Picking Favorites

This week’s question from the Pagan Perspective YouTube channel is about one’s talents and preferences.


Topic for the Week of 8/19:  “Which areas of magic do you excel in or enjoy most?”

One of the hosts spoke on the word “excel” in their video, mentioning that they believed you cannot really say for yourself what you excel at, and that it’s up to others to decide that and inform you.

I disagree with this, as when I’m good at something?  I know it.  Granted, there are certain things I don’t realize I’m good at and I’m told by others at some point.   But, there are other things that I don’t need external input to know I’m good at.  Personally, I don’t think anyone should need external input to tell them what they’re good at.   Those things that I am so good at that I excel at?  You can bet I know what they are, and in many cases I have worked very, very hard to earn that level of skill.

So, on to the areas of magic that I excel in or enjoy most.  For me, these answers are the same whether it is one of the other.  I know that sometimes that isn’t the case and you can greatly enjoy things you are just no good at, or be really good at things you don’t enjoy, but when it comes to my practice… they align well.

These areas are…

Nature Magic –  Specifically, magickal workings that incorporate spellcrafting with herbs and plants, the elements of the earth, and the gifts that nature gives to us. This type of Nature Magic is my favorite type of spellcrafting, and considering my connection with the element of earth and my studies in botany, it is not surprising this is where my talents and joy lies when it comes to magic and spell craft.  Although some people do, I do NOT include celestial influences or astrology, etc into my definition of Nature Magic, as to me, these are a different thing.

Lunar Rhythms – I have already promised you a post about the lunar cycles and how I incorporate them into my life and practice.  In Lunar Rhythms, that is what I am referring to.  It is the following of the moon’s cycle and timing my magickal endeavors and rituals to fit into that cycle.

Cartomancy – For me, my magickal practice and my faith are deeply intertwined with each other, and so, too, is the addition of cartomancy.   This can be Lenormand, Playing Cards, Tarot, Oracle, or just whatever other cards that speak to me (such as Dixit cards).  They are a connection to my inner voice, and a connection to that energy that is at the center of my beliefs and practice.  I enjoy them immensely, and if cartomancy disappeared off the planet tomorrow?  I’d be reading playing cards and immediately begin drawing on them to make my own deck out of them, because it’s just not something I’d want to be without.

Spending time (and savoring that time) within Liminal Spaces – We spoke about liminal spaces the other day.   That space between the plane of Faerie and our own reality.  That space between sleep and wake.  That place you find when you sink to the bottom of a lake and find the moments between heart beats where the world shifts and time stretches.  Those in-between spaces where mystery and potential and a kind of sacred awareness reside. I know that many people find these spaces uncomfortable, and feel uneasy within them or even find them frightening.   But for me?  They are like coming home.  I love them. I linger in them.  I am respectful of them, but yet they are where I feel as if I am… whole.

Forest Bathing – I’m not sure I would consider this magic so much as a part of my spirituality, but it feels like magic to me.  Walking in nature, soaking in the atmosphere and the energy, and practicing a time of gratitude within these spaces?  To me?  That is the absolute best type of magic there is.


Take Your Time

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and I had a little bit of an issue focusing during the last couple of minutes, so it was really something like seven minutes long.

I did manage a decent first seven minutes though, and the discussion for the guided meditation was about setting intentions at the end of your meditation practice that you carry with you into the rest of your day.

I do this through the card that I draw prior to lying down for my meditation.  The daily draw posted here on my blog becomes my intention for the day.  It is the positive message to focus on throughout my day and help me in fostering perspective.

Today’s draw is the Ace of Zephyrs (Ace of Swords) which is a representation of new beginnings, opportunity, potential, and “the seed” of a start in the area of the mind, intellect, thoughts, logic, communication, and instinct.  This can often be expressed within the theme of new ideas and potential success, breakthroughs that create opportunity for growth, and mental clarity.

When I look at the artwork on today’s card, what I see is not just the brain in the center and the wings that, to me, symbolize the taking flight of new ideas, but the eye above in the center of the crescent moon speaks to me of intuition.  I do not usually associate intuition with the suit of swords, as to me it is more of a water element.   But  here in -this- card, I see intuition.  I see intuition bleeding into the mind, creating inspiration.

The snail in the lower left hand corner of the card also speaks to me.  It indicates that although intuition blends into intellect to create inspiration, sometimes that inspiration is going to need time to percolate and coalesce in order to become something of use.

Sometimes, you have to sit on your budding ideas for a bit and let them grow before you can act on them.

Deck Used: Stolen Child Tarot