Seasonal Changes Cartomancy Reading

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows: “As the seasons are starting to change, what are some changes we can start making in our lives?”

Notorious Gambling Frog Playing CardsSix of Clubs and Three of Diamonds – It’s time to start leaning into collaborating with other people, and allowing them to have a say in how things go and what they look like moving forward. The busy season is coming, and it is through their collaboration and input that you will find positive progress.

Ace of Diamonds and Seven of Hearts – Pick and choose your battles. You can only take advantage of so many opportunities at once, so you need to make sure that you’re taking a close look at what is on offer and making the choices that you can handle instead of trying to take on everything.

Five of Diamonds and Nine of Clubs – Begin doing those things needed to protect against the scarcity issues that you struggle with. Whether they’re reality or just in your head, it really doesn’t matter, as the solution is the same either way. You need to take steps to protect yourself and those around you, so that what is imagined cannot creep into reality and become a real problem.


Tree Trimming Cartomancy Reading

River and Stone Playing CardsThe prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows: “As I sit here listening to the trees around my apartment getting trimmed, it’s got me thinking, where could use some trimming in my life? So for this week’s prompt, let’s look at the things in our lives that could use some trimming, whether it’s what that should be, or if you already know, how you should go about doing so?”

What in my life could use a bit of trimming right now?

Two of Hearts – Social obligations. It’s too damn hard to be fucking around with all those social obligations. Beg off on the things you can so that you have more time to relax and catch what cool breezes you can.

How can I begin this trimming in my life?

Queen of Clubs – Let them know that you support their enthusiasm and that she would love to join in another time in the future. Assure them that your interest is there, but that is just not the right time. In this way you keep their enthusiasm alive, but can get the space you need for right now.

How will my life look after the trimming has taken place?

Six of Spades – Quiet, peaceful, and less chaotic. Like all things, it won’t last for long, so lean into the change for the time it’s here and enjoy it to the fullest.

What is the possible outcome if I avoid this task?

Go through a period of feeling as if you are not getting what you need (Five of Diamonds), followed by settling into a group dynamic (Three of Diamonds) that will orient you towards your goals in the future (Ten of Diamonds).

The question here remains, if you’re going to be heading towards these goals regardless, then why aren’t you taking the space you need when you need it. Don’t let this positive possible outcome keep you from self-care.


Just Watch… Don’t Touch

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Sasuraibito Tarot Tiny Traveler EditionToday’s draw is the Emperor card, which is traditionally a representation of taking charge, responsibility, authority, and making decisions for the greater good.

Sometimes, you  have to stand back and allow others to make their own decisions.  It’s how people grow, and if you make all the decisions for them, they never really learn how to do that for themselves.

Sometimes, I have a habit of getting impatient and wanting to step in and be in control just to move things along.  Today’s card is a reminder that it’s okay to step back instead of stepping forward. In fact, sometimes when you watch someone flounder and stew, you can actually see their strength and capabilities growing in those moments.


Mr Lionhart’s #TheJulyTarot Be Here Now Prompt
Questions for July 19th thru 21st

Modified Sands Regency Casino Playing CardsWhat am I giving {away} to the world around me?

Four of Spades and Seven of Diamonds (Birds) – Space and time. Check in when you need to, to make sure that everything’s still going smoothly. But you’re giving them space and time to find their own way.

What am I receiving {back} from the world around me?

Two of Clubs and King of Diamonds (Fish) – You’re being given the room to find your own direction and flow in the direction of exploring a more grounded and authoritative place in the world. This is the process of growth that leads to one’s ability to be able to delegate more effectively.

How can I find acceptance in the current balance of things?

Nine of Diamonds (Coffin) and Queen of Hearts (Stork) – Make room for better things to come. You can’t keep everything from the past, no matter how attached or comforted you may feel by these things.  If you want a brighter and more healthy future, you have to let go and trust better is coming to take its place.


