Weekly Creativity Prompt – Jason

Pull (at least) three cards and use them as the basis to write something that ends with the word “wrath”.


Jason’s Story

One early spring day I was out for a walk with my girl (The Lovers) without a care in the world (Temperance) when an old man approached us and stopped us upon our path. Man was old and weathered, and yet he had a strange energy about him it made him feel as if he was in the know on many many things (The Hierophant and The High Priestess).

He told me that I would be tempted (The Devil) in the near future and that whatever choice I made in this that moment would be the choice to decide my fate (Wheel of Fortune), and so I should choose wisely and follow my heart (The Star).

At the time I thought he was talking gibberish (The Fool).

Later in the day when I was back at home alone (The Hermit), I got a phone call from an ex (Death) who wanted to get back together with me and I have to admit I feel really flattered and it was a huge ego boost (The Emperor) because she broke up with me… not the other way around.

Suddenly the temptation was before me and I remembered with the old man had said.

Thought about my girlfriend and how she would feel (Judgement)… and about how I feel about her and I realize that I already had everything I need. So I told my ex to take a hike (Strength and The Chariot).

Little did I know at the time, but a private investigator (The Magician) had been hired by my girlfriends father and he had orchestrated the whole thing!  Fortunately, I managed to pass his test and avoid his wrath (The Sun).


Morning Bonus Read – The Earth and I


Top Row:
What is the largest way in which the earth’s energies interact with mine at this time?

Although I am currently feeling blocked / cut off from my deeper connection with the earth (left card), my continued connection to that energy from afar (inside left card) still creates within me a spark of inspiration and fills that great well of creativity within me (inside right card). I then incorporate that spark into all of the other aspects of my life (right card). Note the background in the first card with it’s rocky beach. This depiction increases the sense of “distance” I currently feel from nature, as although I connect with the rocky beaches here in my area… it is not where I connect most strongly, indicating a decrease in that connection at the moment.

Bottom Row:

How do I impact the earth’s energy? (left card) This card reiterates the separation that is currently ongoing in my life between myself and being able to get out into the green. There is significance here in the type of nature presented in the card, as this type of wet green calls to me strongly. And yet in the image it is healthy and lush indicating that I am causing no harm in my connection with the earth. Aside from the reiteration of the separation aspect, this card’s message is that I leave only footprints… and sometimes not even that. In other words, I respect what’s there and don’t tamper with it or harm it.

How does the earth’s energy impact me? (center card) It stirs me up and takes me home, both sparking a sustainable flame within me while churning up my creative juices and providing me energy.

Advice moving forward: (right card) The imagery in this card is an indication that with restrictions lifting in my area recently, I need to get my ass in gear, get out of the house, go out into the world, and search out some places (trailheads) that are open so that I can do some hiking and reconnecting with those energies.


New Moon in Gemini – May 2020

New Moon in Gemini May 2020

I have been putting these in my physical tarot journal, but after a few years of doing my tarot journal a certain way, I’m starting to feel it’s time to change things up.   As I’ve been using this blog to share my COTD (card of the day) pulls as well as my Self Care Saturday spreads, I thought maybe I would begin to transfer over to doing some of my other personal readings on here as well.    I still plan on keeping a physical tarot journal, I’m just starting to re-evaluate what I want to put the extra work into putting in it… vs placing here on this blog instead.

So… yesterday was the new moon, which is a time of new beginnings and looking forward with renewed energy.  The new moon’s placement in the sky puts the moon in the sun sign of Gemini for this new moon, which imbibes the new moon’s meaning and energies with that of the Gemini astrological sign.

This is the reading I did for the new moon yesterday. You will noticed that I have slightly rephrased a question or two in the spread.  This is to personalize the question to be clearer for my life or my personal understanding.

1. Where do I need to communicate more clearly?

This card is representative of my relationship with Gideon. I am his satellite… and he is mine. We are in a constant exchange of one trailing after the other, drawn by their gravity to constantly loop around and around… a constant companion. The Satellite card in this position is calling me out on the unnecessary silences that come when I am feeling vulnerable or out of sorts.

