Weekly Creativity Prompt – Autumn Themes

Prompt: From your deck of choice, select one card that you feel fits each of the themes below (I actually chose randomly):
1) A wander in the Autumn woods
2) Guidance from the Past
3) The Beginning of the End
Post the 3 cards you chose, and share with us how you made the connections that you did with the prompts above.

Omens TarotA Wander in the Autumn Woods

The Sun – As fall arrives and the air cools, I spend more time outside enjoying nature, breathing in the crisp air, and bonding with nature. These experiences light me up from the inside and bring me a great deal of joy and happiness.

Whether hiking in dappled sunlight through a canopy of leaves, or under the rapid pitter-patter of falling rain, this time of year and my time spent in nature is my “Sun” card through and through.

Guidance from the Past

The Hierophant – It is through our past that we become who we are in the present, and it is through our ancestors we are taught the traditions and values that we carry forward into the future.

I may not have the greatest relationship with my family or my parents, but I acknowledge this connection and I understand that even those ancestors that are passed on still walk my path with me today and every day.

The Beginning of the End

The Star – When I  hear the phrase “the beginning of the end” it always brings to mind the moment when hope begins to falter and die.  Whether it’s a story, a legacy, or a life… I feel that hope is an essential part of continuing onward, moving forward, and improving one’s life and self.

What I’ve come to realize is that even when we feel as if there is not a shred of hope left within us?  There is… it’s still there.  Sometimes, its flame just flickers so very faintly that it’s impossible to see when life is at its darkest.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Haunted House

Prompt: Draw (at least) three cards, and use them to tell us a story describing a visit (real or fictional) to a creepy haunted house).

Ghoulish Garb's Terror TarotWhen I woke up here, I didn’t understand where I was or how I got here, I just knew that this is where I was supposed to be (The High Priestess).

The feeling was so strong, that I lingered for a long time (The Hanged Man), and when others came, I convinced them to stay with me (Strength).

We chose our rooms and made ourselves at home, becoming a part of the creaking wood, warped glass windows, and crumbling mortar (Temperance).

And now, when the living come, which they always do with their bright and shimmering energy and vibrant full color lives (The Star), we show them who this house truly belongs to… and always will (The Emperor).


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Death Card

Prompt: Pull the Death card from your deck(s). Compare the imagery between the Death card in the Tarot of the Hidden Realm and the card(s) from your own deck(s). How would you read them differently and why? Share your card(s) and your interpretation differences between the imagery on them.

The Death Card from the Tarot of the Hidden RealmTarot of the Hidden Realm – This imagery always makes me think of cancer.  The kind that is terminal, but takes its time.

In the image, the winds of change keep the raven aloft, and lift the woman’s hair skyward in wild disarray that reflects the disarray that change can create in one’s life. She is gaunt, speaking of a long period of change, not something sudden.  This isn’t a fall from grace, but something that eats away at the insides, ushering her forward into a new existence with the raven there to escort her on her way.

The Natural World Tarot, Anima: Gate of Memories Tarot, and Tierney's Delight Tarot

The Natural World Tarot – Swirling snowflakes and flowers surround a bird with open chest.  It perches, still and watchful in the image, its heart open to the dance of changing seasons surrounding it.  This card speaks to me of the necessity to stay open to, and aware of, changes as they happen over time. The importance of not closing oneself off to their influence and the constant shifts and adjustments necessary.

Anima: Gate of Memories Tarot – Change isn’t always easy, even when it’s the slow moving and organic kind of change.  Sometimes we fight against it even when life would be so much easier if we didn’t. Here in this imagery I see that fight depicted.  A struggle and the anger that change can stir up when it’s not the kind of change we necessarily want or volunteer for. This card says that change may be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Tierney’s Delight Tarot – Sometimes when we’re dealing with changes in our lives, we get stuck in the mourning aspect of what we’re losing and are unable to look past that loss to the potential in our lives that it opens up.  Here in this card, I see that mourning expressed.  The card indicates that we are holding on too tight to what is on the way out… and not allowing ourselves to move on to the new possibilities that change is offering us.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – A Walk in the Woods

Prompt: Imagine a walk (or remember your last walk). Draw between 3 – 5 cards from your deck. Then for each card, associate the card to something you saw on your walk. Share your card(s), and your reasoning behind the associations that you made with each card you pulled.

Tarot Manouche Universel du XXIè Siècle

Acorn – La Protectrice (The Empress) – She holds within her the burgeoning promise of new life. Fallen and upon the earthen floor, she bathes in the dappled light cast between softly rustling leaves and whispers of the secrets that grow within her belly that will soon take root… and grow.

SquirrelLe Fou (The Fool) – He bounds from branch to branch with curiosity and enthusiasm, chittering in the trees with a merry voice that celebrates his eager task. There is quickness and cheer in every movement, even in the moments he moves with purpose.