#DiscordTarotholicsJul2022 Challenge Prompt
National Daiquiri Day
– Where in life can you allow yourself to cut loose and relax?

Sasuraibito Tarot Tiny Traveler EditionReading Summary:  You need to stop looking at everything as as if the cup is half empty (Four of Cups atop Nine of Pentacles) as it perpetuates within you the feeling of needing to fix everything in order to make it right (Eight of Cups). You’re not responsible for fixing the world and everything in it (The Emperor).

Take Away: Sometimes when you try to help, it does more harm than good.  Step back instead.  Watch from a distance and remain quiet.  Everyone has to make their own mistakes sometimes in order to learn and grow.   Instead, identify the boon that comes from keeping your hands off the situation and letting it get worked out on its own without your involvement.


Daily Self Kindness

I didn’t mean to, but I went to bed early.

Cool Down and Chill Out Cartomancy Reading

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows: “For many of us in the northern hemisphere, it’s been hot, and heat for a lot of us can translate to stress. So for this week’s challenge, let’s ask the cards what we can do to cool down and chill out.”

The Odd Fellows Playing Cards Sir Octo EditionCool Down

Six of Hearts – Spend some time with those that make you feel good, and remember that sometimes lawn sprinklers aren’t just for kids.

Seven of Diamonds – Be patient with yourself and others. The heat can make you cranky and that can then in turn just make you that much hotter.

Chill Out

Queen of Clubs atop Ace of Diamonds – Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to have a little fun. You aren’t too old for a little silliness.


Cleaning House Cartomancy Reading

Essential Playing Cards Lavender Edition

What must be cleared out to make room for this coming cycle?

Queen of Diamonds and Four of Hearts – Be ruthless in purging yourself of your current draw toward stagnancy. That draw is your depression talking, and it doesn’t need any encouragement or given a place where it’s allowed to grow and flourish unchecked.

What would benefit from a pause to let the dust settle?

Ace of Diamonds and Ten of Clubs – Don’t add any new brilliant ideas right now, you already have enough on your plate. Just concentrate on what is before you instead.

What opportunities can grow in the stillness?

King of Hearts and Six of Clubs – “Happy wife, happy life.” No, the phrase does not entirely fit, but that’s exactly what we have here. These cards indicate that the opportunity given is more time with Gideon, and thus more harmony in your life over all.

When new energy arrives, how can I direct it for greatest effect?

Ten of Diamonds and Three of Clubs – Go for the gold. You want these projects on your plate done. Times of stillness allow you to plan, so that when new energy comes in you can bolt off the starting block full speed ahead with your target in focus.

How can I prepare for the next cycle when it’s time?

Four of Clubs and Six of Hearts – Enjoy the rest and time in harmony with others. Don’t worry about what’s coming, just live in the moment and let it come at its own pace.


Spiritual Check-Up Tarot Reading

Spiritual Check-Up Tarot Reading - The Hush Tarot

What is my social well-being like right now?

Seven of Cups Rx – I want to step away instead of dealing with it or making choices. I’m not particularly social to begin with, which is not helping this reaction as all I want to do is retreat.

What is my emotional well-being like right now?

Five of Pentacles – Scarcity and loss. This answer is not surprising considering that I’m dealing with the loss of a loved one at this time. He’s gone and… there is so much that I have lost with his passing. So much that will be missing going forward.

What weakens my spirit?

The Tower – Knowing something will feel unmanageable, and thus can be chaotic. This feeling of helplessness creates a weakening of spirit for me.

What can I do to support my spirit?

Three of Cups – Be open with others instead of shutting down. A burden shared is a burden halved, and all that. Work on allowing others to uplift my spirits instead of wallowing in sadness is an important part of this process.

What can others do to support my spirit?

King of Wands – Letting others help me in getting done what needs done allows them to support my spirit and gives them a clear and easy path to helping me in getting through this time of loss.

What strengthens my spirit?

Queen of Pentacles – The need (and ability) to support others in a physical manner. To feed them, provide for them, and give them stability to grow from.