What Matters… and What Doesn’t

Today’s meditation was about fifteen minutes long and was just some quiet time with breathing exercises combined with piriformis stretching and forearm stretches.

The Pacific Northwest TarotToday’s draw is the Nine of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of (both founded and unfounded) anxiety, nightmares, insomnia, stress, and worry.

When you come upon a rattlesnake, that is the time to worry about the rattlesnake.  Stressing out about the possibility of rattlesnakes does nothing but stress you out.  There is nothing you can do about it until there’s actually something there in reality to deal with.

Don’t worry about those things that just don’t matter. You have enough on your plate without them cluttering things up.


#DiscordTarotholicsDec2021 Challenge Prompt
: Find a spread that you’ve been curious about… and give it a go!

The Pacific Northwest Tarot

2022 ThemePage of Swords (Horned Lark) atop The Fool (Sea Otter) – Be clever… be adventurous.  Don’t let doubts hold you back, but instead be brave and curious.  Allow yourself to jump into the projects that you want to accomplish.  This year is not a time for hesitation, stagnancy, and recalcitrance.

January / Visualize Seven of Pentacles (Black-Tailed Bumble Bee) – Moving into January you are getting the opportunity to see what the hard work you’ve put in through the holiday rush has allowed you to reap.  The benefits are great and need to be respected and cherished, planned properly to stretch forward into the future to keep things afloat during the times ahead when things slow down.

February / PlantThree of Cups (Pale Swallowtail, Lorquin’s Admiral, Boisduval’s Blue) – Take time this month to reestablish relationships.  Everyone was so tired and worn out after the holiday rush and all needed a bit of a break from each other.  Now is the time to reconnect, smooth out any frayed edges, and strengthen those bonds of friendship once more.

March / InitiateNine of Wands (North American Porcupine) – Examine your boundaries. A time of testing boundaries is approaching for you and you need to make sure you have all your ducks in a row before this time arrives. Take the time to reconnect with what’s important to you and what sort of protection might be needed to keep these things (and people) safe and well.

April / CreateNine of Cups (Pacific Oyster) – Enjoy this time when things feel like they are going so well, but don’t go overboard on the celebration.  There’s trouble coming and you’ll want to enjoy this time while you can… but be prepared for what’s to come.

May / NurtureThe Tower (Douglas Fir) – The trouble has arrived.  Make sure that you aren’t overreacting. Don’t blow things out of proportion.  Stay focused on what you want to change, and let the chaos happen. You can’t build something better without tearing down what’s there first.

June / GrowNine of Swords (North Pacific Rattlesnake) – Okay so maybe the rebuilding isn’t going -quite- as well as you’d like it to.  Don’t worry, just keep at it.  It’s natural to have a bit of anxiety when there’s setbacks, especially when those setbacks include chaos that’s not yet resolved itself fully.  Don’t worry, it really isn’t the end of the world… even if it might feel like it is in the moment.

July / MasterSix of Cups (Giant Pacific Octopus) – You have an opportunity this month to get a handle on the past and how much control it has over your life.  Don’t judge yourself harshly during this time, but instead seek positive ways to grow.

August / EnjoyAce of Wands (Canna) – Inspiration strikes!  You know how you get when you get inspired.  Sink in and enjoy.  Let yourself have some fun with it.

September / HarvestTemperance (Western Painted Turtle) – Slow down. The holiday rush is not upon you yet, and it’s not even time to start prepping yet.  Take this time to take stock of all you’ve done this summer and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. Don’t push.

October / ChannelTen of Swords (Bighorn Sheep) – Watch out for the opening of the veil this year.  You are becoming far more sensitive to the mediumship side of your abilities over the past year or two, and you need to be cautious during this time of year that you don’t end up knocked on your ass on the ground with stars circling your head like a cartoon character.

November / Let GoSeven of Cups (Pacific Forktail Damselfly) – There is too much to do, and not enough time.  The holiday rush is upon you and it’s time to let go of everything else and dive into the chaos.  This isn’t about making choices, but rather trying to find a way to balance it all and make it work.  It can feel overwhelming, but it won’t drown you… just keep going and find a way to enjoy the ride.

December / LearnAce of Swords (Common Starlily) – It takes a bit to move from the chaos of November into finding your “groove” in the holiday rush.  But you do manage to find it!  With that “groove”, clarity follows and you are able to breathe not because there is space to breathe, but because you have managed to connect to the rhythm of the chaos around you and pace your breaths accordingly.