Douglas Fir ConeLa Force (Strength) – There is an old legend in the Pacific Northwest (believed to be of indigenous origins) about the Douglass Fir that speaks of a large fire in the forests of the west. Many animals ran around frantically trying to escape the flames. Tiny mice, not fast enough to outrun the fire, sought shelter from various trees. The mice approached many trees asking for help and were turned away again and again. When they eventually approached a mighty Douglas Fir tree and asked if they could take shelter among its branches, the Douglas fir agreed to help the mice, and allowed them to hide within its cones. As a result, the mice survived the fire, and to this day, if you examine a Douglas Fir cone, you can see the tails of the mice sticking out between the scales of a cone.

StreamLa Sagesse (The High Priestess) – Water flows and explores. It seeps into crevices and slips into cracks, soaks and saturates even as it flows ever onward. It spreads beneath the soil, showing only a small bit of what truly runs ever onward, while so much is hidden beneath the earth where none can see.  Water holds many secrets, and flows ever onward.

Fallen LogLa Mort (Death) – Decay is the birth of new life as a fallen log lies within shaded forest floor and begins to break down. This tree that dies, fallen and lies, now offers itself up to the forest and the promise of new life. A nurse log. And as structure breaks down it provides shelter and nutrients, seeds take root, while mushrooms and moss grow from slowly forming crevices and holes. As life fades… so too does it flourish once more. One form transforming to make another.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Empress

Prompt: Pull the Empress from your deck(s). Compare the imagery between the Empress in the Tarot of the Hidden realm with the card(s) from your own deck. How would you read them differently and why? Share your card(s) and your interpretation differences between the imagery on the cards.

In comparing these cards you will see that I often see the Empress as being a combination of all four Queens in the tarot.  The energy of these four queens can blend in many different ways, and this is how I ten interpret the different messages and energies within each of the card’s imagery.

The Empress in the Tarot of the Hidden RealmTarot of the Hidden Realm – In this Empress we have the embodiment of inviting warmth and a bountiful harvest.

The autumn shades, the many apples, the earthy tones and blossoms in her hair… it all points to not just the harvest season, but a successful and generous harvest. Her expression is soft and kind, warm and content, the angle of the head promising receptivity and shades of the hair a kiss of warmth.

Open and receptive, I see a good deal of the Queen of Pentacles in this card’s imagery, blended with a touch of the Queen of Wands in her passion to bring to harvest her bounty, and Queen of Cups in the gentle receptivity in her expression.

The Empress in the Tarots Universels, Zero Pop Deck, Tarocchi di Vetro

Tarots Universels – Angular features and the angle of the Empress’ head in this imagery speaks of a sharper energy here. She is more regal and less earthy, leaning more into the energy of the Swords, and perhaps the Wands… whereas the Empress in the Tarot of the Hidden realm leaned heavily into the energy of the Pentacles. This Empress may not own a single houseplant, but she most definitely has your back and will do what needs to be done to support and nurture the growth of her kingdom and her family.

Zero Pop Deck – Miss Jupiter is radiant and warm, approachable and happy.  She has an open smile and soft curves, and a very welcoming demeanor. Her softness and her expression both call out to me the Queen of Cups, while the tilt of her head and body language sing of the Queen of Swords.  This Empress is emotionally supportive, but won’t let you wallow.  She’s hands-on, and she’s going to encourage you to pick yourself up, throw back your shoulders, take a deep breath… and try again.

Tarocchi di Vetro – Graceful and serene, this Empress is filled with an aloof air, but the bounty all around her is undeniable. She’ll listen to your problems and give good advice, and and will save her comfort for when you really need it.  You will never doubt the warmth in her heart or the nurturing in her soul, it’s there in the soft angles of her features and tilt of her head, but nor will you ever take her for anything less than the authority figure that she is.  Out of all the Empress cards covered here in this post, I feel the imagery here most evenly balances the energy of all four queens in the tarot the best.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – In Case You Need It

Prompt: “Pull three cards, and use them combined with the last text that you sent (or received) on your phone to tell us a (true or fictional) story.”  (I cheated and drew more than three cards.)

Le Corte dei TarocchiThere was once a powerful king (‘L Imperatore) who ruled over a vast kingdom with a wise and just hand.  He took his responsibilities to his people seriously, and took care to ensure all under his rule flourished and were well cared for.

One day, this king got in an intense dispute with his best friend, another king that ruled a neighboring kingdom.  The truce between their kingdoms was broken during this argument, and war broke out. Many died in the battles that ensued, as they lashed out at each other and tore down the strong and thriving society that they had built between them (La Torre de Babele).

One day when he was lying in bed with his wife, he was speaking with her about these troubles and how everything was falling apart and seemed to be slipping through his fingers.  The previous queen (his mother) had advised  him that he had married well, and told him that there would come a time when his wife would become invaluable, that she carried within her great wisdom he would one day need (La Papessa).  He had been young and reckless at the tome and scoffed at her words, but on this night as they lie abed, he spoke with her from the heart and she spoke to him of temperance and patience (La Temperanza).

In their discussion, she had him look back upon his time with his friend and consider how things had gone wrong. What had the turning point been that lead them to the violent dispute they now found themselves in with their neighbor?  What could he have done differently? (Il Guidizio)

With her wisdom and guidance, he was able to see how useless the argument with his friend truly is and he reached out to his old friend to begin the path towards setting aside their differences and moving on in a new direction in which they could grow together once more (La Morte).