2. What truth needs to be recognized?

The appearance of the Pavo card in this position is also a nod to Gideon. It is about his watchful support and the depths of his protectiveness over me, the dedication he puts into my care and welfare.

Gideon… I hope that you know that I do recognize this and it is a part of you that I greatly cherish every day.  Over the past twelve years you have helped me to develop into the man that I am today, and your guidance and watchful protection has always been there for me to help me in feeling safe and secure as I move forward from each day to the next.

3. What drama do I need to step away from?

This has not manifested yet, but the Comet card indicates you will recognize the drama when it eventually comes into being through the synchronicity that surrounds it.   Pay attention to your what is going on around you in order to catch these moments of synchronicity and keep yourself from falling into drama that would be better avoided.

4. Where do I need to focus instead?

My mother.  Interesting for this to come up in relation to where to direct my focus instead of upon drama, as my mother is often right at the head of such dramas. Perhaps that is the point?

With the appearance of Aquila, the cards indicate my mother is the direction I need to look in.  Intuitively off of the imagery I see a need to look beneath the veil to find a truth.  This has to do to paying attention not to what she does or says, but to her underlying welfare and well-being.

This feels like a warning concerning drama that my mother will create in order to deflect my attention away from an underlying issue.

5. How can I put my inspiration into action?

Allow yourself room to feel safe and secure (Cirinus + Crux) even in the middle of moments when you need to lean into adaptation and adjustment (Chameleon).  Do what you can to connect with the earth (Cirinus + Crux), even when there is a possibility of adversity (Chameleon) and the responsibilities that you juggle feel like they are getting in the way (Sextans + Octans).

Note that there are tools for navigation here in both of the Earth cards.  The compass and the Sextans cards bracket the adaptability and adjustment of the Chameleon.  Ensure that you are remaining grounded and your plans are well thought out… do not just “wing it”.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – Ghost Story

Draw up to three cards and use them as a guide in depicting and/or
describing a day in the life of a ghost.

Alis Luminis Playing Cards

A Saturday with Father Andrew

Father Andrew couldn’t leave.  The church and his flock was his life, and he could not abandon them, even in death.   And so the father lingered in the church, watching his flock as the children grew and the elderly passed on.  He watched over the new priest that took his place, and the new priest after that as well.

Things change, plans change… but his flock continues to live on through the generations that came before, and now Father Andrew spends his days sitting with the grandchildren and great grandchildren of his flock.

On this Saturday morning, he stands with his predecessor at the altar.  The tall ghost lingers in the background, close enough to the young priest’s back to look over the man’s shoulder at the book lying open in the man’s hand.

Before them stands two young women, and as vows are spoken he glows with pride behind the living priest.  He glows with pride because the great grand-daughter of his brother’s wife is about to marry the love of her life… and he gets to be there to oversee the service. (Jack of Hearts)

Later in the day after the wedding party has moved on to celebrate the sacred union of love and commitment, those that come in next are tortured with guilt and struggle with the weight of the world upon their shoulders.  He joins these decedents of his flock in this as well.  He sits with them in the little booth, as they confess their sins to the priest on the other side of the divide.  Sits quietly to listen to their struggles and the trials of their life, he listens to the good and the bad and even the ugly with silent empathy. (Three of Spades).

In the evening after the confessionals are quiet and the chapel is empty, he waits. And she comes as she has always came… and as he knows she always will. His beloved’s grand daughter comes. Once young and sweet, now bend with age, she comes every Saturday to sit in the front pew and pay respects to her ancestors and the glory of God.  She comes and sits… and he sits with her each visit. Every visit.

Although she thinks she is alone in this time of quiet that fills her heart and soul with the gentle glow of joy and hope, in truth he sits at her side as she gives thanks for all she has had, all she has, and all that she will be blessed with in the days to come. (Nine of Hearts)