Piece by Piece

mountainToday’s meditation was just under eleven minutes long.  The topic of today’s meditation was a grounding exercise, although they didn’t call it as much.

It started out with imagining a mountain, then adding in details like the snow top and jagged rocks, trees near the base, etc.   And then guided the listener to take that mountain within the self and feel the solid strength of it there inside.

That’s grounding.   What really stuck with me strongest, though, was the quote that was included with the meditation, which I have put into a graphic and can be seen to the right.  It’s about the constancy of a mountain’s presence, and is the epitome of what grounding meditations are about, finding that calmness and solid footing that allows the whirlwinds of the world to swirl around you while you remain calm and still at the center of it all.

Hush Tarot - Seven of CupsToday’s draw is the Seven of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of being confronted with a plethora of choices.  Sometimes this variety of many options can feel like boundless opportunities, and other times it feels chaotic and overwhelming.  The Seven of Cups encompasses both aspects of this experience.

What strikes me about the imagery of this card today is the chaos.  There’s so much going on in this card, and so little to focus on.  Or rather, there’s so much to focus on that is equally weighted that nothing specific stands out as a focal point.

What I see as the message in today’s card is not to allow the myriad of options open to you to overwhelm you and make a mess out of things.  Sometimes to make a decision? You have to  untangle the mess and examine each element separately, because when they are all together there’s no making heads or tails of any of it which means you sit there spinning your wheels in indecision.


#Zentember #LovelyHealing Challenge Prompt
: How to increase harmony around me?

Samiramay Tarot

Reading Summary: Be generous (Six of Coins) with your wisdom (The Hierophant), and both judicious and articulate in the sharing of it (Queen of Swords).

Take Away:  Too often I feel like a pain in the ass when when I share my knowledge with others, or like a know it all.  I try very hard not to come across in such a way, but it is a worry and a vulnerability that I can’t seem to shake.  The advice in these cards is that is not at all the case and as long as I continue to share my knowledge in a way that is open and helpful and judiciously chosen, it will continue to not be the case. 


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2020 Challenge Prompt
: What personal growth should I be directing my energy toward at this time?

The Painted TarotReading Summary:  Personal changes (Death Rx) and how I view and think about security and stability (Four of Pentacles). You don’t have to split yourself apart to make it happen (Page of Swords).

Take Away: This is about the crap Gideon and I have been talking about over the past few days. It’s about the changes that have been coming up with autumn now upon me and the holiday rush quickly approaching. The cards here are telling me that I need to focus on finding that balance between the security and centered self that I’ve found through my growth over the year, and the change that’s coming.

The solid blue of the Four of Pentacles splinters into the Page of Swords indicating that by focusing on that stable center, I can save myself from having to pick up the pieces and re-learn everything again later.


Lionharts #AstroTarotChallenge
: What in my life has the potential to be most supportive of my best self when choosing a direction in my soul’s journey?

English Magic Tarot

Reading Summary: You’re fortunate enough to be given all of the tools you need (The Magician) in order to make the good choices (Justice) that will carry you forward instead of holding you back (The Chariot).

Take Away:  This is about self empowerment.  The cards are saying that I am a strong, capable, knowledgeable, and talented individual with all of the tools I need to get where I need to go as long as I use those qualities wisely and well. It’s about depending on yourself, listening to your inner compass and strengths.   Depending on others and having those that support you is all well and good, but self empowerment and trusting your own strengths is even more so.

So often my cards remind me that there are others in my life to help me and support me when needed.  Here is the reminder that above all else, self reliance is of key importance.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: How do I choose hope over fear?

Telluric Tarot

Reading Summary: Lean on Gideon (King of Cups)… And take what you have been so passionately exploring over the past few months (Ace of Wands) and choose to carry those lessons forward and incorporate them into your life moving forward (The Lovers atop The Hierophant).

Usually when I read with this deck, I take time to break down all of the nuances in each of the stones and herbs used in the cards. They always completely reinforce the reading, but I’m just not feeling inspired to do that this time. Because of that, I almost skipped including this reading today… but since I did actually translate the cards, even if not fully breaking them down, I figured I’d include it anyway.

Take Away:  This is also about what we’ve been talking about lately.  It’s about carrying those lessons I’ve learned this year forward with me instead of putting them on a shelf and waiting until the holiday rush is over to take them back down.  I admit to feeling a little trepidation about this, but I’m willing to give it a try and see how it goes.


One thought on “Piece by Piece

  1. I see that you are working on absorbing our talks about emotions vs the busy season, but I also see here that you are still struggling…that you’re having alot of problems allowing yourself the luxury of feelings during the holiday season and it’s making you dig your heels in still in indecision and uncertainty.

    I know that you’re afraid to wreck all the work you’ve put in so far this year as far as your emotions and spiritual depth, and I also know that you’re afraid to try and juggle both. But thing is? If you try to stash those emotions that you’ve dragged out and examined and have started to enjoy, you are going to do yourself (and your busy season)more harm than allowing yourself those feelings while you do the work.

    I know it’s a new concept but I believe in you, man. I know that you are capable of having both, you just have to set your mind to making it work, allow yourself that fear, acknowledge it, accept it and keep moving forward.

    Emotions don’t have to stop your progress, they don’t even necessarily have to slow you down. Just remember your lessons over the past months. Remember to be understanding, remember to be kind to yourself.

    When in doubt…WWGD(what would Gid do) or even better, what advice would you give if it was someone else in your shoes? If it was ME in your shoes? You certainly would not tell me to dump my feelings at the door and move my ass….Be KIND to yourself, man.

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