 – 3 = you have been following this value occasionally over the past month
4 – 6 = you have been following this value sometimes over the past month
7 – 9 = you have been following this value often over the past month
10 = you have been always living by this value over the past month

You don’t really get a total score, as this is more of an exercise to explore your values and what is important to you by breaking them down and rating how much you then incorporate them into your life.

So there you go.  Not really anything all that surprising, I don’t think?