Morning Bonus Read – Connection and Clarity

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows:
I’m working my way through The Witching Way Of Hollow Hill and it’s amazing– so this week’s divination prompt is based off of where I’m at in that book. Please note that I’m not advocating for any one spiritual framework here– substitute in whatever words work best for you! Chat with your divination tools this week about connection and clarity.


In what ways do I experience connection and clarity within my spiritual reality?
Two of Clubs – Heartsease

The Wild Pansy is a gentle flower filled with love and luck. Combined with the Two of Clubs, it indicates that the ways in which I connect with my spiritual reality and find clarity there is through a sense of duality and direction upon my path.  By being aware of all of the options open to me and allowing my intuition to be my guide in this area, my path is always clearly stretched out before me, and there is no hesitation or confusion concerning if I’m headed in the right direction.

In what ways do I close myself off from, or am unaware of, that reality?
Seven of Spades – Wood Anemone

Wood Anemone is a flower of the duality between anticipation and relaxation.  In this card it is combined with the Seven of Spades, which indicates that I spend too much time pushing forward instead of meandering upon my chosen path and enjoying the journey.  This constant push steals away both my enjoyment of the journey and my anticipation of what each new step might bring, as long as the easy relaxation that such a journey could… and perhaps should include.

How should I go about becoming aware of that reality?
Three of Diamonds – Harebell

The Scottish Bluebell holds within it the qualities of humility and constancy, and is strongly associated with glen sprites and forest Fae.  Here, it is combined with the Three of Diamonds, which speaks of coming together in harmonious collaboration to reach a goal.  The suggestion here is to open myself up to working with others, and the use of the Harebell in this instance leads me to understand that those “others” are in reference to my spirit guides.

Is this a good time to go looking for greater spiritual connection?
Queen of Diamonds – Meadow Buttercup

The Meadow Buttercup is a flower filled with youthful energy and enthusiasm.  Combined as it is with the Queen of Diamonds, there is an encouragement here to seek out the earth and her nurturing embrace and allow her to renew my sense of optimism.  Be open to allowing a shift in view, and let the sunshine in.  It is a very good time to seek out that deeper connection.

Or should I focus on the mundane for right now?
Ten of Diamonds – Policeman’s Helmet

One of the strongest qualities of the Policeman’s Helmet is the energy of impatience that it possesses.  The Ten of Diamonds blends this meaning into a desire for stability and fulfillment through security.  It tells me that I am already focusing on the mundane more than enough at this time, and pushing more in this area is simply an expression of impatience that will get me nowhere.  These mundane goals I desire to accomplish are not easily or quickly gained.  Enjoy the path… don’t rush.


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