Morning Bonus Read – Spiral Journey

Spiral Journey Tarot Spread - Tanis Lenormand

EssenceAnchor – Stable, persistent, and faithful to those around you and your goals. Not one to flit from place to place or person to person, you approach the world around you with two feet steady on the ground and rooted for good measure. Feeling uprooted or unstable is extremely uncomfortable for you and you struggle under these circumstances until you can find security and stability once again.

PastCoffin – A lot of negative experiences litter your past that need to be left behind and discarded. You’ve come so far since then and transformed from that place into a much better one. Make sure you are not allowing these experiences from the past to haunt you, and stay vigilant to ensure their influences foster change and not stagnation.

PresentGarden – You’re very social in your present and are thriving in that environment.  The interactions you’re having are primarily positive and helping you in your growth as well as allowing you to find some enjoyment in others, something you haven’t had a lot of experience with in the past. 

FutureKey – Your future is filled with a vast array of opportunities, as long as you are willing to keep your eyes open and watch for them.  These opportunities aren’t the kind that just fall into your lap, but rather the type that you need to involve yourself in and expend a bit of energy in order to bring into fruition.

PossibilityLetter – Leading into possibilities and opportunities in the future… make sure you are not being careless with your emails and snail mail.  You may just accidentally delete or toss out something important! Check your packages carefully for added bits in the bottom, make sure the junk mail folder doesn’t hold anything important before you empty it, and just be overall vigilant in this area.

BlessingFox – You’re clever. You’re smart.  You’re able to spot a lie a mile away and sense when people are not being upfront or have sketchy motives.  Listen to your intuition and make sure you’re not reasoning yourself out of what your instincts and intuition have to say.  Don’t close yourself off from hearing that inner voice and don’t doubt what it tells you about those around you.

SynthesisBouquet – Now is a blessed time in your life and it has the potential to become even better if you use your keen intuition and instinct to lead you forward, and stay vigilant in paying attention to what’s going on around you.  Don’t be careless or cavalier about things that you might feel are little things, that in truth could turn out to be lost opportunities if squandered or tossed aside.  Energies are on the rise… ride them and take advantage of the benefits they offer.


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