Weekly Creativity Prompt – Music Lovers

Prompt: “Have you ever listened to a song and suddenly realized “This song is such a Tower/Emperor/Hanged Man song!”? This activity is based off of a love for music and how we associate music with the world around us. Pick (or randomly draw) five cards from your deck. Then, for each card, pick (or find) a song that you feel fits that card perfectly.

Paintings for Abundance Tarot - Page of Swords, Seven of Wands, The Devil, Two of Cups, King of Wands

Page of Swords – Losing My Religion by R.E.M.

The Devil – Criminal by Taemin

Seven of Wands – Drive by Incubus

Two of Cups Rx – We Don’t Talk Together by Heize

King of Wands – Give It To Me by Agust D


Weekly Creativity Prompt – Different Scenarios

Prompt: “The purpose of this activity is to practice interpreting small spreads by combining card meanings, symbols and intuition. We will all interpret the same cards based on a few different (imaginary) situations. A 3 card spread will be posted together with 2 more specific scenarios. It’s your choice which scenario you’d prefer to use, or if you’d rather do a general reading of these cards as for an imaginary querent.

This Might Hurt Tarot - Nine of Pentacles, The Devil, Nine of Wands

Scenario 1 – Connor is torn. He just got his birthday money, and wants to either use it to buy a new computer or enroll in an arts class offered by a nearby pottery studio. 

You’re feeling on top of the world with the money in your pocket (Nine of Pentacles), but you need to look at which option is going to actually benefit you long term instead of be a fleeting bit of fun or passion (The Devil). Things aren’t going to always be as carefree as they are now. Which option will you not just enjoy now, but will help you down the road during those more difficult  times? (Nine of Wands)

Scenario 2 – Raven is going to be performing in a concert next week and is very nervous about it. She’s also excited, but in general is feeling ungrounded about it. She wants to know steps she can take to ground herself.

The night of the concert is going to be a bit wild and crazy (The Devil).  Make sure that before the concert arrives you are taking stock of all you have accomplished to help bolster your confidence (Nine of Pentacles), and that once the concert is over you return to doing what needs to be done to keep everything in your life balanced and on track (Nine of Wands).  In other words?  Don’t let the wild and crazy escape the event itself. It’ll be fun and crazy… and one night only.  Contain it to that one night through focusing on building your confidence beforehand, and the return to stability and responsibility after.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The World

Prompt: “Pull the Hermit card from your deck(s). Compare the imagery between the card provided below and the card(s) from your own deck(s). How would you read them differently and why?

Tarot of the Hidden Realm - The WorldTarot of the Hidden Realm – Resplendent and spent, she lies among the green  and exhales a sigh of relief as butterflies flutter around her and reminder her of hope and that after she has taken this moment of rest?  She will rise to dance with them, and a new journey will begin. The imagery in this card speaks of relief, hope, and continuation. Just because we come to the end of one journey doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything… it simply means that you need to take a moment to orient yourself, and then lean into hope as you rise again.

Magickal Nature Tarot, Josana Jaus Tarot, Monsoon Tarot

Magical Nature Tarot – She dances in joyous celebration, skirt flared as she twirls in a feeling of completion and pleasure. She is there to remind us that endings are not to be mourned, but celebrated.  They mean that we have completed something.  A phase… a journey… it’s not dying but completing, and in that completion we find a touch of sadness yes.  But we need to focus on all the good it offers, the feelings of success and the boon we are being given and will be able to then carry with us into the future with a light step, lighter shoulders, and an even lighter heart.

Jonasa Jaus Tarot 7th Edition – Growing life within the womb is a miracle of womanhood, and the journey is both a beautiful blessing and a heavy burden. There is so much that can go wrong, and so much to take on, so many changes and so much discomfort. And when it’s time… and the birth comes? Well that can hurt too, and yet it too is a blessing beyond compare.  This card speaks of the boon and the bane that comes with growth and rebirth. You can’t have one without the other, but the end is worth the struggle when it comes down to it.

Monsoon Tarot – A figure emerges from a bed of flowers like they are slipping free of a Faerie mound, a nest rests as a crown on their head, eggs nestled within it and others lying among the flowers. This card speaks strongly of rebirth.  The World circles around back to the Fool, and what I see here is the Fool at rest before they wake and begin to move. It is that moment of pause where you acknowledge all you have accomplished and take a breath.  When your eyes open, you will step into the shoes of the Fool once more and an exciting new journey will begin.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – A New Beginning

Prompt: “In line with the new year that’s fast approaching, pull (at least) three cards and use them to tell us a real or fictional story about new beginnings.”

