White Space Lenormand Reading

White Space Lenormand Reading with the Ink Sketch Lenormand

Photo Album: Something important that you have forgotten.

Sun and Stork – You need to reexamine what really makes you happy.  Not what you think is supposed to make you happy, but what really makes you smile and feel good and happy on the inside. You have a habit of getting too caught up in the rigors of responsibility and forget to stay in touch with what actually brings you happiness.

Baseball Bat: Something simple that you can still wield.

Fish and Anchor – You have the ability to choose not to be weighed down by responsibilities, and the ability to let go and go with the flow instead.  It’s not as hard as you think to just loosen up and let things move at their own pace instead of constantly tangling yourself up in the expectations you put upon yourself.

Violin: Something connecting you to something larger than yourself.

Letter and Man – This is Gideon. It’s about the fact that he is constantly reaching for you and there for you, allowing you to lean on him and sharing honestly with you what he thinks and how he feels from one day to the next. Through the example he sets in this area, you strive to be a better person yourself.


Heron Energy Lenormand Reading

Heron Energy Lenormand Reading with the Magickal Folklore Lenormand

How can I ground myself in order to better navigate my emotions?

Bear and Man – This is Gideon, and the advice here is to allow him to have that place in your life as your protector. He is fiercely protective over you and provides you with a safe place to let yourself be vulnerable.  Ground yourself in that sense of safety and protection he provides so that you can allow your emotions to flow more freely.

Where am I being called toward more reflection?

Ship and Birds – Later this month you have a trip coming up that needs a good deal of planning and preparation.  Make sure that you are putting in your due diligence to make sure that the trip starts off well and that there is as little disorganization and chaos as possible.

How might expanding outwards towards others lighten the weight I’m carrying?

Bouquet and Fox – Those you are close to can assist you in weeding out others with not so pure of intentions.  Listen to your loved one’s sage council and take a moment to try and see what they see, for they are trying to warn you about someone who does not have your best interests at heart.

What needs to be shed to make new growth possible?

Heart and Stars – You have a habit of giving people with bad intentions too much of your hope and faith.  That faith in humanity and the goodness of everyone can become a problem, as it ends up knocking you down again and again. It’s time to shed the naivety that ties your hands and leaves you too hopeful for goodness from corners where there’s none to spare.


Women’s History Month Lenormand Reading

Women's History Lenormand Reading with the Green Glyphs Lenormand

What do past women have to teach me?

Tree and Gentleman – Women are just a strong and capable as men, and their root dig just as deeply when challenged. This isn’t to say that your feeling protective over them is misplaced, just ensure that it does not get in the way and end up stunting their growth.

How can I connect with my Feminine nature now?

Coffin and Birds – Introspection can help connect you more closely with the more feminine side of your nature. Step away from social engagements and gossip,  and it will give you the ability ability to reach within yourself without outside influences in the way.

How can I help the women around me grow?

House and Book – Connect with those closest to you and listen to their wisdom. Allow them room to educate you on their experiences.  There is much you can learn from them if you are willing to sit and listen.


Carpe Diem Lenormand Reading

Carpe Diem Lenormand Reading with the Under the Roses Lenormand

How can I accept freedom today?

Mice and Gentlemen – Don’t accept the influences of those that make you feel diminished. You have enough negative influences going on within you to deal with and combat… outside influences need to roll off your back like raindrops on a slicker instead of eating into you and creating wounds that refuse to heal.

How can I accept joy today?

Crossroads and Clock Tower – This is a choice that you have to make by yourself for yourself.  No one can make it for you, and no one can -do- it for you either.  It’s a gift that you can only give yourself, a choice only you can make.

How can I make the most of today?

Anchor and Child – Use grounding and your responsibilities to keep your less responsible impulses at bay today. You have a handful of things to make sure you get done today so don’t let yourself go wandering so far down the primrose path that you forget about them.


Inner Growth Lenormand Reading

Inner Growth Lenormand Reading with the LifeLine Lenormand

What seed is it time to plant?

Rider and Crossroads – It’s time to push for some decisions to be made, even if that means that you’re not quite feeling ready.  You don’t have to make the choices right this moment, but you need to be aware that they’re coming and prepare as best that you can.

How should I nourish it?

Garden and Cross – Let them see your suffering instead of trying to hide it away and keep it to yourself. Don’t gloss over the inconveniences and the struggles, instead be open about them so that those affected can better understand what you’re going through and where you’re coming from as these upcoming decisions come closer to needing dealt with.

Which weeds might be a threat to my seedling?

Heart and Birds – Gossiping within the inner circle will not help the situation or allow things to move forward smoothly. Begin subtly working on undermining the confidence of others to depend on gossip as actual fact.


Valentine’s Day Lenormand Reading

Valentine's Day Lenormand Reading with the Lovely Lenormand

Your current state.

Ring and Dog – Very happily committed and monogamous.

How to give love.

Birds and Mountain – Cheer those around you on as they deal with their obstacles.

How to receive love.

Broom and Mice – Quiet the cruelty to yourself that eats away at your insides so that you can more easily welcome in the love others seek to give.

How to allow more love into your life.

Heart and Clouds – Open up your heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable, no matter how uncertain it may feel to do so.

Your love life in the future.

Man and Anchor – That man in your life who holds a place as your anchor and your rock is still there.

Advice for moving forward.

Bear and Letter – Fight fiercely for what matters most by telling him every day how much you love him.