Healthy Retreat vs. Bad Timing

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and was an energy cleansing exercise using selenite and black tourmaline at the end for helping in closing things back up after.   It was very relaxing and went far more quickly than I thought it would.  I hadn’t actually set a timer, just the interval chimes for changing my piriformis positions.   It went well and was very relaxing.

Next World Tarot - The HermitToday’s draw is The Hermit card, which is traditionally a representation of retreating for self reflection and contemplation.  This isn’t about retreating to hide, but rather because sometimes when you are digging deep into yourself you need to do it away from others so that you can lower your defenses and get a clear look at what’s going on and the path to take forward.

What stands out to me the strongest today in the artwork of this card is the colors. The absolutely speak to me of being alone, but they don’t speak to me of the healing that is needed. It means that the imagery on this card today speaks to me not about alone time, but about retreat and closing off.

I feel like closing off today.  I feel like a bit of a failure today, and a disappointment. The thing is?  A little alone time or self reflection may be a good thing, but too much is unhealthy… as is bad timing. Now?  Is bad timing.  It’s not healthy to let these feelings fester and grow, and if I follow that urge to close off right now?  That’s exactly what will happen.


#TarotForGrowthAugust Challenge Prompt
Topic: I’m struggling to move past trauma.
Question: What can I do to prepare myself for obstacles along my healing journey?

Hero Analysis for the Future #79 MHA Tarot

Reading Summary: Make sure that I don’t allow my fears (Nine of Swords) to close me off from (The Hermit Rx) the emotional support and healing warmth that others have to offer (Queen of Cups).

Take Away:  When I am feeling vulnerable, I find it extremely difficult to reach out to others, especially for comfort and emotional support.  This is not a healthy way to deal with things, and the cards here indicate that I need to not just keep in mind that there are people that want to support me, but that my healthiest and most healing option is to reach out to them and allow that support and comfort to wash over me.


#DiscordTarotholicsAug2020 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question: Which is more real… mind or matter?

Vivid Journey TarotReading Summary: Matter carries on (Ten of Pentacles) long after the mind has passed on (The Fool), no matter the legacy we wish to leave behind (Queen of Wands).

Take Away:  Reincarnation is very much a part of my faith, and thus the Fool in this spread is a representation of rebirth.  And yet, in our rebirth, we do not automatically maintain the memories of our past lives and experiences. We must start anew.  This is why love and wisdom are shared while you are alive, and material possessions are passed on after death.   The continued existence of material items even after the death of the mind and moving on of the soul, therefore, makes material more real (in our human reality).


Lionharts #TheAugustTarot #ElementalChallenge
Question: Air, how should I begin to apply your teachings?


Reading Summary: Work at looking at your work in a different way (Eight of Pentacles atop The Hanged Monster) and resting when you need it (Four of Swords). The emotional and inspirational connection will come back if you stick with it (Ace of Cups with Knight of Wands).

Take Away:  The teachings referred to here have to do with yesterday’s reading about bringing emotions, pleasure, and joy back into my work.  The answer here is that it’s something that will come over time with a bit of determination, as long as I make sure to be mindful about instilling this more joyful perspective into my work and make sure I’m not allowing myself to become overburdened or burnt out by taking healing rest when needed.

When I am overburdened, I shut out the pleasure and joy and emotions… and bear down on the responsibility aspects.  To instill these tenants back into my work, it is important to avoid putting myself in situations where the urge to block out these things rises up.  Be aware, pay attention, and act with intention rather than reacting.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: How can I get better at expressing my feelings without hurting others?

Spark and Pen Tarot

Reading Summary: Take a pause (Four of Pentacles). What would Gid do? (Knight of Cups) Approach as a friend (Three of Cups) and climb that hill slowly and carefully (Knight of Pentacles).

Take Away:  This is about moving slowly rather than just blurting out in a reactionary manner.  By taking a pause and actively looking to others who express their emotions in more socially accepted ways, I can then learn how to express my own better as well.

There is also a reminder here that I need to approach those that I’m trying to speak to about my feelings as a friend.  This is another skill that is something I’m learning, as my normal mode is not usually so… warm.   These are skills that take time to learn, but I am on that path.  I just need to remember not to get impatient and careless.  It’s not a sprint, but a long journey of growth.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Queens

Pull the Queens out of a deck of your choice. Consider… Do you have someone in your life that fits with one of these cards? Do you have people in your life that would fit with each of them? Then share that here and tell us about the connection you see between each Queen card and the person in your life it represents.

Luminous Void Tarot

Queen of Wands – Every day he wakes with a fire in his gut and purpose driving him forward.  He rushes into the office every day and finds his way to the desk where he meets with those that need help and hears their stories. He makes calls and helps them fill out paperwork.  He fights their battles because they are unable to fight those battles themselves, petitions courts and demands justice for those that would otherwise have none. He is an advocate for homeless youth, determined to save as many as he can… one one lost youth at a time.

Queen of Cups – Her laughter puts your soul at ease like a gentle balm on the senses.  She’s a hugger… a toucher… a smiling beacon of warmth.  She’s not a pushover by any means, but she’ll sit with you in silence if you need it, give you the hug you need or the shoulder to cry on when you reach for her.  She’ll then wipe your tears away when you’re done and give you a smile that lights up her face.  A smile that is so infections you can’t help the twitch of your own lips.  Giving you a light hug, she’ll then whisper in your ear, “It’ll be okay. Go get’em Tiger”.

Queen of Swords – Some would call him passionately shrewd.  Others would call him cold and ruthless.  People come to him for advice.  They bring not just their hopes and dreams, but their troubles and worries to him and he listens as they share with him what they want out of their future.  He takes what they give him and turns this into a plan.. a plan for the future, a strategy for success that he then explains to them in explicit detail so that they can follow that plan to the letter.  They are sent away more learned than they arrived, with the knowledge he’s there if they need him again.

Queen of Discs – They all come to her from time to time, her children and her children’s children.  They come to visit and pay respects, and sometimes to get practical advice on home and family matters… and always she has cookies at the ready.  Her truly shining moment, though, is the family picnic in the middle of  June each year. She spends days in the kitchen, cooking for the family that will fill her house and property with laughter and conversation.  Bowls and platters, plates and casserole dishes. Roast beef and a Thanksgiving worthy turkey, fried chicken and so many delicious things to eat.  All her old recipes brought to life again for those she holds most dear.