Morning Bonus Read – Boundaries

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Have a talk with your divination tools about boundaries. Boundaries play a vital role in healthy lives both magical and mundane, but they can be tricky or just plain hard to set and honor.

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Where have I neglected to set boundaries in my life that are needed?
Four of Clubs

In my home life.  To be fair, living with two women that know me so very well does make boundaries a bit more challenging than normal.  With Z living with my sister and I since March, there’s a lack of space and privacy that is making the boundaries I would normally set and uphold nearly impossible to establish.  There’s just not enough space right now. I’m doing the best I can under the circumstances tho.

Is there anywhere in my life where my boundaries are too strict or are unnecessary?
Queen of Hearts

It’s not necessary to guard myself so stringently against emotional upset.  A part of life is going through the bumps and bruises that allow you to grow, and this includes emotionally.  Putting up stringent boundaries to protect yourself isn’t healthy.

What are my most important boundaries?
Ace of Spades

New ideas are all well and good, but one of my most important boundaries is the pause taken to really think things through before actively pursuing when inspiration strikes. If I pursued every single inspired idea that popped into my head, I would never get anything done.  There’s just not enough time and energy to dive into them all.

What are the most important factors or priorities that inform my boundaries?
Two of Spades

Depth of thought and careful consideration, as well as a need to cover my ass in those times when I’m not being as observant and aware of my surroundings as I should be.  Everything in life boils down to the choices we make and a lot of the boundaries that I erect are based around guiding myself into those good choices.  First you dig the trench… then you pour the water.

How do I regularly honor someone else’s boundaries?
Jack of Spades

By pausing and listening rather than trying to push my own thoughts and ideas on others.  Although I’m happy to teach, how I honor others boundaries on the regular has to do with how I am willing to listen and learn from others through their thoughts and perspectives.

Is there anywhere in my life that I’m neglecting to honor someone’s boundaries?
Three of Spades

When I see someone in pain, I want to help.  Sometimes I overstep other’s boundaries in my desire to help them through their troubles.


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