Don’t Clip Your Wings

Today’s meditation was skipped because the day started very early and was go-go-go all day long.

Le Tarot de L'étoile Cachée and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Five of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of tests, trials, and conflict in the area of ones ambitions, intellect, education, or communications. This often translates into themes that have to do with arguments and intellectual debate, competition (especially at work or involving one’s ambitions), and the mentality of winning no matter the cost.

We all have a competitive side.  It’s a part of human nature.  For some, it can be triggered by just about anything, and for others it takes someone encroaching on what they feel is their territory.

Today’s card is a reminder that it’s okay to be a bit aggro now and then. It’s okay to stand up for yourself. It’s okay to want to win.  It’s okay (within reason) to allow our competitive, contrary, or outright stubborn side to take the lead now and then.  Embrace this side of your nature. Suppressing it just clips your wings.


PatriciaWestonWitch’s #wwpwHalloweenLenormand Prompt
Questions for October 26th and 27th

Wisdom of the Shadows Oracle and Gothic Horror TarotWhat area of my life could do with a bolt of lightening?

Balance and The Lovers – You need to make sure that you are making choices that help keep yourself and your life in balance. Don’t just fall headlong into the rush and forget to breathe. Stop trying to push yourself when you’re not quite ready yet, and don’t have to be quite yet.

What wisdom does the crow have for me today?

Connection and King of Pentacles – Make sure you are staying in close connection with what is going on in your finances right now. Keep that shit under your thumb. Extra monitoring and a bit more tight-fisted control is needed.


The #EmbraceYourAlterEgo2021 Challenge for Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
Questions for October 26th and 27th

Oracle of Nightmares and Le Tarot de L'étoile CachéeWhat can I look forward to for the dark half of the year?
Entrapment atop Inertia, La Papesse atop Le Jugement

There is potential that you are going to go through a period of stagnancy within the dark half of the year. You will need to use your intuition and inner compass to guide you through this time. Don’t discount what they have to say and the guidance they provide. Self sabotage cannot be allowed to be an option.

What are my challenges for the dark half of the year?
Secrets, Two of Wands atop Four of Coins

Lack of communication and willful omission have the potential to create a situation where you are left torn between previously made plans and hunkering down in place.

(I’m going to have to remember to draw more cards on this later on.)


Daily Self Kindness

I went to the dentist.  I really wanted to just cancel and stay home, but I didn’t.

Dark Fairytale Lenormand Reading

Dark Fairytale Lenormand Reading - Tea Bats Lenormand

The Dark Fairytale Opens: What marks the prologue of your dark fairytale?

Scythe and Birds – Cruel comments and arguments, confrontations, disagreements with others, and other such communication struggles. This is an echo of my childhood, and the majority of my experiences with my father as I was growing up. These experiences are a part of the reason I am so very careful with my words, further exacerbated by a few similar issues later on in life when I’ve “fumbled” during an inopportune time and created a clusterfuck mess due to miscommunication.

The Curse: What imprisons you & torments you?

Crossroads – Often, when we have a variety of choices and the freedom to choose our path, it can feel like the generous grace of good fortune on our side.  Other times?  That same freedom and plethora of choices available to us can feel overwhelming.  Right now I am in the latter state of mind, and instead of making choices and moving forward, I’m left at the crossroads spinning my wheels in the muck.

The Ghost: What haunts you and tortures you?

Anchor – From the lack of emotional stability provided through my childhood to the lack of stability in life that came after I left that environment, I now find myself in a constant state of scarcity.  This is not reality, but rather an ever-present need for more stability and security.

Bramblewood: What are the dangers that surround you?

Child – I’m not sure if this is a perceived danger or a real one, but what I see in the Child card in this question is my fear that by being irresponsible or by having fun, that I can lose all that I hold dear. The the idea of being helpless is terrifying to me.

The Mirror: What is your deepest fear?

Book – This bleeds into the previous question, for it is through lack of knowledge that we are at our most helpless.  That’s why children are protected.  They haven’t learned all that they need to know yet, and thus their independence is sacrificed for safety while they learn what is needed to keep them safe. Although this is not something I express often, my deepest fear is loss of knowledge.  My deepest fear is being an idiot.  Helpless to take care of myself or “steer my own boat” due to lack of intellect needed for that simple goal.

The Sword of Truth: What will set you free from your dark fairytale?

