Today’s meditation was was ten minutes long and one of the harp strings meditations with interval timer.   It was very relaxing, even if my piriformis stretches were pretty painful throughout the process. This is not a surprise as my physiotherapy / yoga practice is as well at the moment.  I’m paying the price of not going in to the chiro / sports medicine doc regularly.

Botan Tarot - The EmperorToday’s draw is the Emperor card, which is traditionally a representation of an authority figure or leadership.  This card is about  the responsibility and steady control as one makes decisions for the greater good.

Sometimes, when making decisions for the greater good, we have to disregard our own wishes and desires.  It sucks, but that’s what being the responsible party is all about.  It’s about working towards the well being of all instead of the individual.   This is the message that stands out to me today in the imagery of this card.  The man in the picture is weathered and tough, but his eyes hold a hint of kindness as well.   Strength tempered by compassion.

And whether you lead or follow, whether you’re the man on top of the mountain, or just one of the grunts climbing the hill?  We all have strengths.  The important thing is that we wield those strengths with compassion.


#Zentember #LovelyHealing Challenge Prompt
: Where do I shine?

Art Nouveau Tarot c. 1989

Reading Summary:  Reevaluation (Four of Cups) of my strategies (Seven of Swords) when things change or go awry (The Wheel).

Take Away:  This is about adaptability, and making things up “on the fly” in order to keep moving even when roadblocks try to trip me up. The thing is, I don’t see anything in life as a real “road block” but more a challenge.  Stopping is not an option because life just doesn’t work that way, so it’s important to be able to adapt and adjust and keep moving, even when it feels like you’ve reached the end of the road. 


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2020 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question
: What are the 3 major strengths of humanity?

WilderWoven TarotTwo of Swords – Free Will – Humanity has the ability to make choices, to exercise free will upon themselves and their situation.  Although sometimes our choices are not always appealing, there are always choices open to us. We are able to dream our dreams, and make choices based upon what we want out of life.

The EmperorAutonomy – With free will comes the autonomy to create out own fate and move forward in the direction we choose. Sometimes we must make a round-about path to get there, but ultimately we choose for ourselves where we are going on our path.

The Devil Transcendence –   Which then leads us the ability to transcend.  This is not about “spiritual transcendence” to a new level of consciousness, but rather the ability to pull ourselves out of bad situations through our free will and autonomy and into a different situation or better place either mentally or physically.


Lionharts #AstroTarotChallenge
: What is my biggest strength (or personal superpower)?

Hardy Tarot

Reading Summary:  Potential growth (Ace of Disks) through nurturing (Queen of Cups) and recuperation (Four of Swords).

Take Away:  As much as I struggle with giving myself the nurturing warmth and rest that I need, the fact is that I am able to physically bounce back rather quickly when I do fulfill those needs. After multiple car accidents, and more injuries than I can count throughout the three decades of my life so far,  my recoveries have always been impressively quick, and even more so if  I  allow myself the self love and recuperation needed during those times of healing.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: How can I appreciate all of my talents?

El Goliath Tarot 2nd Edition

Reading Summary: Remember how much you have overcome (Starseed atop Five of Pentacles), and where you come from as well as how much you have grown along the way (King of Swords atop Page of Swords).  Take care to act sans impulsivity (Knight of Swords).

Take Away: Impulsive action is not my friend and in order to appreciate my talents, I need to use them in ways that support my growth and keep me moving forward.  That requires both forethought, as well as trust in my moral compass to lead me forward in a positive direction.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Winner

Pull up to three cards use them as the foundation to express and/or describe someone’s (real or fictional) reaction to winning the lottery.

The Astro Tarot

When the ticket turned out to be a winner, he couldn’t believe it.  He’d never had a bit of good luck in his entire life, and then the numbers were called and he’d won.  He’d really won!  He’d been buying the tickets so long that it was more habit than hope any more, and then his world changed in a moment’s stroke of luck that made up for all those unlucky moments that had come before it. (The World)

The funny thing about habits, though?  Is that even when your dreams come true, habits don’t die.  They live on and continue to influence us no matter what circumstances change in our lives.   And so even though he’d won the lotto he continued to play it anyway.  The one percent of his income he’d put toward it for so many years continued… but now?  That one percent was so much larger.   Having never learned to manage money, over time that one percent started to eat into his winnings… of course so did the indulgences he couldn’t help but purchase now that he had the money to do so. (The Devil)

In the end, he ended up back where he’d been all along.  The winnings gone, they had taught him a valuable lesson, but one that he’d learned too late. He knows now that it’s important to spend money wisely, no matter how much of it you have.   His bank now empty once more, the wisdom will carry on regardless.  (The Hierophant)