Rainy Day Cartomancy Reading

Rainy Day Cartomancy Reading with the Cabinetarium Playing Cards

What emotional baggage am I holding on to too tightly?

Ace of Diamonds – That all of your new ideas for structure and stability are automatically going to fail. That the old ideas and processes are the only thing that will work for you, and thus you’re stuck in this specific rhythm of behavior and methods if you want to succeed.

What aspects of it can I let go of?

Jack of Diamonds – You are not a new hand at this. Let go of the trepidation and pessimistic mindset that can often come when you really want something to work. Just because your negative inner narrative says it will fail doesn’t mean it will. You don’t always have to take these new ideas slow and careful, and feeling things out instead of jumping in without looking first isn’t always the best course.

How do I let go of this baggage?

Three of Hearts – Trust others to provide honest input that can give you a more positive view and confidence that you can leap without looking at every pebble and grain of and first. Allow yourself to open up to new possibilities through the confidence gained by leaning into others thoughts and opinions.


Aspects of Self Lenormand Reading

Aspects of Self Lenormand Reading with the Binx Lenormand

Shifting MindsetShip and Birds – Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by all of the small responsibilities that come with the day to day running of your business.  You need to start looking at starting your own site now that you’re surfacing out of the depression and will have an easier time dealing with all that’s involved with this. 

Open HeartRing and Bear – Be open to the possibility of new opportunities to make money.  Watch closely what you agree to, and be protective of what you have… but not to the point that you close yourself off to new opportunities that could be good for you.

Soul AwarenessWoman and Whip – Keep in mind that when emotions run high, people often lash out in ways they wouldn’t normally. During these times, take a breath and a step back to stay calm and level headed instead of allowing their emotions to carry you away with them into a less stable mindset.


Wild and Free Lenormand Reading

Wild and Free Lenormand Reading with the Steampunk Lenormand

In what way am I feeling confined?

Cross and House – Too much time indoors will make you feel stagnant and stymied. So much of your spiritual path can be taken outside, so stop trying to do it all indoors. With spring arriving, the weather is turning and you have plenty of opportunity to step out into the fresh air now.

What part of me wants to grow more wild and free?

Snake and Tree – There is a warning here that you need to get to a doctor and get checked out.  Something is wrong physically, and it’s time to deal with it so that it is not given the opportunity to “grow more wild and free” in your body or your life.  Call the doc.

What will I attract if I open up and allow my true colors to shine?

Coffin and Bear – A shift in abundance of resources for the better.  This will allow for a greater amount of security through the boon that these changes can offer.


Weathering the Storm Lenormand Reading

Mystery Secret Lenormand

What recent storms have I faced?

Man and Fish – An inability to adapt as fluidly as you would like. Issues with Etsy, struggles with depression… all of these sort of things are usually something that you are able to stand strong during and adapt to as they happen. During the past few months, though, there’s been a lot of rigidity and an inability to adapt, which has in turn caused a lot of unnecessary anxiety, among other things.

What have a learned about myself through these difficulties?

Crossroads and Rider – You need to be more decisive.  Don’t hesitate to make choices, even when feeling uncertain. It’s okay to have to course correct later, as by keeping moving you continue to adapt instead of allowing yourself and the energies around you to go stagnant.

How can I gain strength to face future challenges?

Heart and Snake – Don’t take everything to heart as a betrayal. Sometimes people fuck up and it’s not intentional or directed at you specifically. Make sure you are not falling into a victim mentality where every hurt and slight appears as if it is an attack… when in truth it’s not about you at all.


Random Oracle Reading – Slow Is Not Stagnation

Dragons and Other Rare Creatures Oracle Deck Vol 1 & 2

Twist the Leaf: I was just randomly shuffling between posts. The deck is over 200 cards and these three are what it gave me.
Gideon: What do you get from those? (And gorgeous cards)
Gideon: Or is this not a dragon deck yet all dragons came out?
Twist the Leaf: That I need to stop looking at taking things slow and giving myself time as stagnation.
Twist the Leaf: It’s probably about 60% dragons.
Gideon: I agree. you’re allowed to rest
Twist the Leaf: but they’re all “pause/time/stagnation” themed
Gideon: *Grins* That means your dragon is anxious for your next vacation days
Gideon: And you need that time too
Gideon: Just a little over a week too
Twist the Leaf: I love you so much.
Twist the Leaf: *looks at the calendar* Wow, you’re right.


Transitions Lenormand Reading

Transition Lenotmand Reading - Storytale Lenormand Deck

What shift is taking place in my life?

Clover and Snake – There’s lots of opportunities that look awfully good coming your way, but you need to be careful that you don’t let an opportunity that looks just right end up biting you in the ass. That “grass is always greener” mentality isn’t really true, so make sure you are paying attention to your assumptions.  You want to catch this before it matures. Better self awareness is needed.

What needs to be released so that I can welcome this change?

Tower and Gentleman – Being too on guard is not healthy. It’s not walls that you need in order to protect yourself from the snake among the grass and clover patches.  It’s awareness and strength, as well as owning up to one’s choices and responsibilities.

How will this support my continued growth?

Paths and Lily – Clearer thinking and better decision making will grow from this if you allow yourself to shift with these transitions and follow the wisdom lain out here.