Morning Bonus Read – Help From Spirit

Help From Spirit Tarot Spread - Stitches Lenormand

What is spirit helping me with?

Moon – Connecting to your intuition and learning about your emotions is where spirit is leaning in to help at this time.  You are on a journey of emotional growth and, with that growth, comes an intensifying and expansion of your intuitive gifts. You need to remember that these things are connected, no matter how familiar trying to separate them is for you.

Why are they helping me with this?

Bouquet – They want you to be happy.  Truly happy.  This card is about the recovery and sense of lighthearted positivity that comes after someone has weathered a storm. Although my life is filled with many painful lessons, they want me to be able to truly absorb and enjoy the good and allow it to uplift the soul.

What does spirit want me to release to them?

Tree – The past and the pain that lives there.  It can pollute your life, creating imbalance and health problems as you allow it to do so, or it can be released. Let go.  Handed over to spirit and heal thyself in having done so.

How releasing something to them will help me.

Ring – You will be given the balance needed to make better decisions concerning your commitments and responsibilities. Less stress and less pain can often lead to greater clarity and sharper mental acuity.  This in turn allows you to make more informed and better thought out decisions concerning what you’re willing to commit to and agree to, and makes it easier to say no when something doesn’t fit your needs.

How can I better hear and listen to messages from spirit?

Mountain – Stop being so fucking stubborn and open up already. Find the issues that are causing you to put up obstacles in the way between the closer connection you’re looking for and what you have now.  Delve into those issues and begin removing what’s standing in your way.

How can I trust that Spirit is with me?

Crossroads – Trust is a choice.  If you want to trust, you have to be willing to make the decision to do just that. Although Spirit is always with you, it is only through making the choice to trust, to listen, and to accept… that doors will open for you.


Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Linescape Tarot, Animal Kin Oracle, Metaphoric Therapy Cards

EarthTen of Wands and Parrotfish (Authenticity) – Listen to what you truly need. Knowing yourself and touching in on your true self will help you avoid overburdening yourself with too much  as part of the reason this sometimes happens is you take on not just the stuff that resonates with you, but try to take on even more beyond that as well.

AirMagician and Goat (Grounded) – You have all that you need to keep yourself from falling to the wayside or letting your negative inner dialogue take over.  You have what you need to pursue your ideas and aspirations unhindered this week…. IF you remember to stay grounded and on track. Do what needs done to make sure you don’t lose your footing.

WaterHanged Man atop King of Wands, Owl (Intuition) – Before you try and reign things in, make sure you’re allowing for a different perspective than your immediate reaction.  That reaction is not intuition, but rather a defense mechanism that is getting in the way of your growth.

FireThe World and Wombat (Exploration) – If you want to dive into new ideas, this week is the time time to do a little research and prepare to take that leap. Things are opening up and you have some room to explore and branch out, or start anew in some areas if that’s what you’re into doing.  Start gathering information so you’ll be prepared.

WaningThe Forest Path atop Flickering Candle – The time for letting the wind cast you as it may is at an end this week.  Whims and recreation, fun times and opportunity to do whatever you wish with your time is coming to a close as you buckle back down and get back to work.

WaxingFamily Quiet Time atop Comfort – Although getting back to work is all well and good, after all responsibility is a big part of this week’s theme, so too will be the connection that you have with those nearest and dearest to you.  Make sure to make some time and space to foster those relationships.

Take Away – Don’t allow clutter in your life, your mind, or your responsibilities to the point that you lose track of yourself or the truth of who you are and what you want. Getting back to work is not something that you’re enthusiastic about but you  just need to find a balance between work and self care that will actually work for you.  Instead of falling back into the same pattern as the last time, look for a new method that will fit better.


Morning Bonus Read – Life Tests

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Standardized testing season starts this week in our local schools. This week, do a reading about the tests in your life.

Adorable White Rabbits Playing CardsWhat tests are you facing right now?
Six of Spades

Finding  a healthy harmony between my ambition and my need for self care. My efforts to move on from the slave driver mentality of how I’ve treated myself in the past includes many opportunities to backslide into bad habits.  Keep moving forward.

What steps in your past have prepared you for these tests?
Nine of Hearts

I have been learning over the past few years how to be more grateful… more conscious, aware, and mindfully grateful of those things and people that make my life pleasurable and happy.

What steps can you take in the present to help you navigate your present tests?
King of Spades

Own my shit.  Be self aware and pragmatic instead of caving to the unreasonable inner pressures of my history and my habits. Own my ambitions, but come at them from a grounded and responsible way.

What tests await you in the near future?
Jack of Hearts

A continuation of my emotional growth is what lies in my near future.  This is not surprising, but rather planned for.  I want to continue the growth of my emotional intelligence, and learning about my emotions and how best identify and handle them in a healthy way.   I know this is a long journey, perhaps a lifelong one, but I am anticipating (and hopeful for) another “growth spurt like the one I worked through last spring/summer.

What steps can you take in the present to help prepare yourself for these future tests?
Queen of Spades

Deal with your “mommy issues”. [This was recently brought up in a previous reading and is an echo of that previous reading’s advice.]


Morning Bonus Read – Sacral Connections

Future Ancestor Tarot

My sacral center energy right now.

Two of Needles – A bit conflicted.  This isn’t really surprising considering that it’s now Wednesday and you’re currently creeping towards the time when you’ll need to go back to work. It’s funny in a way, because when you started doing these vacations last year, you couldn’t wait to leap back in to work. This time though? You’re feeling a bit of conflict and resistance.

Tension I’m currently holding in this area.

Five of Cups – Too much time spent focusing on what’s not working, and not enough effort spent focusing on what is. There’s lots of positive things to focus on.  You need to start turning your attention in that direction instead of allowing those things that didn’t work to continue to bug you.

How can I release this tension?

Eight of Cups – Move on.  Focus on what you can do different and where you can go from here. You learn from your mistakes and what doesn’t work.  These moments of failure are guideposts for adapting and moving forward.  Don’t look at them as anything else.

Emotions I repress that I need to allow myself to feel.

Listener of Needles – Emotions related to my mother.  This is not something I’m entirely comfortable with delving into. The whole dealing with my mother or my emotions concerning her is a bit of a sensitive subject. The shift in our relationship that happened when my father passed and I realized just what kind of person she is beneath the facade she prefers to present to both her children and the world… It has become awkward.  And these negative emotions that the shift has inspired don’t have anywhere to really go.

The outcome of allowing myself to feel.

Explorer of Needles – Movement instead of stagnancy. New perspectives, and perhaps a new way to look at my mother and our relationship. Essentially it would allow me to move forward emotionally in this area of things instead of stewing in the discomfort of where we currently stand.

How can I become better connected to my emotions?

The Lovers – Continue focusing on making good decisions that foster that connection.  Over the past year you have been working on connecting more to your emotions and finding a better balance. You need to continue to take each choice and change of direction you come upon, and weigh it carefully against what you want to accomplish with your emotional growth before coming to a decision.