Thundercats – Ho! *cracking up*

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and spent doing spinal alignment work with a bolster and a couple or rubber balls.  I was going to do a meditation separately afterward, but it turned out that I needed the focus and breathing exercises that the meditation provided just to keep muscles relaxed and pliant during the process. This really goes without saying that my back hurts like a bitch today, and my hips too since I spent my meditation doing spinal work instead of my regular piriformis stretching.

Tarot of the SidheToday’s draw is Lion-O from Thundercats.  *Cracking up.*  Just kidding.  Although, this guy on the card definitely reminds me of that character.

Okay so… anyway.  Today’s draw is The Fool card, which is traditionally a representation of youthful exuberance, new beginnings, naivety and innocence.

What stood out to me the strongest when I first saw this card this morning (aside from the uncanny resemblance to Thundercat’s Lion-O) is the Great Glyph of the Sidhe is carved into the Fool’s chest.

As a child I used to use this glyph as the basis for my circle casting, and as my sister lit candles for the elements, I would spin and spin and spin through the center, trailing my toe along the ground to create the spiral moving ever outward and finishing off with the dividing line during the lighting of the candles for Diana and Faunus.

This symbol, like none other, reminds me of my childhood. Of magic circles and bonding rituals between myself and my sister. Of romps in the woods and hours spent among moss and lichen, cedars and ferns. The message in today’s card is to remember that youthful fun, remember the freedom and allow the joyful innocence of those times to rise up within me and swirl through my life within the here and now.


#TarotForGrowthAugust Challenge Prompt
Topic: I feel like I’m struggling to see clearly.
Question: How can I begin building more trust in myself and my lived experience?

Magic Tarot

Reading Summary: Own what you’ve done and experienced in life (Queen of Wands), and don’t allow yourself to hide behind addictions (The Devil). Instead, take the brave steps forward in learning from your experiences (Knave of Swords).

Take Away:  One of my most destructive (and most prominent) bad habits is my urge to retreat into myself and away from others when I’m feeling vulnerable.  In doing this, I also close myself off to myself, boxing up those small and vulnerable parts so that they whither and starve.  This is not trusting in myself and my experience… it is picking myself apart into pieces and making those fragments “deal with it” on their own.

I am in the process of learning a new way, and I need to stay mindful during these vulnerable times to reach not for my past habits… but for my new and healthier methods instead.


#DiscordTarotholicsAug2020 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question: Are you more of a dreamer or a believer?

Tarot of the Dream EnchantressReading Summary: I am a grounded (Knight of Pentacles) dreamer (Page of Wands) that is open to possibilities (Ace of Cups).

Although I am a very motivated and grounded person as shown in the fact that the central card in this reading is in the pentacles suit, the Page of Wands and Ace of Cups bracketing this grounded energy speak of the fact that I am prone to flights of fancy and allowing my creative flow to take the reigns.

Take Away:  Regardless of my need for stability, I am open to a vast array of possibilities that go beyond the known world.  For me, seeing is not believing… feeling is.  And I am willing to follow those feelings wherever they lead as long as they feel right and entertain my inner spark’s interest.


Lionharts #TheAugustTarot#ElementalChallenge
Question: How can I fully embrace the abundance meant for me?

Anthro Tarot

Reading Summary: The world is at my fingertips (The World), all I need to do is pick a direction (Two of Wands) and allow my inner spark and drive for manifestation to carry me forward (Page of Pentacles).

Take Away:  It doesn’t tell me what that abundance is exactly, but the answer to embracing it is simply in accepting that it’s there for me.  In doing that, I give myself permission to go for it, and begin the journey of moving in the direction to claim it for my own.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question:  What do I need to change?

Hilda Tarot

Reading Summary: Be more generous (Ten of Pentacles) with my capriciousness and frivolity (The Fool) instead of letting my self-perceived shortcomings keep me down (The Devil Rx).

