Card Study – 🌎The World🌍

Class Hosted by Chicotine

Card Meanings :
Completion and moving on to something new. Transition. Accomplishment. The end of a cycle in life, and the pause in life that happens before the next big cycle then begins.

The World - Blue Deviant Tarot, Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, Nomad Soul Warrior Tarot

• What is your gut-reaction when drawing this card? What does this card personally mean to you?

My gut reaction to the World is very similar to the Ten of Swords. That is to say “oh thank god”, because it means I’ve completed something. Whatever is going on is at an end.

• Which other card do you think pairs well with this card the best?

The Sun – There’s nothing like a Glorious and Successful ending.

• Which other card do you think detracts from this card’s energy?

I would say one of them is the Two of Swords. It quells the celebration and relief of getting to the end when you realize that now you have some serious decisions to make.

• Do you relate to this card? If so, why? If not, why not?

• If this card were a close friend, what honest advice would they give you right now?

Don’t cling. Let go and move on.

• What are the positive and negative associations with this card in your opinion?

Positive Association – I mentioned this before. Completion often feels like a sense of great relief.

Negative Association – Uncertainty. When something ends, there’s something new ahead. Fear of the unknown and uncertainty can make it really hard to embrace endings and let go sometimes.

• Do you have any examples of how this card’s themes have manifested in your personal life or the wider world around you?

A few years ago I had a LOT of the World and the Ten of Wands showing up together. It was during a time when I began to realize that I needed to slow down and start focusing more on my self care instead of constantly pushing myself to the limits again and again. The cycle of determination and burnout was taking a heavy toll and the World’s advice (which I took) was that it was time to turn over a new leaf and put myself first more often and my goals second.

• Do you have any points on the card’s deeper meanings, associations and imagery you would like to share? How does this understanding of the symbolism help your readings and how do you utilize its energy?

I feel that a lot of people forget that moving on means letting go. When you step through the doorway (or laurel wreath, as the case may be on the card) you have to leave what was on the other side behind. Because of that symbolism, I often can see the World card as a form of Liminal Space. An “in between” spot where you can’t linger. You must step forward through the door…. or step back and regress.

Mini Exercise

Place the topic card in the first, second and third positions of a three-card reading, if you find this changes the spread, discuss. Which of the three cards dominates the spread? Discuss why you feel this way. Which of the following themes would you say your spread exemplifies? (you can pick multiple)

• What does this spread say as a general (or relationship, career path, conflict resolution, or shadow-work) reading?

Top Row I would read as you’ve come to the end of a journey and now is a time to retreat to do some inner work. Moving on too quickly could be disastrous.

Center Row I would read as the fact that inner work is needed before you can move on. That inner work might hurt, but it’s the most direct path to something better on the horizon.

Bottom row is similar to the center in that inner work is needed, but it’s needed to deal with the wounds and trials that you struggled with on your journey. And you will only -be able- to move on once that work has been done.

• Which card in this spread feels like it stands out as the most powerful?

I actually find the Ten of Swords to be a very powerful card. It depicts the end of something painful usually, and so whether it’s in the “this is promised” context or a goal to reach for, it has a good deal of power behind it.