Imbolc Lenormand Reading

Imbolc Lenormand Reading with the Carta Mundi Lenormand

To be left in the dark.

Book and Moon – Interesting that these are the exact same two cards that were handed to me as being what to focus on this week in my self-care Saturday reading… inverted. Here you are being told that focusing too hard on your mental health issues could be a problem.

What will the light bring?

Rider and Sun – There is a need to lean into optimism and positivity more deeply, and in doing so it will perpetuate itself. Just like a smile is contagious, so too can that positivity and optimism spread to other parts of your life and permeate them if you make an effort to allow it to do so.

Intention needed for my body.

Cross and Anchor – Make sure that you are doing the practices that you know help you in grounding your chronic pain issues. Physiotherapy. Yoga. Meditation, and the extra stretching. Treating the scars with emollients. All of it is a part of the process that keeps your pain under control.

Intentions needed for my Spirit.

Broom and Ring –  Don’t punish yourself for breaking obligations that are no longer working for you. Just end of them and move on.

Healing advice.

Garden and Birds – Spend more time with others. It’s good for you right now.


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