Respecting Life’s Fragility

I took a break from… well, pretty much everything for a couple of days.  So I have nothing to say here other than I’m getting back on track now (Sunday September 27th).

Botan Tarot - Page of SwordsToday’s draw is the Page of Swords, which traditionally is a representation of a receptive omega energy, personality, or person in the areas of one’s thoughts, intellect, education, communication, and instinct.  This often translates into someone on a journey of learning in some way that has to do with education or communication.

You know how when you’re young, you have this sense of invincibility?  It’s like… when you’re young, life just hasn’t beat you down enough yet to make you realize just how vulnerable (and valuable) life is.  It’s something we learn over time and as your life tries to slip through your fingers and fly away, you come to appreciate it a bit more… and a bit more. 

This is lack of awareness of the value of one’s life is what I see in this card’s imagery today.  It’s in the tilt of the woman’s head and the expression on her face, as well as in the ready grip on a still sheathed sword. It is in the impression of feathers that are not really present in the imagery and yet my eyes insist are there.

Today’s card’s message is about the fleeting nature of life, and how important it is to value what we have.  It’s about impulsivity, and the a warning about what we can lose through naivety and lack of awareness of just how delicate and fragile the thread of one’s life truly is.


An Emotive Ramble on “Coolness”

So recently, on one of the Discord servers that I’m a member of, there was a question asked about if people are familiar with the Theban alphabet, and if we use it.

I got into a bit of a debate with someone on the server about whether the Theban alphabet is a language or not. I continue to insist that it is not, but rather in this instance is a tool used to conceal language, and not a language in and of itself. They insisted that it is a language, because it can be used to communicate between two people.

A Frustrating Encounter - Theban Alphabet
"A Frustrating Encounter" - Theban Alphabet

The thing is, during this debate, they insisted that the Theban alphabet has no true use, and that people learn it just because they think it’s “cool”. And the way that this was presented sounded very snide, especially in the context that they were insisting a better method of concealing one’s writings from others would be to learn an entirely different language, and use that instead of a cypher (which is what the Theban alphabet is).

Now, while I agree that learning another language would be beneficial to anyone and everyone, I disagree that the Theban alphabet has no place in today’s witchcraft. I also strongly disagree with there being anything to look down upon in learning something…. anything, for that matter, because you find it “cool”.

In fact, I would say that aside from outside influences (economic, parental, educational requirements, etc) that the “cool” factor is humanity’s key motivator in any learning or exploration process. It is what sparks our inspiration and curiosity, and thus from there we dive in and explore, learn, and eventually develop and then hone our skills.

I don’t understand why anyone would look down on people for thinking something is “cool” and thus deciding to learn about it, no matter what it is that has caught their attention.

In the end, this person’s dismissive invalidating and degrading tone really put me off (and pissed me off), and combined with the tension between myself and her as we tried to discuss… I ended up having to excuse myself from the conversation.

Which… is so fucking frustrating. And irritating. And damnit, I hate when people look down on others like that and it pisses me the FUCK off and, in this instance? There’s just nothing more I can do about it other than the posts I already placed in there to reassure anyone that read the discussion that it’s okay to explore and learn something because you find it cool. Why the hell wouldn’t it be?

Side note… The answer to the original question of if I am familiar with and/or use the Theban alphabet is that my sister and I were taught this alphabet by our mother when we were children, and were required to write our rituals and spell notes in it in order to become fluent in reading and writing with it. I no longer use the Theban alphabet, and haven’t since leaving my parent’s house at the age of sixteen. That does not change my opinion that it has it’s places and uses in today’s witchcraft, just not in mine specifically as I am very much “out of the broom closet” and not planning on spending any time in there.