Morning Bonus Read – Invader Zim

Bagiue Lenormand

1. What to conquer

Mountain – Obstacles in your path.

2. What to question

Anchor – Where are you getting your stability from?

3. What to feed my soul

Cross – Your faith and belief system.

4. What to rage against

Clouds – Self doubt.

Side Note: This reading totally came off as a cheerleader chant. It’s almost hilariously succinct. I have never seen this cartoon/show so I have no idea how they talk or what the tone is concerning Invader Zim or the other characters in the show, but I sort of wonder if the cards are channeling their “tone” in the answers.


Morning Bonus Read – Self Valuing

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
This week, let’s value ourselves by looking for ways to accommodate our needs. Ask your divination tools:

Divination with the Archaios Muthos Playing CardsWhat is an area where I need extra support?

Four of Spades – You need to stop and rest more. Take more breaks while working. Intersperse rest and recovery into the every day more instead of reserving it just for special occasions.  You won’t get so tired and need those longer rests so much (and will be able to enjoy them more) if you allow yourself a bit of rest along the way.

What support or accommodations can I give myself in this area?

Three of Hearts – One of the ways you can accommodate yourself in this area is to let others help you more.  Not just help you in bearing the weight of work and responsibility, but allowing them to help you enjoy your down time, to help you decide when you need to take a break, and help you have more fun during those longer breaks as well.

What support or accommodations do I need from others around me in this area?

Four of Hearts and Eight of Clubs – Allow yourself to rest while they work. It will help them to pick up the speed on their own rather than you always being in the mix slowing things down.  They don’t need your constant supervision.  They are more than capable of doing these things without you there hovering all the time.

What outcome can I expect if I get this support?

Jack of Spades atop Eight of Spades – More time to sort out your own shit (especially mentally) rather than constantly pushing it aside. This isn’t about sorting through these things faster, but will allow for a higher quality of attention to be paid to this process, creating room for better results.

What outcome can I expect if I do not pursue this support?

Five of Diamonds atop Ten of Hearts – A happy family and no money.  ’nuff said.


Morning Bonus Read – New Week Set Up

Tarot of Plants (Solar Edition) and Wildlife Wisdom Oracle

What does the mind need to stay centered?

Five of Autumn (Monkshood) and Heron – It is important to remember that the scarcity that you feel is in your head and your past, and not a part of your present reality.  Focus on what’s here in the now, instead of what in your past influences these irrational emotions. Acknowledge that you are now far beyond that place of constant powerless need.

What does the body need to stay grounded?

The Empress (Corn) and Deer – When you bend you cannot break, but in order to be able to bend, you have to be able to yield. Soothe yourself, ease those muscles and tension. Allow yourself to bend. Treat your body with the kindness that it needs to be flexible and strong.  Make sure you are doing your physiotherapy and yoga, and that you are getting out in nature to get the exercise you need.

What do your emotions need to feel heard?

Mother of Autumn (Lavender) and Dragonfly – Things shift and change around you, make sure that you are going to someone willing to support you to speak with and find the support you need. This is about seeking people out instead of trying to close yourself off and deal with it on your own. Opening up about what needs to be said instead of keeping it to yourself.  Allowing yourself to unload what’s going on inside you with these people will help you in hearing yourself as much as it will help you in feeling heard by others.

What do your desires need to feel seen?

Seven of Summer (Venus Flytrap) and Bear – You want more time off to relax and just not have to deal with the responsibilities of life. This is a new sensation for you and you are struggling with it feeling “wrong”, but in fact it’s normal, just not your normal. You are making choices that could make it your new normal, though. Healthy choices.  Don’t back out because there’s a couple of unpleasantness like this discovered along the way.


Morning Bonus Read – The KWL Approach

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
A learning-themed divination spread, based on the “KWL” charts.

Scooby Doo Playing Cards1. Topic: What is a topic I should be focusing my learning efforts on?

Nine of Clubs and Queen of Hearts – Better boundaries for a healthier emotional balance. You can’t always let everyone’s demands for your time and attention tap you out.  Don’t forget that you need time for yourself too, no matter how much of yourself you feel the desire to give to others.

2a. K (Know): What do I already know about this topic?

Jack of Diamonds – You know that you’re already on the right path and that it’s going to take some time. That, as long as you stay focused on what you want to build and where you want to take it, that it will come over time.

2b. K (Know): Where does my prior knowledge and experience help me in understanding this topic?

Three of Clubs – They give you direction and motivation to keep going. You know what a detriment not having healthy boundaries can be for you.  You know that without them, you become overwhelmed and the world begins to feel like it’s falling apart.  And you know that without those boundaries, you are far more likely to become vulnerable to the wrong people, which can cause damage that goes far deeper than just burnout (ie: the “pissant” incident). All of this knowledge provides motivation and direction, and helps to keep you on track where your boundaries are concerned.

3a. W (Wonder): What things have I already been wondering about related to this topic?

Jack of Spades – How to strategize my way forward at a faster pace.  Obviously I know that this is a bad idea and it’s my past and my negative habits that inspire this topic of curiosity.  But, there’s no denying that it’s there.

3b. W (Wonder): What things have I already been wanting to do related to this topic?

Six of Clubs – How to more easily pave the path to getting there. This isn’t about speed so much as it’s about stumbling blocks and wanting to move forward without a lot of struggle and stress. “Harmonizing the journey” so to speak, so that it can go more smoothly.  This is something I’ve been wanting to do.