Take Away – This follows a very familiar pattern that I repeat from one year to the next, especially in the early months of the year and the autumn months.   That said, I note that in the May through July months there is a chaotic bit of time going on that coincides with my interest in getting some changes done in the house this summer and reorganization done in the storage unit (because if I’m doing changes in the house?  I’m going to need room in the storage unit).  These cards through those months make it clear this project is going to be stressful and not at all easy.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m playing catch up and this is one in a series of posts that I don’t have a clue what was done for a self kindness.

2021 Card of the Day Log

In either 2020 or… well, perhaps it was 2019, my psychologist gave me an activity to do where I was to use an app to get a random daily affirmation, then use that affirmation as the focus for a morning meditation.

I didn’t really connect with it.

That said, I did manage to connect to it once I’d altered it a bit. Instead of an affirmation, most of which never really fit and weren’t something I could connect to, I would ask the cards each day in the morning to provide me with a positive message to carry with me throughout my day and foster perspective.

Throughout this year, I’ve done this exercise religiously, and I’ve written on each pull here in this blog. In addition to that, I was inspired this year to chart my pulls and now that the year has drawn to a close, I figured it might be nice to post it for posterity. I’m not really all that good at seeing patterns or whatnot, I just thought it would be interesting.

Please Yourself

Today’s meditation was just shy of ten minutes long and more of a quiet time with breathing exercises than a full blown meditation.

Fungjai TarotToday’s draw is the Six of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of the kind of success that garners one public admiration and accolades.  This includes the seeking of such attention as well as the obtaining of it.

The reminder in today’s card is about what I truly want to accomplish with my days in these first few days back at home.  Do I want to spend this time pushing towards what others want to see from me?   Or… do I want to give myself what I need?

Soon, I will need to fill orders, but for now?  It’s more important to take some time to please myself instead of immediately hopping back on the hamster wheel.


#DiscordTarotholicsDec2021 Challenge Prompt
: Where in my life do I need to work on better boundaries in the year ahead?

Hidden Forest OracleSweets atop Cottage – Too much time wallowing at home can become an unhealthy pleasure. It’s important to make sure that you’re getting time outside and away from the house.  Don’t allow yourself to get so wrapped up in the comfort of home that it becomes unhealthy for you.

Dagger atop Cow – Cut ties with where you expect nourishment to come from. You’ve found it elsewhere.

This is about having finally experienced what family actually feels like.  You’ve truly experienced the emotional nourishment of mother energy without demands, requirements, and bartering involved.  No expectations… just love.  It’s time to accept that you can indeed find this type of energy elsewhere, and let go of the expectation that you will get it from your own family.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheDecemberTarot The Path Ahead Tarot Challenge Prompt

Fungjai Tarot and The Visionary OracleWhat seeds can I plant today in support of my personal growth?

The Devil and Slow Down – You think you’ve slowed down lately in your addictions, and it’s true that you have made great progress, but there is still further to go in this area.

What can I do to nurture these seeds to full growth?

The World and Do Nothing – Recognize that everything you need will come with time. Don’t lean into your addictions.  This isn’t about turning away from them, but realizing that they are not needs and don’t have to drive your actions as often as they do.


Daily Self Kindness

I’m playing catch up and this is one in a series of posts that I don’t have a clue what was done for a self kindness.

🌑 New Moon in Capricorn – January 2022

On Sunday is the first new moon of the new year, and like all new moons and full moons, I did a spread aligned to the moon’s current themes as a part of my recognition of the moon’s cycle and influences upon us. Today’s spread is about the medicine within, and brought to you by Ethony‘s Tarot by the Moon series.

New Moon in Capricorn Reading - Golden Constellation Oracle

Where do I need to stand strong?

The Altar – Responsibility to the forefront. Now is not the time for frivolity.  You can have plenty of fun, but don’t indulge in yourself and behaviors that will pull your focus away from your responsibilities.

How can I challenge myself in 2022?

Cannis Major – Work on leaving the past in the past where it belongs. You made good strides in this towards the end of the summer and throughout the fall of last year. This card indicates that this year is a good time to pick this effort back up and expand on it further through the year.

Where in my life requires more sensitivity?

The Eagle – Your moral compass and in following your truth. You don’t have to be so cruel to yourself when self-correcting.  There is also encouragement here in this card to approach your connection with (and reaching for) the divine with a less aggressive approach. This doesn’t mean avoiding or ignoring, but to consider Almathea’s approach with an open mind and heart. You’ve hedged long enough… but neither do you need to dive in headlong.

What long-term goals and plans need my attention?

Virgo – Getting organized and sorting out priorities. You want shelves for your decks.  This is a long term projecr that needs to be worked toward instead of “diving in” and expecting to complete it quickly. Don’t be afraid of the chaos. There’s always chaos before things fall into order.