Rider – Pursue what I want out of life. It is through energy, zeal, and a constant forward movement that I keep on top of my memory loss and cognition issues caused by the accident that damaged so much of my body over fifteen years ago.  Gideon helps me with this a lot, taking me down memory lane again and again, helping me to remember what I lose, helping me strategize new ways to remember what I need to, and building new pathways through the threads of memories to knit them back together when they begin to fray.

Awaken from slumber (Part 1). What grounds you in your reality?

Woman – Those in my life that nurture me.  L, Z, Gideon, J… all of these people are a part of my life in a way that is not just companionship, but also supportive.  They care about me, care -for- me, and help remind me what is important.

Awaken from slumber (Part 2). What makes you invincible?

Moon – My intuition and the guidance of my spirit guides through my intuition’s voice. These skills create an extra layer of knowledge and guidance, assist me in seeing what is needed when I would otherwise be blind and unaware. Also encompassed here is my creativity, which then blends into my adaptability.


Stability and Satiation are Subjective

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Twisted Tarot Tales and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Ten of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of satisfaction and stability in the area of one’s finances, resources, home, health, manifestations, and the physical world.

In the image if this card you see a depiction of something having gone horribly wrong.  The toxic waste cans, the gas masks, the damaged home in the background and jaundiced sky above.  And yet, the family is still all together, close and connected and cared for.

This card combines with the affirmation card for the day to remind us that even when life is a mess, there are still things to be grateful for.  It’s important to look at your priorities and discern what is truly important to you. If you can find what this is, even if the rest of the world falls apart, when you nurture this thing you value and prioritize above all else, you can feel as if you have stable footing and a sense of stability.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheOctoberTarot #SeasonoftheWitchChallenge Prompt
Questions for October 25th and 26th

Silver Witch Oracle and All Hallows TarotFrom my lineage, my roots to my ancestry, what lives on, deep inside of me?
Black Cat atop Feather, Judgment atop Four of Wands

The ability and good fortune to be able to choose your own path, to follow your moral compass and what is right for you, instead of being forced to conform or hide.

It was through my ancestors doing the same in their own ways, through fighting or hiding, through travel, sacrifice, or relocation… that I have the good fortune to be open about myself and my beliefs, and that I am able to not need to conform, but instead be myself. They followed their compass, their path, and what was right for them, which has allowed me to do the same.

The witch, the craft, the moon, the veil, what will this Samhain unveil?
Candle and Ace of Swords

Purpose and a healing of your ambition that will set you free of the stagnancy you’ve been experiencing.

I can’t decide if I’m struggling with the onset of depression, a general moody malaise caused by Gideon being away on vacation, or just having issues with the transition period between where my focus has been most of the year and where it will need to be for the next six or seven weeks.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for October 25th and 26th

Twisted Tarot Tales DeckA ProblemThe Lovers – Self sabotaging choices and behavior.

During this time of limbo and transition (it’s a bit of both) as the holiday rush approaches and prep for that rush is in focus (or at least should be), I find myself in a place of self sabotage as I drag my feet and want nothing more than to bury my head under a pillow and pretend the world at large as well as my responsibilities don’t exist.

This, of course, is damaging and unhealthy for me on a number of different levels, but even in knowing that? I’m struggling to make healthier choices for myself at this time.

What Action to TakeFour of Swords – Allow yourself the rest and recovery that you need. It’s not crunch time just yet.

This card indicates that it’s okay for me to rest right now instead of “lighting a fire  under my ass” as I feel like I should be doing. It doesn’t help that I feel guilty for resting and not doing prep work… which is making rest difficult.

What to Wait OnSeven of Wands atop The Devil – Don’t fall into battle mode just yet. It’s okay to let those old habits lie and ease up on yourself for a bit longer.

Perhaps I need to return to re-read this reading a few times a day over the next few days or something.

What positive generational gift has been passed down to me from my ancestors?
King of Cups atop Six of Swords

The ability to know what you truly want and go after it, abandoning what isn’t healthy for you in the process.

I have displayed this behavior again and again throughout my life from the rejection of my father’s demands on my choices to emancipating from my parents at sixteen. It is displayed in how I run my life, the relationships in my life, and how I deal with employment.


Daily Self Kindness

I had my smoothie, and my tea.  Although… I missed my vitamins.  And I discovered that at least one night this week, at some point, I missed my nighttime meds.

The Little Pleasures

Today’s meditation was skipped again. I’m working on the not just not doing something because of emotional “meh” feelings, but I didn’t manage it today where meditation was concerned.

