Inner Child Hug Tarot Reading

Inner-Child Hug Tarot Reading with the White Sage Tarot and Spirit of Cats Oracle

What elements of my past are resurfacing now?

Five of Cups and Listening – They never wanted to hear what you had to say or what you wanted in life. In their treatment was a systematic lack of acceptance that you have a habit of continuing to inflict upon yourself.

What can I do right now to soothe my Inner-child?

Knight of Swords and Gift Giving – Be impulsive now and then in letting your inner child have the things that spark it’s interest. It’s okay to buy yourself a stuffed animal or cute toy/trinket now and then.

Who/what is an ally for me right now?

Page of Swords and Courage – Those that have the courage and desire to speak their minds instead of begin cowed by peer pressure and/or society.

What positive mantra/affirmation is good for me?

Six of Wands Rx and Endings – Be yourself, and fuck’em if they don’t like it.

What further healing must I do?

Wheel of Fortune and Storytelling – Work on the mental catastrophizing and pessimistic expectations that habitually stir up with each unexpected shift and change in life.

What closure can I seek?

Judgement Rx and Manifesting – Remember that you manifest into reality through your thoughts. Thus, when you are a judgmental ass, it pollutes the positive results you are working towards.


Burn It All Down Tarot Reading

Burn it All Down Tarot Reading with the Bix Tarot

What would be helpful to burn down in my life?

Ace of Cups and Six of Swords – Your tendency to try and run away from your emotions. Especially the new ones that you don’t understand. It would be helpful to bring that tendency into check instead of letting it dictate your behavior out of habit or fear.

How can that destruction move me forward?

Eight of Wands Rx and Two of Wands – Allowing yourself to stay in the moment of those new emotions instead of running from them can create a less chaotic push and shove in your life over all, resulting in more steady footing for the journey yet to come.

In what area will I then need to rebuild?

Six of Coins and Queen of Wands – Fostering a new passion for generosity towards yourself and others can allow you the room you need to grow and understand without the pressure to always be on top of everything.


Spring Awakening Lenormand Reading

Spring Awakening Lenormand Reading with the Sparkly Lenormand

What part of your life is ready for a fresh start?

Ring and Birds – Seek out those things in your life that feel unstable. A “Fresh Start” does not mean discarding, but rather breathing fresh air into something gone old and tired.  Projects gone stagnant.  Look for those things that are feeling flighty, chaotic, without an anchor.  This spring is a time to bring some stability to those areas.

What needs to be nurtured to bring that a new beginning to fruition?

Key and Coffin – Connect with your grief over the ideas and projects that haven’t worked out, and give yourself permission to grieve them and then let them go. It’s okay to write them off as a loss, just make sure you deal with how you feel about it as you do so.

What can come from tending to this potential?

Lily and Scythe – Results come from sticking to the straight and narrow on this.  You can have that fresh start, and find a great deal of enjoyment and pleasure in it, but only if you put in the work to make it what you want it to be.  That means allowing yourself to feel your feelings, and dealing with letting go so that the way is clear for that fresh start to develop and begin.


❤️ Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Self Care Saturday Tarot Reading with the Fauntabelle Tarot and Sparkly Lenormand

EarthKing of Cups Rx – A sense of instability is on the rise and is going to be disruptive to your emotional stability and strength. It may become difficult to connect emotionally with others this week, which will just further that disruption. Just do your best, as you need that connection for everything else in your life to feel secure and stable.

AirEight of Wands – Don’t let racing thoughts turn into anxiety. Instead, use exercise and other (preferably fun) energy burning methods to help keep things in hand.

WaterThe Emperor – Seize control this week when it comes to your emotions and be the leader among those close to you. Sitting back and letting things run their own course this week will only manifest unsatisfactory results.

FirePage of Wands Rx – Lack of inspiration in your work will have you feeling stymied this week.  With all this wild energy running around mentioned above, this can make it feel like you’re chasing your tail. Take a breath and remind yourself that this is temporary.

WaningTower and Lily – Stop holding yourself back from seeking out what pleasure and enjoyment you can in life this week.  Instead, give yourself permission to take pleasure in the world around you and those within it.

WaxingSnake and Fish – Make sure you are paying attention to just how far you are willing to go to get ahead this week. You may be feeling a bit over enthusiastic in this regard and you want to make sure you keep yourself to your values… because the temptation to push the envelope will be strong.

Take Away – Find pleasure and enjoyment where you can this week and use physical exertions to help stave off the rise in anxiety that’s coming.


Mushroom Wisdom Lenormand Reading

Mushroom Wisdom Lenormand Reading with the Thumbelina Lenormand

What qualities or characteristics make me unique?

Stork and Letter – Your ability to transform the hearts, minds, and lives of others with just a few profound words. This isn’t something that happens all the time, but it is pure magic when it does. These are moments that you don’t even realize are happening until someone comes back later to share with you their experience.

How can I work with others in mutually beneficial ways?

Ship and Stars –  You can inspire others to reach for their dreams and foster hope in their hearts, even when there is physical distance between you and them.  Never forget the power of your influence over others and use it to help lift them up, whether they are near to you or far away.

In what way am I being called to spread out and grow?

Man and Fish – Work at moving beyond gender roles in your thought processes.  You might do this in many ways already, but there are just as many ways that you are stuck in the quagmire of old systems and need to break free.

How can I live in unity with my surroundings?

Lady and Anchor – Connect with those women in your life that are there for the long haul and find a sense of stability in the fact that they are not just there for you, but aren’t going anywhere.