Weekly Creativity Prompt – A Dream

Pull (at least) three cards use them as the foundation to write about one of your dreams (either literal or aspirational).

IMG_5515In the dream I awake in the ditch beside an abandoned street (High Priestess). It’s night time and chilly but not cold.  There is a slope on one side of me and the street on the other and as I rise I find friends arguing with each other a short distance away (Justice beneath Strength).

They are arguing about going to a haunted house, and as they start to climb the hill, I can see the house in the distance at the top.  In order to get there, we have to take a zigzagging route with some wooden ramps and bridges made of wood that cross over deep cracks in the ground. (The Tower).

When we reach the house, there is a party going on inside, but each time you go through a doorway, you end up in an entirely different part of the house.  I go through the doorway from the kitchen to the living room, and end up in the attic. (Wheel of Fortune)

I get creeped out by the behavior of the party goers, which seems to be becoming more and more malicious the longer we stay.  None of my friends want to leave, so I decide to take off on my own. (The Chariot)

Getting down the hill and through all the different ramps and bridges, over the rocks and boulders, all seems much more difficult as I try to get back to the road than on my way uphill.  All the way down, I feel the need to go faster and faster, as if something evil is breathing at the back of my neck, ready to devour me if I slow down or turn around (The Moon).

And then I wake up.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – My Summer

Pull (at least) three cards use them as the foundation to convey your ‘summer experience’ thus far for this year.

Tarot manouche Universel du XXIe SiecleThe Devil – I’ve played it a bit fast and loose as I expanded my deck collection this spring and summer, especially in the area of my playing card decks. It’s not as if I didn’t have the money to do so, though, and although it’s time to reign myself in now, it was a nice bit of escapism for a while.

Wheel of Fortune – Despite my spending, things haven’t been all -that- bad so far this summer.  There’s been a good bit of ups and downs, and I’ve spent a lot of time working on finding my center and keeping my balance as chaos reins in the world around me, but most of the upheavals (other than the major global one anyway) have been somewhat minor and only created ripples instead of waves on the smooth surface of my life.

The Hierophant – Over the spring and summer, I’ve rediscovered my great joy for teaching others, as well as providing them with guidance and help even beyond the tarot.  I’ve very much enjoyed the opportunity to teach others and learn from them in turn, and I’m looking forward to continuing to do so, even if I’ve taken a little break from teaching formal classes over June and July.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Knights

Pull the Knights from a deck of your choice. Do you have someone in your life that fits with one of these cards? Do you have people in your life that would fit with each of them? Tell us about the connection you see between each Knight card and the person in your life it represents.

Numinous Tarot

Knight of Wands (Explorer of Candles) – Idealistic and demanding, she visits the protests each night after work. With a mask over her face she holds her sign high, she shouts her passions loud and strong as she joins the mass in the streets again and again. She stands up for her beliefs and for what’s right.  She stands up for what she feels is important, protesting and demanding change as she helps the protestors to drive home what is important and what needs done.

Knight of Swords (Explorer of Bells) – What had once been a spark of an idea has become a burning need to succeed.  She built this business from the ground up and now constantly pushes forward, ever onward, to guide the business towards growth and encourage it to flourish.  Sometimes she takes risks that seem reckless in this need to advance her cause.

Knight of Cups (Explorer of Vials) – Such a charmer, he hits the bars each night with his frat brothers and always comes home with a giggling and happy girl.  He leaves them as happy as he finds them, if not happier, but he does this naturally in pursuit of his own fulfillment.  After all?  How can he wrangle the very best experience out of them without giving them the very best in turn?  Sometimes this means they fall for him, but he’s the love’em and leave’em type.  He does his best to let them down easy, because there’s new depths to explore around the corner with another in the wings.

Knight of Pentacles (Explorer of Tomes) – Five days a week he sits at a desk in a pleated suit and tie.  He meets with clients and guides them forward, showing them how to invest, and what to invest in, sharing strategies for paying off their debts, for financing their mortgage, for creating a fund for their retirement.  His passion in this work, in helping others find their own stability, brings him to work each day and he takes his own advice to build his own future as well.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – Adversity and Triumph

Pull (at least) three cards use them as the foundation to write something (real or fictional) about adversity and/or triumph.

Natural World Tarot

The Magician – There was once a young boy named Manah that thought he knew everything and was indestructible. He was smart and strong, and believed that he could handle anything that came his way, no matter the source. Even though Manah was young, he believed he had everything he needed and was prepared for anything.

The Hierophant – The wise man of Manah’s village warned him that one day he would run across a situation that he could not handle on his own, but Manah refused to listen.

The Star – Instead, Manah decided to strike out on his own. He packed up his few belongings and left his village with high hopes, and began on a journey to travel the world and see many sights.

Temperance – The great wise spirit of the sky looked down upon Manah with patience for his youthful foolishness. She decided to test the boy, and see if he was indeed ready to strike out on his own.

She sent down from the stars dreams that whispered through his mind as he slept that first night.

The Devil – In his dreams, Manah was greeted by a beautiful woman that stepped out of the flames of his campfire.

She was kind and gentle, and he fell under her spell. She gave him attention and asked nothing in return, and in his dream he became attached to her. As the dream progressed, though, this woman began to ask for small favors. Little things at first, and then something a little more.

Soon she was asking for things that went against his nature, and against what he knew was right or wrong. And yet he was no longer able to say no.

Justice – When Manah awoke the next day, it was late in the day and he had overslept by hours and hours. His fire had died down and animals had come and stolen off with all of his food and some of his supplies.

He realized, through his experiences both in the dream and his awakening to reality, that perhaps he was not as wise as he thought and returned to the village and back to the tutelage of the village’s wise man.