2021 Card of the Day Log

In either 2020 or… well, perhaps it was 2019, my psychologist gave me an activity to do where I was to use an app to get a random daily affirmation, then use that affirmation as the focus for a morning meditation.

I didn’t really connect with it.

That said, I did manage to connect to it once I’d altered it a bit. Instead of an affirmation, most of which never really fit and weren’t something I could connect to, I would ask the cards each day in the morning to provide me with a positive message to carry with me throughout my day and foster perspective.

Throughout this year, I’ve done this exercise religiously, and I’ve written on each pull here in this blog. In addition to that, I was inspired this year to chart my pulls and now that the year has drawn to a close, I figured it might be nice to post it for posterity. I’m not really all that good at seeing patterns or whatnot, I just thought it would be interesting.

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