Yuletide Lenormand[Stork and Mice]

There was once an old farmer named Abel and his wife Amanda that were eager for a child.  So eager… and yet so barren. They tried everything to increase their fertility and get themselves with child without avail.  Then, one day, a friend came by and offered them a proposition.  He would guarantee a child for the couple, but only if he was allowed to sleep with the wife for three nights in a row.

[Ship and Rider]

This proposal was a shock to the pair, but after a great deal of discussion and no amount of argument, they finally decided that it could be the only way that they might manage to conceive.

The wife packed up her bag for the trip to the resort where she would be staying with their friend, while able was left at home to imagine and consider all that she may be thinking… feeling… and god forbid, doing. When he couldn’t stand it anymore, he packed his own bags, and stormed out into the night, determined to start a new life with someone else.  Someone that could give him what he wanted and not seek solutions to their problems with his so called friends.

[Snake and Clouds]

After the five days were over, Amanda came home to find her house empty and cold. She called and called his cell, but when he finally answered he spewed venomous words at her, completely and conveniently forgetting it was -he- that had pressured her into this idea in the first place and placing all the blame for his abandonment of her on her shoulders.

And thus, this is how Amanda became a single mother, and began her life anew along with the new life that now grew within her.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Hermit

Prompt: “Pull the Hermit card from your deck(s). Compare the imagery between the card provided below and the card(s) from your own deck(s). How would you read them differently and why?

20221206_CP2Tarot of the Hidden Realm – A crone in the wild among craggy mountain rocks, she wears a symbol of death in the skull over her heart and a hag stone for vision around her neck as she climbs among the rocky landscape. This card speaks of the need to spend time alone in reflection, but hones down into that reflection being about change and how we react to change.  Self examination of our response to change can be a powerful thing, and in this card there is a need to consider our past reactions (the Hermit faces towards the past), why we react as we do, and how we can deal with changes in a more graceful manner.

The Hermit from the Christmas Storybook Tarot, Snowland Tarot, and The Christmas Tarot

Christmas Storybook Tarot – Rudolph lead the sleigh through the winter storm for Santa, and in this image his nose shines bright through a storm he treads through on hi own.  This card encourages solitary reflection placed towards where hope lies in our hearts. What is the shining light that guides us forward, and how can we utilize that to our benefit as we move through the more difficult times we may be experiencing or need to confront moving forward (Rudolph faces in the direction of the future).

Snowland Tarot – Here again the Hermit faces towards the future, and while the path at his feet is smooth and easy, the mountains in the distance illuminated by his lantern make it clear it will not always be so. With the book riding his back and the direction he faces, I see this card as more about planning for the future than about reflecting upon self improvement.  He looks outward, and seeks to see what is to come so that he can prepare, and this card suggests that the querent needs to do the same.

The Christmas Tarot – As in the traditional RWS that this deck is a clone of, the Hermit in this card faces towards the past with his head bowed and lantern held high. The staff provides stability while the Hermit looks within himself at his past, learning from his mistakes and getting to know himself better through introspection and self-examination. He seeks to take what he has learned from the past and sort through these memories and experiences in order to become wiser for the effort.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – Manna From Above

Prompt: “Pull (at least) three cards and use them to tell us a story that ends in the phrase “manna from above“.

Manna from Above Storytelling with the Tarot of the Hidden RealmIt was a long and arduous battle, and I raged through the night to come out the other side with my blade and clothes coated in crimson. (Ten of Swords)

As I traveled home, weary to the bone, I worried that that I might not have slayed them all. Had one of the beasts gotten past me? Would I arrive to my home only to find all that mattered to me had been burned to the ground in a pile of smoldering ashes? (Nine of Swords and Ten of Pentacles)

And, when I climbed the last rise that lead to my home, I prayed to the heavens that my home would still be there, and that the smoke in the air would be a cook fire and not my family burning. So fearful was I that when I crested the hill and I heard my wife’s shrill, nagging voice carry over the distance to send my ears a-ringing, it was the sweetest sound I’d ever heard, and to my soul it felt like manna from above. (Page of Swords)