Morning Bonus Read – Libra Season

Retrospective Tarot - Libra Season Tarot Reading

What needs balancing?

Eight of Coins – You are spending too much time focusing on work. Even in your down time, this is where your mind lingers. You’re not in the busy season quite yet and you need to make sure that you don’t push yourself into it before it’s time.  Six weeks in that demanding physical and mental space is long enough.

How to align your energy?

Three of Wands – Movement. Get yourself outside your burrow and experience the world. You need the fresh air and the exercise, the movement and the time outside.  Get as much of that as you can, while you can.  Soon enough you won’t have time for it (or much of anything else) and you’ll be aching for it.

How to create a better work/life balance?

Knight of Cups – Spend more time pursuing the stuff you enjoy. It’s about having fun and finding the fun in the things you do. At one point you found joy in every aspect of your work, and it’s time to start seeking out that joy once more.

How to find balance and harmony in relationships?

Page of Swords atop Eight of Swords – Learn to identify more quickly when a relationship isn’t working for you and needs to be severed. Cut the cords before they become toxic.

How to find peace and balance in your own heart?

King of Swords and The Tower – Seize control of the chaotic moments of change in your life. Make them yours, and use them as tools to strategize towards something better.


Morning Bonus Read – September

Lonely Dreamer Tarot 2nd Edition - September Tarot Reading

What is the energy surrounding you this September?

Gradual change (Death) while taking care to remain seated and keep your emotional growth as the focus (Nine of Cups).

Although the holiday rush is on its way, it’s not here yet and I need to remain focused on settling into the emotional growth that I’ve made this year for the month of September, processing how far I’ve come and where I’m at now before diving into preparation for the holiday rush.

Small changes can be made along the way this month, but I need to make sure I don’t dive right in too early as it could damage the progress that I’ve made in my emotional growth.

What needs letting go from the previous months?

Shadow –  I’ve done a great deal of shadow work this year. But, it’s time to put that away now that fall is approaching. September allows me some time of adjustment to the things that I’ve learned, so that I can move forward with purpose as the season moves closer and closer to the holiday rush to come.

If I don’t let it go, it will make things more difficult in the months ahead.

As the seasons change, how can you best apply your focus toward your goals?

King of Swords – Have a plan, and stay focused. I know what I want, and I know it’s going to be a rough journey. Just stay focused on those ambitions and goals, and it’ll be fine.

How can you best bring more abundance in to your life?

Seven of Wands – Make sure to stay strongly rooted and connected with my moral compass and what I know to be right and wrong. Make good choices and don’t let others lead me astray with their contrasting values and their own goals

I was given advice recently that went against not just what I know to be right for me, but also against what my guides have been advising me on for months.

For a moment, because it spoke to my old habits and tendencies, I actually entertained it in my mind. I’m not sure if this is because it came from an external source, or because it was a temptation of old unhealthy behavior that would be so easy to fall back into.

That advice, of course, was it discarded… As it should’ve been. But this is a good reminder to be careful of repeats in the months ahead.

What influence will provide positive change this month?

King of Wands – It’s mine.  My goals, my passions. My desire, drive, and ambitions. Take the reins and set the pace. Remember that, in life and especially in the business, I am the captain of the ship. Be sure to delegate where needed to keep things running smoothly.

Message from Spirits and Guides.

Page of Swords – Learning a new path and new methods to achieve your goals can often be confusing. It’s okay to feel like you’re fumbling around in the dark sometimes… everybody does once in a while.


Relationship Trauma (Daddy Issues)

Cursed Auguries Tarot and Roots & Wings Mini OracleWhat wounds need healing from this relationship?

Knight of Swords and Balance – His impulsively savage treatment and painful words have set you off balance, and now, that balance is something you constantly seek and work to improve upon.

What basic truth / trust has been damaged?

Two of Wands and Transformation – That you don’t need to plan every little thing out for things to turn out okay. It’s hard to trust that if you don’t have your thumb on every little piece of the plan that things will still go as they should and to your benefit.

What is this trauma is holding me back from experiencing?

Two of Swords and Moon – The ability to be decisive without struggling with uncertainty. That uncertainty lies deep within and whispers.  You pretend it’s not there, and no one ever sees it… but it’s there beneath the surface and shows itself in how exact and precise you are in executing the decisions you’ve made.

Why it’s important to heal this trauma?

Page of Pentacles, Intuition atop Potential – it will help unleash your potential to grow into something better and greater than you are now, freeing your intuition in the process do that it will become easier to follow.

What are the first steps in healing this trauma?

Five of Pentacles, Vulnerability atop Perseverance – Remember that your feelings of scarcity are an echo of your past and not the reality of this moment. Those feelings compounded with your fears create a sense of vulnerability that makes it feel more reality based than it actually is.

