You Have What You Need

Today’s meditation was twenty minutes long, and was not a guided meditation.   Instead, I settled in to focus solely on my breathing and a full body scan that started at the top of my head and worked its way down through my body, one part at a time, to the tips of my toes.  I then expanded that awareness back up through my entire body, and outward into my environment.

Today’s draw is the 17th card in the Major Arcana, the Star card. This card is a representation of hope and/or despair, faith and/or loss of faith, renewal, spirituality, and disconnection and/or interconnectedness.  Often, when I see this card, I read it as that interconnectedness and faith, especially in a one-card draw where there is no other cards to turn the meaning in a different direction.

The imagery for the star card in this deck has an otter with its belly exposed, eyes filled with alert interest while comfortable within his environment.   His environment supports him, all that he needs surrounding him and providing for him. What I see is a deep connection to environment and nature, while allowing openness and vulnerability.

This is an important message about trusting that life will provide for you.  Trusting your connection with what fills you with comfort.  It’s a message about not just trusting yourself, but in life itself and your environment, that it will assist you and support you.

Sometimes I feel like I have to do everything myself, and I push myself hard to make sure things are secure and I am provided for.   This card’s appearance is a reminder that I AM provided for.  I don’t have to be that towering push for strength all the time, nor do I always need to fight for every little thing I have.

It’s okay to let go and wallow in what you have, now and then, rather than always pushing for more.

Deck Used: Stolen Child Tarot