Beauty of Horror Tarot and How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Nine of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of anxiety, worries, insomnia, nightmares, and depression.

I think sometimes we forget just how amazing some of the most simple and small things can be. Take a flower, for example.  In the theme of today’s draw, someone can be filled with worry and anxiety, stressed out and restless and absolutely miserable.

But, in taking just five minutes (that’s 1/288th of a day) to focus on said flower mentioned above, to linger and admire the shape of the petals and shades of color, the sparkle of iridescence on the petals and delicate bits and parts.  Just in taking that five minutes to look at something so simply, ordinary, and every day… we can lower blood pressure, ease anxiety, and give our minds a moment’s rest and a bit of “fresh air”.

That is the basis behind the phrase “stopping to smell the roses”.  Sometimes, we need to look at the little things just to give ourselves a breather and a moment of peace in times when there is no peace to be had anywhere else.


#DiscordTarotholicsOct2021 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread #3

Dominic Murphy's Secret TarotSmoky Quartz: How can I best purge negativity from my life to develop greater stability?

Guerra – Battle the negativity by arming yourself with truth, faith, and hope as you move forward. Allow these qualities to lift you up and strengthen your foundation as you resist the negative inner narratives trying to take hold.

Apple: What insight is needed to improve my physical health at this time?

Radix – Dig into the roots of what is causing you to feel restless and out of sorts. Where are you struggling and why?  What is creating that “going nowhere fast” struggle in your soul right now.  Don’t ignore it or try to bury it.  Ask Gideon for help in digging it out if you are struggling to focus on it on your own.

Chrysanthemum: Where do my defenses need bolstering to foster my growth?

Somnium – You need to find a way to get some useful rest. You’ve been doing a lot of “trying to rest” without actually managing to really rest at all.  You need true rest, not the rest of the restless. Your balance and equilibrium can’t recover without it.

Aquamarine: Where can meditation bolster my confidence by promoting more calm in my life?

Saturn – Meditation allows the ego to ease and quiet within the brain, providing a different perspective and distance from the inner whispers that try to take up the whole of your mental narrative the rest of the time you are awake, and even at times when you are asleep.

Mint: What factors in my relationships need reevaluation and (possibly) adjustment?

Unitate – Take some time to consider if you are getting what you need, or if a shift in power might help you feel more settled. “A balanced diet creates a balanced mind and body.” – Dominic Murphy

I am not feeling the need to top, nor to express aggression in a physical way.  At all. I think this is what the cards are hinting at, and perhaps the encouragement here isn’t so much about changing anything, but taking a bit of time to consider where that more aggressive side of my nature has gone and why it hasn’t raised it’s head in so long.

Carnelian: In what ways can including more creativity in my life lighten my daily outlook?

Devil – Tease that addictive quality of your nature to lean into the more creative side of your business. Feed that creative spark and set it ablaze.  It will peter out eventually, but during the busy season it will bring a greater amount of joy and pleasure in your work, and a feeling of accomplishment you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Pomegranate: What wish of mine is ready to be manifested into reality at this time?

Wheel of Fortune – Dependability is all about adaptability.  You have the ability, the skill, the experience, and the strength to shift gears at the drop of a hat.  The problem is, this transition period is moving slower than you are comfortable with.  As always, there is a liminal moment of limbo here in the time between prep and the beginning of the holiday rush. Don’t worry so much about if it’s going to be a success, just focus on keeping your feet steady and being ready for when the wheel turns and things start moving so fast you have to rush to keep up.


PatriciaWestonWitch’s #wwpwHalloweenLenormand Prompt
Questions for October 24th and 25th

Mildred Payne's Oracle of Black Enchantment and Beauty of Horror TarotWhat wisdom does the owl have for me today?
The Angry Mob atop The Black Cat, The Star atop Two of Swords

At the moment, you are sitting at a crossroads, struggling and unable to move one way or another.

It is with the help of others that you can begin to move forward.  Allow those around you to lift you up and set you in the direction you need to go.  You have the ability to write your own future in this moment.  Don’t let it pass you by, but instead turn this moment to your advantage.

Where should I be flying higher?
The Seance atop The Healing Witch, Eight of Swords

There is encouragement here to allow the spirit guides a stronger voice and more open hand in your life. Although you’ve been working on becoming more in contact with them and having a more open relationship with them, there is still a great deal more to be done.  Reach deeper, seek more.  Allow them to help you and heal you.

