Elemental Influences

Prompt: “What elemental system do you ascribe to? What are the correspondences of the elements in the system you use? What is associated with the elements? What are some other systems you know? Do you ascribe to more than one system, and if so where do you use/incorporate which?

My faith is a four elemental system.

Earth is plants, soil, growing things, material things, the physical world, manifestation of items to the physical plane by creativity or spellwork. It includes our earthly pleasures like food and wealth. Its direction is to the North. The energy is solid and calm. The element of Earth is dark and still, nurturing and heavy. Grounding lives here among the tree roots. This element is the one that is most within our control and is filled with foundational strength.

Air is air and ether, wind and turbulence, strategy and thought. Communication and ambitions live here until you act upon them (then, once action is applied, they move to Fire). It’s direction is to the East where ideas rise from the depths of our mind like the sun rises over the horizon. The energy is ever moving and never still, restless. Although we can control our thoughts to a point, there is an element of lack of control here that is not present in the previous element.

Water is for wet, and is refreshing and welcoming. Comforting and soothing. Its direction is to the West. Emotions and the flow of creativity reside here, as well as intuition and the subconscious. Spirits of those that have passed often linger here in this energy. As emotions are far less easily controlled than thought, so Water becomes the third element as we get further from the earthly plane and closer to divinity. Centering oneself lives here in the depths of still waters and quiet calm among pondweed and cattails.

Fire is for flames, heat, and enthusiasm. It’s direction is to the South. It is what lights us up from within and pushes us to act. Too much fire will burn your life to the ground, too little leaves your life empty and listless. It’s energy dances and sparks, for it is through action that this element is most commonly expressed. It is the fervor of our lives, and is where our ethics and principles stand tall. Pride also lives here. Within this element, we have the least control, for it is where our soul sings out to speak of what is right for us… and what isn’t.

You will note that although the four elements above climb a ladder from what is most in our control to what is least in our control, there is no element here for divinity. Each of these elements holds their own spirituality within them. Divinity, for me, resides beyond and “above” these elements and is best defined as the energies of creation, evolution, and balance. I do not feel that it is an element, so much as the beginning and end of all things… and all that lies between those two points as well.

Having been raised Wiccan, I am of course very familiar with Wicca’s five-element system (earth, air, fire, water, spirit) of that faith. I am also familiar, through my father and research, with the Japanese Gogyo system of five elements (fire, water, wood, metal, earth). Although the Wiccan system is similar to what I use now, I don’t use either of these systems in my practice at this time.

Morning Bonus Read – Intuitive Blocks

Scrying Ink Lenormand - Blocking Intuition Reading

Your current true self.

Heart – I wrote the other day about having one’s heart on their sleeve in a poem that was specifically about Gideon, but the truth is that mine is on my sleeve as well.  I may not flash as bright and bold, but this card tells me that I express my love and dedication to Gideon, as well as my care and love of others, just fine.

What is blocking you?

Garden – Social obligations. When you spend too much time around other people, you naturally begin to close down a bit on your clairsentience, as otherwise you risk sliding into overwhelm and ending up too drained by the experience. In other words, your intuition requires a certain amount of alone time that you’re not getting right now.

Advice to remove blockage.

Stork – Lean into change. You’ve been forcing stagnation in order to avoid letting go. You need to instead let things go and let the changes happen.  They’re even changes you -want- thus, the avoidance is even less helpful.

What is beneath the surface?

Tree – A long standing attachment to the way things have been done, and a connection to a spiritual path that you need to re-connect with.  Start doing the things you know keep you balanced and centered.

Divine guidance.

Man – Suck it up buttercup.  Grow a set and get your ass moving on the changes you need to lean into, and the spiritual habits and self care you need to reconnect with.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Devil

Prompt: “Pull the card from your deck that matches [The Devil from Tarot of the Hidden Realm]. Compare the imagery between the card provided and the card from your own deck(s). How would you read them differently and why?

Tarot of the Hidden Realm - The DevilTarot of the Hidden Realm – Here we see temptation personified in the countenance of Faunus, Cerrunos, and Pan.  The horned one tempts lovers to dance in the forest, and lose themselves in each other as they swirl and sway among the trees.

The lovers must be willing to step into this space, to join the dance… but the temptation is so great will it feel like a choice if they concede? After all, how can you resist such a seductive invitation?

Steven Universe Tarot, Occult Ornithology Tarot, Sortilegios Tarot

Steven Universe Tarot – Here we see the puppet straining against the chains as the puppetmaster lingers in the background, in full control of the situation much as the rider of the Chariot controls his horses. The depiction here is what happens at the end of the Devil card’s journey.  You’ve given into temptation, you’ve yielded to the seduction that teased you into succumbing. At first you felt you were in control, but no more.  Not now.  Now you find yourself truly trapped with only your own choices to have brought you to this place.

Occult Ornithology Tarot – In this card the magpie collects and collects until their nest is gilded with gilt and glitter.  They celebrate their good fortune, and hoard their treasures, always craving just one more no matter how many bits and baubles they gather up.  The stage of the Devil depicted in this card is the obsession that builds before the trap snaps shut.  The magpie does not feel himself chained by his obsession quite yet… but it is only a matter of time.

Sortilegios Tarot – For this deck’s imagery, we see a depiction of a six-winged seraphim in the process of consuming a human figure. What I see here is a depiction of scrupulosity.  This is when one’s religion becomes an obsession, to the point that their minds become closed.  It is often accompanied by “religious snobbery” and can be an addiction like any other thing someone becomes hyper focused on and obsessed with.  Here, we see a figure that has dove in head first and although sharp teeth of the seraphim now pierce the flesh and make them bleed, they are too far in now to pull out.


Morning Bonus Read – Clarity

Bonds Across Time: An Inuyasha Tarot - Clarity Tarot Reading

[NOTATION: I adjusted the last two questions of this spread for my own needs.]

1. Biggest Distraction

Ace of Arrows – Too much started and not finished. Too many new ideas dancing around in your head wanting your  attention, and not enough time to start… let alone finish them all. Writing them down helps, but it’s not resolving that distraction entirely.

2. Where To Focus Instead

Queen of Cups – Your emotional growth and the needs you have for emotional nurturing. There is also an element here in the imagery of the mug that is referencing the need to pick one thing at a time to go after instead of multiple things at once.

3. Past Experience to Let Go

Wheel of Fortune – The unknown coming up and biting you on the ass by surprise.  The unexpected happens and is a part of life.  You can’t let the uncertainty of that knowledge and those experiences hold you back.

4. Useful Past Experience

Five of Cups – Same as above (the figure in this card is looking over at the Wheel of Fortune). You need to look at these past experiences and take value in them, instead of ignoring them and the issues they have wrought for you.

5. What to Cultivate

Six of Arrows – That new healthier path you have been working towards. In order for this new path to work, you have to let go of the old habits that have made you feel so secure for so long. Leaving them behind isn’t easy, but until you do, you won’t be able to move forward.

6. Next Step

Page of Jewels – Little steps. Accept the time it will take to learn and progress at building these new habits and skills. Take the time needed to decide and accept that what needs to be left behind is truly okay to let go of, and what you want to bring with you is worth carrying forward.  There’s no rush.

7. Advice From My Guides

Seven of Swords – Don’t be impulsive.