How can you be more open to the healing of this trauma?

Page of Cups and Hope – Stay in touch with your emotions and positive in your outlook. Don’t shut your emotions down just because they are uncomfortable or unpleasant to deal with.

Advice from the spirits and guides.

Three of Cups and Sun – Chin up! Stay positive and look to others to help lift you up and keep you aloft emotionally.


Morning Bonus Read – Virgo Season

Virgo Season Tarot Reading - Symbolic Tarot of Wirth

What is a major theme of Virgo season for me?

King of Cups – Gideon. Virgo season is all about Gid. Spending time with him. Sharing with him. Allowing him to help in keeping you calm, centered, and in touch with yourself and your emotions. Letting him help keep you from diving into the mentality of the holiday rush before it’s actually begun.

How will this theme impact me?

Four of Wands – It will allow you to enjoy the time that you have left, giving you a focus on the pleasures of home and him for as long as possible before all must be forsaken to keep up with the rush.

How can I trust life’s ebbs & flows this season?

Four of Coins – Keep in mind just how stable your foundation really is. The ebbs and flows of life are not going to knock it out from under your feet, even if it sometimes feels like they might.

How can I improve my daily routines?

King of Swords – Work on what works for you. This involves being more steadfast in your routine. Lack of structure is not your friend, but strategy is.

A message from my digestive system.

The Magician Rx – “You have everything you need to make me work smoothly, so why aren’t you doing it?”

A message from my ancestors and guides.

The Wheel of Fortune – Life is going to have many ups and downs, but along the way you need to make sure that you’re still taking care of yourself.


Morning Bonus Read – The Syllabus

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
Use your divination tools to write yourself a syllabus for the lessons you will learn for the remainder of this year. Include sections such as:

Dominion Exquisite Playing CardsCourse Objective

Ace of Clubs – Rousing up the passion in your creative spark to carry you forward through the months ahead.

Required Materials / Reading

Six of Diamonds – Make peace with the past so that you can set it aside for a time.

Jack of Spades atop Ace of Hearts atop Ten of Hearts – Strategically begin orienting yourself in the direction of what you want to happen and begin shifting your focus towards the prize you want to achieve.

Five of Clubs atop Eight of Clubs – Prepare for battle. Get your prep work done before the busy season begins.

Accommodations and How to Get Them

King of Spades atop Eight of Spades – Don’t be shy about speaking up about what you need. You may not realize something is available to you until after you voice a need for it.

Two of Spades atop Four of Diamonds – Lean into stability. Riskier choices will be open to you, but it will be better to stay the course than change direction in the middle of things.

Need Help?

Two of Hearts atop Nine of Spades – When things do not feel like they’re going your way, make sure that you are leaning into those closest to you for their support and encouragement.


Morning Bonus Read – Virgo Season

The Insect Tarot - Virgo Season Tarot Reading

Card that best describes me currently.
King of Wands

Although you are not paying attention to the fact that you do this, you inspire others through your passion and your directness… your forthrightness. You allow your true self to be seen, and it sparks enthusiasm and others as a result. Even in things like presenting your depression, your mistakes, and your opinions honestly, you give inspiration to others to do the same.

How can I improve my ability to “go with the flow”?
Page of Swords

Remember that although not all new ideas are good ideas, a great number of good ideas come from new ideas. Accept that a seed won’t share with the world whether it is a good seed or a bad one until it starts to grow. You can’t weed what hasn’t sprouted yet. This means you have to have patience and let things move along at their own pace until you have all the information that you need.

Why should I begin to ask others for help?
The High Priestess

Your intuition needs the support. When you overburden yourself, it affects your intuition, creating blocks to your natural ability to see and understand the unseen. Asking for help can in turn help you, and free up that space for your intuition to continue to stretch and grow.

Why I sometimes feel misunderstood by others.
Two of Swords

Your motivations and opinions are your own, and so are your values and your principles. Your moral compass is what guides you, and it is attuned to you and you alone. Sometimes when you make decisions based on this moral compass, others won’t understand why are you made the choice that you did or how you came to the conclusion you have. When you waffle, they may not understand for the same reason… because they’re moral compass is not aligned with yours, and so they don’t see why you hesitate.

How I can start to see the perfect in my imperfect self.
Eight of Cups

Let go of expectations and step away from what you know is unhealthy for you. Demanding perfection from yourself isn’t healthy, and neither is pushing yourself to your limits and beyond them. Abandon these unhealthy habits and find a path that feeds your soul through a healthier outlook and healthier treatment of yourself.

A new healthy habit I should explore.
Three of Wands

Embracing changes and moving forward with a plan, rather than allowing those changes to cause you to stumble, hesitate, or fall.