And…. I just realized that in the first part of this reading the “others that can help me begin to move forward) wasn’t talking about L or Z or Gid. (Having one of those hand-to-forehead-slapping moments.)


Daily Self Kindness

I had my smoothie today.  I also made sure that I got some actual quantifiable work done today instead of continuing to put it off and avoid it.

Motivation Comes In All Forms

Today’s meditation was skipped.  I just didn’t do it.

Tarot of Haunted House and the How to Be a Wildflower DeckToday’s draw is the Knight of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of an active beta energy, personality, or person in the area of ones passions, drive, principles, and willpower. As with all wands, this isn’t about a physical thing, but rather about that inner spark of energy that “lights a fire under your ass” and “makes you tick”.

Sometimes?  That fire that’s lit under our ass actually comes from someone else. Today’s cards are a reminder that it’s okay to take inspiration from other’s kind words.  When someone says something that they admire about you, or speaks encouraging words to you, don’t allow them to roll off your back like rain off of a slicker.

Instead, take a moment to enjoy them and let them sink in.  Allow them to lift you up and inspire you. It’s okay to feel good about yourself, and those good feelings, no matter their origins, are a healthy way to spark your inspiration.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheOctoberTarot #SeasonoftheWitchChallenge Prompt
Questions for October 23rd and 24th

The Hollow Wood Game Cards and Old Whispers TarotI know without knowing, I feel in my bones, that this could be one thing, that I am to hone:
Retreating Shadow, Raging Dragon, The Chariot

You need to work on how to better discern when it is time to walk away when things get too hot. There is a great deal of power in a strategic retreat.

Gentle and easy, or passionate thrills, what is a desire, that I should fulfill?
Hearth, Home, Three of Pentacles

Now is the time for you and L to work together and find your groove. Get things ironed out now for the harmony of your home over the busy season ahead.

A message from my spirit guides for me today.

Ten of Pentacles – More gratitude is needed for all that you have accomplished and all that you have.


The #EmbraceYourAlterEgo2021 Challenge for Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
Questions for October 23rd thru 25th

Southern Gothic Oracle and Tarot of Haunted HouseWhat can I expect ahead of a merge between myself and my Alter Ego?
Bottle Tree, Justice atop Two of Cups

A time of kicking myself for my priorities as things feel out of balance, followed by a merging entanglement of two contrasting sides of the same coin that will most easily be sorted out through pause and reflection.

How will this merge help me heal?
Conch Shell and King of Wands

It will help you find your groove in both your passions and responsibilities, as well as in your need for self care activities and adequate rest.

How will this merge help me connect with my intuition?
The Mockingbird and Queen of Cups

As finding your balance always does, it will open up your intuition for easier communication, and allow a more fluid and comfortable connection with the different voices your intuition has to offer in its communication with you. Everything flows better when there’s not a bunch of crap in the way… that includes conflict and opposition between the alter ego and self.


Daily Self Kindness

I forced myself to have my smoothie even though I really wasn’t into putting in the work.  I’m trying to not allow my emotions to dictate so much of what I do…. or, more accurately, don’t do.

Cartomancy Reading – Experiences

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows: “Experiences are a part of life, big or small, but what we do next will help us even more.I hope you all have a wonderful week, write this one down! You may need it later. ❤️”

Cartomancy with the Haunted Playing CardsWhat experience(s) am I not allowing myself to have right now?

Seven of Diamonds – Slow moving growth.

Eight of Clubs – Getting anywhere fast.

Four of Spades – Recuperative rest.

Take Away: You are spinning your wheels, neither moving quickly in the things you need to do, nor allowing yourself the slow progress of growth. You are also not getting the rest you need to bounce back stronger. All in all, these cards are saying you are stuck in a moment of stagnancy.

How could I use the answer above to shape my next journey?
Five of Diamonds atop Three of Clubs atop Four of Diamonds atop Ace of Spades

There is a need for stability that is lacking right now, and it has wedged itself between your ambitions and your ability to move forward and take action. This need for stability is bred by your scarcity issues, and the only way you are going to break through it is to force yourself to get moving even though you don’t feel like it.  Put away “what you feel like” and just move your ass anyway.

How might this be beneficial to me? Why?
Ace of Clubs atop Ten of Clubs

You need motivation to push you forward, or the scarcity issues you deal with overtake and make you stall out. Once you get moving and get the ball rolling on what needs to be done, it will get easier.