What is the next best practical step forward?

Andromeda – Take in the big picture. Look at what lies on your plate and be realistic with the expectations you set for yourself.


Get It Done

Today’s meditation was skipped.  I woke up from a nightmare and needed to get out of bed. Once up and out, the nightmare made it extremely unappealing to return so I just stayed up instead of returning to meditate.

Intuitive Night Goddess TarotToday’s draw is the Eight of Wands, which is traditionally about action, speed, motivation, vigor, and alacrity.

The theme of the card fits very well with the day today and I’m not sure that it was so much about giving sage advice as today’s draw was an encouragement.

Aside from packing the car (which is a long and arduous task in itself), there was also a few chores around here I wanted to finish before we left.  On top of that I did some maintenance on the computer to get it running a bit more smoothly, and a few client readings as well.

All in all, today’s card was about endurance and keeping moving in order to get everything done that needed to be.  And.. that’s exactly what I did.


#DiscordTarotholicsDec2021 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question
: Which is more important… love or trust?

The Little Prince Playing CardsReading Summary: The connection (Two of Hearts) and support that love creates (Queen of Hearts) between people is of greater importance, but both is better than having to choose (Two of Spades).

Take Away: You can love someone without trusting them, but that love will be incomplete. You can trust someone without loving them, and that trust can be whole and without flaw.  And yet, what we see here is that when it comes right down to it and to the way we work in our heart of hearts… love is more important, as it is through love that kindness is born and connections with others are made.


OwlandBonesTarot’s #DecemberBones2021 Tarot Challenge Prompt

Intuitive Night Goddess TarotLoveThree of Cups – Cherish the time you have with others and focus on how much richer having those you love in your life makes you feel.

LightSeven of Pentacles – Pay attention to where you spend your time and energy. Focus it towards the “long game” and sustainabilit,y instead of squandering it on temporary fickle things.

PeaceRevolution (The Tower) – Look at what needs changing and get going on it. The sooner you work through the upheaval and get it over with, the sooner you will be able to take a breath on the other side… with the accomplishment under your belt and knowledge you are then in a better place.


Daily Self Kindness

I spent some time outside with the camera, and I got the majority of the packing and organizing of the car out of the way so that departing tomorrow can go more smoothly.  We’re just waiting on Z’s test results before we can leave (which still have not come in but will hopefully be ready by the morning).

Weekly Creativity Prompt – Product Review

Prompt: The Christmas season is at an end, and after Christmas day, I’m sure we’re all ready for a bit of peace and quiet.  For this prompt, I challenge you to draw (at least) three cards, and use them to write up the funniest (or worst) product review ever. Then share your cards as well as the product review that inspired them!

Fungjai TarotDear Sir or Madam,

[ The Hierophant ]

When I purchased your product, I was under the impression that it would be a sweet treat that would lift my spirits and be something I could enjoy on the road. I do a great deal of driving in my work, and it’s difficult to find snacks that can be left in the car year round without spoiling.

While I cannot deny that these candies are quite delicious, I believe you may wish to remove them from the market and I am asking for a refund as well as payment for damages. Let me explain…

[ King of Pentacles ]

I started my day at 7am, with a route that would take me through rural areas before heading over the mountain pass about midday. I had my first candy around 10am, and another a few minutes later.

At this time, I was thrilled with my purchase, and considered when I might have the opportunity to order more.

On the way up the pass, I ate a couple more. They really are quite delicious. Just the right amount of sweetness. At lunch time, I pulled into a rest stop to eat, and after, I had another candy.

[ The Chariot ]

It was soon after this that things took a turn. I started to feel a horrible cramping sensation in my gut. As you might imagine, a snowy mountain pass is not a convenient place to need to use the facilities.

Quickly, this cramping then turned into a rumbling, and it soon became apparent I was not going to make it back to civilization unsoiled if I did not pull over!

I pulled over and got out, and hid in the ditch behind my truck to put myself out of my misery.

I then proceeded to have the most explosive evacuation in my life. This lasted for so long that I was quite certain I would pass out and die of exposure.

[ The Emperor ]

When it was over, I stood up only to find a cop had pulled in behind me and had watched the entire thing. I was issued a $980 ticket fir public exposure and malicious mischief. Absolutely the most expensive shit I’ve ever taken.

From there, things only went down hill, and I am not referring to the road.

I sincerely feel that the Ex-Lax Candy Company should take full responsibility for this entire mess including the replacement of clothing worn that day and reupholstering of my truck seat. Please see the enclosed documents for remittances.