4a. L (Learn): What am I already learning about this topic?

Three of Hearts – There are people in my life eager and happy to help lift me up and support me. I don’t have to do it alone. And, in fact, probably shouldn’t do it alone even if I might want to or feel that urge.

4b. L (Learn): What will I be learning about this topic soon?

Three of Spades – Setbacks happen.


Morning Bonus Read – Emotional Arrow

Emotional Arrow Tarot Spread - Mermaid Cats Tarot

Emotion Addressed In This Reading:  An Irrational Sense of Overwhelm

1. SOURCE: What prompted this emotion? What lies at the root of it?

Five of Cups – Feelings of never enough / never good enough. This isn’t about social issues, which is its own beast and separate from this.  This is about never feeling as if anything you do is enough.  Not enough work, not enough effort, not enough quality, not enough perfection.  It spurs from the echo of your parent’s voice in your head always telling you that “you can do better”.  Get an A on a test… “you could do better, your penmanship is poor”.  Get straight A’s in school… “you could do more, why aren’t you playing sports or doing extracurriculars?”  It was never enough… never good enough.  And somehow, it is an echo that has continued to push you forward, and beat you down, years and years after having left that environment and influence.

2. IMPACT: How is this emotion affecting me now? How is it riding me?

Eight of Wands – Push. Push. Push. Push.  That feeling of never enough and never good enough pushes you to always strive for more.  More output.  More perfection. Just… more.  It’s not enough to make beautiful jewelry, it has to be perfect. It’s not enough to sell enough that you’re working the majority of every day’s hours, sell more.  Do more.  Make more.  Be better.  Always… no matter how much or how well you’re already doing.

3. NAVIGATION: How can I better harness, navigate, and channel it?

Two of Wands – Pick a direction. ONE direction.  Pick a focus. ONE focus.  Stop trying to do so much at once, and splitting your attention and your energy in so many directions at once. You can’t be in two places at once, and you only have two hands.  Choose that direction, that focus, and leave the other stuff behind to possibly take up at another time.

4. MESSAGE: What is this emotion trying to tell me?

Knight of Swords – You’re pushing too hard and it’s taking you in the wrong direction (cat on the card is facing the past).  All of this drive comes from an ugly place in your past and you need to work on moving forward, not backward.  That includes recognizing and letting go of these influences that are not healthy and only perpetuate self abuse through impulsivity and misplaced determination.

5. TARGET: Best outcome/goal of working constructively with emotion.

King of Pentacles – Stability. Surety. Ownership. Resolving the issues surrounding this motion can allow you to find a more grounded and secure foundation in the present.  This foundation then will influence all aspects of your life from your work to your home life and your feelings of security, providing a more comfortable and self assured outlook on your current life as well as future plans.

6a. OVERKILL: How does this emotion mislead me?

Six of Wands – This emotion and the history behind it that pushes it on misleads you by causing you to look outside your self for validation that you’re doing enough. No one else’s opinion on this topic matters. Only yours.  You can’t earn the approval from those parents in your past, now that you’re in the present.  That time is gone and there’s no one to judge how you do, what you do, or how much you do… except you.

6b. OVERKILL: How might it take me too far?

Page of Cups Rx – Taken too far, you lose your connection to your inner curiosity and creativity. You become beaten down by these judgements and start to feel like giving up.  There is no more joy, and with no joy you begin to lose your sense of curiosity.  Without that sense of curiosity to spark your creativity, that too begins to flag and falter.

Side Note:  I spoke to my shrink about these issues yesterday and she suggested trying to compartmentalize my past from my present.  To help me in remembering that the past is the past, a different chapter in a book… read and left behind.  I am in a new chapter now than I was then.  In doing this, she suggests that it might help me in letting go of those feelings of “not enough / not good enough” as well as the feelings concerning fear of scarcity.


Morning Bonus Read – Body In Pain

Sawyer's Lenormand Oracle

Check-in on my overall energy.

Tree – Flagging and not particularly the greatest.  Although you are no longer flirting with burnout at every turn, neither are you taking care of yourself as well as you could… or should.  Slacking on your physiotherapy, eating too much junk, and not getting enough outside time and exercise are all starting to take their toll both physically as well as energetically.

Is there something this pain is trying to tell me?

Snake – You’re doing this to yourself.  Your betrayal of your body is all self imposed and the results that come from it are created by you and you alone.

How can I make it easier to hear what this pain has to say?

Fish – Stop fighting against the current and go with the flow.  Begin shifting and adapting to get back on track.  You don’t have to do it all at once, but you do need to start gravitating in that direction instead of just continuing blindly on this path of self destruction.

How can I release the harsh perception of this pain as my enemy?

Child – See it as a call to start again and refresh what you’re doing.  The pain isn’t an enemy but the result of bad choices.  By clearing out the old and taking a more youthful, open eyed approach to the situation you will better see your pain as an ally to guide you rather than an enemy to struggle against.

How can I support myself physically while this pain is present?

Mountain – Accept it as the fucking monstrous hurdle that it is.  Your pain is permanent, but the levels can be managed.  This reading is about how you deal with that hurdle, not eliminating it.

How can I support myself emotionally while this pain is present?

Moon – Understand that as long as your pain is out of control, so too will be your emotions. Just accepting this fact alone can help you in better supporting yourself emotionally, as it gives you a rational view of the constantly shifting emotions going on, as well as the jagged emotional highs and lows the pain creates.