Weekly Creativity Prompt – Music Lovers

Prompt: “Have you ever listened to a song and suddenly realized “This song is such a Tower/Emperor/Hanged Man song!”? This activity is based off of a love for music and how we associate music with the world around us. Pick (or randomly draw) five cards from your deck. Then, for each card, pick (or find) a song that you feel fits that card perfectly.

Fate | Flower Tarot Cards

Four of Cups – Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage

Six of Cups – Walk On the Ocean by Toad the Wet Sprocket

The Sun – Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

The Devil – Not an Addict by K’s Choice

Fate | Flower Tarot Cards

Knight of Wands – Firestarter by Prodigy

Judgement – Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked by Cage the Elephant

Knight of Cups – I Will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab for Cutie

Nine of Swords – X Amount of Words by Blue October


Weekly Creativity Prompt – Wrong Number

Prompt: “Draw (at least) three cards and use them to tell us a real or fictional story about a call that was the wrong number.”

I Gatti di Kuniyoshi - Il Meneghello EditionThe Magician (l’Bagatto):

Antonio was sure that this was the job for him. He’s been trained well, going through all the company’s courses, and sailing through it all with flying colors.

Now, this morning, he walks into the office for his first day at work with his back straight and his shoulders strong.  He moves to his new desk and unbuttons his suit jacket as he sits down in the comfortable ergonomic chair.  He looks over all the buttons on the console, and he’s pleased that he feels not just professional and prepared, but filled with confidence.

The Tower (La Torre):

Putting on the head set and tucking the little speaker against his ear, he settles in and hits the button to make his very first call, and when the line is answered on the other side, he smoothly goes into his spiel. “Hi there! My name is Antonio and I’m calling to speak to Ms Dixie Rect. If you could give me a moment of your time, I have an amazing opportunity for you!”

The woman on the phone then immediately goes into an enraged tirade. She calls him a horrible person. A degenerate!  A pervert!!  She screams at him, telling him that she is going to call the police on him and have him arrested for harassment, and she took him so off guard that he ends up breaking the very first rule he’d learned in training.  He hung up on her!

The Hanged Man (l’Appeso):

After hanging up, he sits there shell-shocked and shaking. His heart thunders and he’s near tears as he sits still and quiet in his chair.  Swallowing as he battles with his embarrassment, he looks around to see if anyone in any of the other cubicles had seen what had happened, and assures he was not observed. He takes a slow, deep breath and a few minutes to calm down.

Rising, he then takes a moment to step into the bathroom and splash water on his face before returning to his cubical and sitting down.

The Sun (Sole):

It is as he is sitting down at the desk and prepared to begin again, that he looks up to his customer list on the computer screen and sees it… and starts to laugh.  His gaze resting on the name on the screen.  The name he’d just called.

Dixie Rect.    Dicks Erect.

And as he laughs, his co-workers popped up around the walls of his cubical with a loud “GOTCHA!” The number had been that of one of his co-worker’s wives, and the entire thing had been a practical joke. And as all laughed and welcomed him into the fold, he felt truly at home and welcomed, and his confidence was restored.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – Temperance

Prompt: “Pull the card from your deck(s) that matches the card posted below. Compare the imagery between the card provided below and the card(s) from your own deck(s). How would you read them differently and why?”

Tarot of the Hidden Realm - TemperanceTarot of the Hidden Realm – For me this card’s imagery is all about gentle energy and a great deal of focus. She pours carefully, after all, in order to not spill a drop.  The dragonfly in the lower left corner speaks of change. I would read this card as a need to instill more patience and focus into one’s life, redirecting impatience and chaos into healthier and more peaceful alternatives.

Oriental Fantasy Tarot, Gold Moon Major Arcana, Il Meneghello's Tarocco Musica

Oriental Fantasy Tarot – The imagery in this card is closest to that of a standard RWS deck.  There is a balance between earth and water that speaks of connecting emotions to a grounded energy, creating a stability to the unpredictability of one’s emotions. The star in the sky offers guidance, while the budding tree behind the standing figure speaks of the sweet burst of new life beginning to awaken. The imagery here speaks to me about time, and how growth is not immediate but takes time to accomplish as well as a combination of different factors coming together to create the right environment for things to flourish.

Gold Moon Major Arcana – Here I do not see the “connection” aspect that I see in the Oriental Fantasy Tarot’s imagery. Nor the gentle touch that is seen in the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. Instead what I see is that the figure in the card seeks to connect to the viewer.

In the traditional tarot, as well as in the Hidden Realms deck, the figure connects to both earth and water through their feet, signifying a connection between two realms of experience. Here in this card’s imagery it is purely about moderation, steadiness, and balance as the figure pours water from one urn to another without looking… and, the glance towards the viewer seems to hold expectation, as if to say that the viewer also has the ability to use these traits when necessary.