Take Away:  This is yet another encouragement to have more fun.  Don’t allow my negative inner narrative and addictive impulses to keep me pinned down or tangled up.  Set myself free to be open with my sense of fun instead of keeping it to myself. It’s okay to look silly sometimes… it’s okay to have fun.   I seem to need this reminder a lot lately, and the cards are definitely following through on making sure I hear the message again and again.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – Random Eight

Shuffle your deck of choice, then pull out every ninth card.
Of the eight cards now sitting in front of you, which card do you relate to most strongly and why?
Of the seven cards now left sitting in front of you, which card do you relate to the least and why?
Extra Credit: There are now six cards left. Assign a real person in your life, a fictional character, a movie, a book, or a song to each of these six cards and then tell us why you made the choice you did for each.


Part 1 (most relate to)Ten of Swords – I am a survivor. I survived my father’s tyrannic rule.  I survived the accident that decimated the right side of my body and made it impossible for me to go through an MRI machine. I’ve survived sexual assault, betrayals, car accidents, impalement, a home invasion and near death experience, life-long chronic pain, ongoing physiotherapy, testicular cancer, and melanoma.

I have survived through years of suicidal obsession and urges, multiple major depressive episodes, and just this past year I survived a stalker that tried to kidnap me out of a Costco parking lot.  I have survived dropping out of university a mere three months before earning my degree, the crushing disappointment of discovering my mother is not the person (or mother) I thought she was, a metabolism that is determined to eat me alive, and the loss of loved ones.

I have survived, and learned from, all of these things and more. Each of these things was more than just a painful experience. Each experience brought me to my knees and made me bleed either from my body or my soul… and yet I have continued on.  The Nine of Swords connects me to these experiences, and my survival from them… as well as the fact that I continue to thrive not just despite them, but also because of what they taught me along the way.

Part 2 (least relate to)Eight of Wands – I’m not getting anywhere fast these days, it seems.  In fact, life in general as well as the cards seem determined to teach me to slow down and take my time more often.  This is not something that is easy for me to do… and I struggle with it even at the best of times. 

Extra Credit:

Two of Wands – She makes lists.  Going on a camping trip?  She’s got a list.  A shopping trip?  She’s got a list. Need ideas for what to do next weekend?  She has a list for that too. If you need to get organized?  She is the one to go to.  She’ll help you make a list, and explain how to use it too.  There’s power in lists and she knows it well, and she wields that power with impunity.

Seven of Cups – A woman that sees outside the box, if you need ideas, she’s the one to go through.  Not that she’ll give you the answers, but sit and talk with her a while and you’ll soon find that your narrow view of what’s possible will begin to open up.  Options appear where none had been, just in the span of spending time in her presence.  Suddenly, the diversity of what’s possible is breathtaking and you wonder how you ever felt your options were so limited.

Five of Swords – He’s one of those guys that always has to have the last word in any situation. It makes him feel like he’s won, and that feeling is something he lives for. Whether it’s a debate or a disagreement, or even a physical fight, rest assured his voice will be the last one that sounds, and what he says will be sharp edged but probably not entirely unwarranted.

The Chariot – Single minded and determined, he plows forward with his eye on the prize. He knows what he wants out of life and he knows how to get it, he has both hands on the reigns and full control over the direction of his life.  Goals for this man?  They aren’t possibilities… they are already his reality as if he needs only to reach out and pluck them out of the air and they’ll be his.

The Tower – She’s spent her life catastrophizing every little thing. Nothing catastrophic has ever happened to her, and yet… to her even a splinter is just that.  The end of the world.  Her life is in chaos, her world in upheaval… and this is how she lives.  Each and ever day is one horrible thing, one disastrous event after another and she is unable to see beyond the cacophony to anything positive in any of it.  She’s trapped in this place… and refuses to try and escape.

Judgement – He lies in a hospital bed and waits for his family to arrive and surround him.  He has things to say, and apologies to make.  Weathered, with aching joints and years of hard work wrought in wrinkles upon his face… he’s had plenty of time to consider all that he’s done and all that he failed to do.  It’s time to make things right, before it’s too late to do so.