Il Meneghello’s Tarocco Musica – This card is designed to be a of Monteverdi’s Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda, where a knight battles a mysterious foe that he thinks is a known enemy, but who refuses to reveal their identity behind their armor until that foe is defeated and the knight then realizes he’s slain the woman he loves. In this operatic story, the woman is then baptized by her love just before her final breath. Knowing the source of the card and what it represents brings special meaning to this card for me and I would read this card as being a word of caution against assumptions and rash action.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Stolen Pair

Prompt: Draw (at least) three cards and use them to tell us a story of a (real or fictional) pair of shoes.

Il Fantastico Viaggio Di Un Manichino Da Pittore In 22 ArcaniOnce upon a time there was a very expensive pair of shoes that was so eager to go home with anyone that would take them that they jumped at the chance to be stolen and spirited away by a young woman who couldn’t afford them. (Il Diablo)

The woman then felt so guilty for her crime and so worried that she would be caught (La Giustizia)  that the shoes were tucked in the back of the closet and never worn, left all alone in their box all by themselves for many years (L’Eremita).

Then one day the young woman’s house burned down, with the shoes still in the box hidden in the closet (La Torre). And as they burned, the spirit of the shoes rejoiced, for this meant that they would get a chance to try again for a better life next time (Il Mondo).


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Hierophant

Prompt:“Pull the card from your deck(s) that matches the card posted below. Compare the imagery between the card provided below and the card(s) from your own deck(s). How would you read them differently and why?

Tarot of the Hidden RealmTarot of the Hidden Realm – Here in this card I see a kind old man willing to guide and teach, but not with a strict demeanor.  Instead he nurtures our curiosity, provides us room to grow and guidance to keep us on the straight and narrow path as we explore and learn. He’s understanding, and willing to listen as well as to teach, and it is this energy that fills the card and any reading that this card would fall into.

The Hierophant in the Wandering Moon Major Aracana, Tarot of the Hidden Realm, Mara Lunne Tarot, Radiant Tarot, and Second Sight Tarot

The Wandering Echo Major Arcana – In this deck, the Hierophant is renamed the Teacher, and we see in the imagery the shifting grow of a moon from half to three-quarter and finally to full.  The keys in the half moon speak of the tools we have and the knowledge we must gain, where the development of the moon speaks of growing into our knowledge as we learn more and more until finally we come to a place where we have the keys needed to unlock the doors to even more knowledge… and still more to explore.

Mara Lunne Tarot – One of the more traditional imagery cards in those chosen for this activity, this card depicts the Hierophant as a robed religious figure with a halo of holy knowledge surrounding their head and a tomb in their hands. In this depiction I see peace and serenity. There are no harsh lessons here, only trust and guidance passed down from generation to generation, and entrusted to us to be passed down as well.

Second Sight Tarot – Although the imagery in this card is not as traditional as the one to either side of it, I see this one as far more leaning into the “atmosphere” of the traditional imagery in the RWS tarot. It is in the ruffled cuffs of the sleeve, and in the Marionite cross (which I believe was meant to be the Papal cross) which serves as an emblem for the office of the Pope in ecclesiastical heraldry.  This card speaks to me of stringent rules and rigid tradition.

Radiant Tarot – In this card we see the crow figure standing crowned and holding a key of knowledge. He is robed in red, speaking of knowledge and authority, and the head is turned to the past, speaking of knowledge that comes from the past through generations and traditions held in long standing.  This card speaks to me most strongly of tradition and knowledge that holds structure and formality, but is perhaps not quite as stringent as what is seen in the Second Sight Tarot card mentioned above.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – April Fools

Prompt: Draw (at least) three cards and use them to tell us the story of a (real or fictional) April fools trick.

Starless Sky TarotPeople express love in different ways, and sometimes we forget this.  When the old man’s daughter in law and new husband moved in across the street, he had high hopes that he would be able to connect closely with them. (The Star)

Sadly, there was no connection at all and he resigned himself to the idea that the rest of his years in his old farmhouse would be lonely ones.  It wasn’t that they didn’t wave hello now and then, it’s just that it seemed they were so… distant.

After a few years, he wasn’t able to live alone anymore, and he began to look at moving into an assisted living facility. Then in April, he heard sirens and he came outside to find the house across the street on fire! (The Tower) He rushed across to help and brought them home with him. He spoke with them and expressed how sad he was for them, and how he’s sorry that he didn’t take more of an effort to stay close.

They in turn took him outside and showed him where the firemen were standing in the yard laughing.  The fire was out, and it was now obvious that the house wasn’t destroyed but a facade had been built to fool him into thinking it had been.

They brought him over and showed him that behind the facade, the house still stood, and while the facade had stood for months, they had built onto their house to create a small apartment for him to come join them.  The firemen had been in on the trick, and they came over to say hello and wish him a happy April Fools.  And in the weeks that followed, the old man moved in with his daughter in-law and her family so that he was not alone any longer (The Sun).