Abstinence is a Strength

Today’s meditation was… well… it kinda turned into nap time.  I actually took a grand total of two naps today. So although I didn’t really get in a decent meditation, I did manage to get well rested.  It was actually really nice, to be honest. Although, I have to say…  satin pillowcases are way too comfortable and make it so tempting to just nuzzle in and go back to sleep. Dangerous stuff right there.

Hush Tarot - Five of WandsToday’s draw is the Five of Wands is traditionally about trials, tests, and conflict in the area of one’s passions and drive.  The word “passions” in this instance is not about sex, but rather about the interests that light that spark within you and create an inferno of interest that needs to be followed and/or obtained in order to be sated.

I really like the imagery on this card.  I mean at first it just looks like a tangled mess with some spears added in, but when you really sit down and look at it, what you find is three snakes, two of which are in conflict concerning something they are both passionate about, while the third is caught in the crossfire.

That is how conflict goes sometimes, right?  It’s not always clear cut.  Sometimes people get caught in the crossfire and are forced to either choose sides or end up tangled up and embroiled in a mess not of their own making. That third snake in the imagery clearly just wants to get out.  It wants no part of this quarrel, and yet it is stuck in the middle and unable to get free.

The message in today’s card is to take care not to become tangled up in conflicts that you really don’t want to be in.  Sometimes? It’s okay to take a step back and abstain.


#Zentember #LovelyHealing Challenge Prompt
: Where to love more?

WilderWoven Tarot

Reading Summary: It’s OK to take things slow (Tree of Life and Knight of Pentacles both depicting long, slow journeys), just don’t give up (Eight of Cups).

Take Away:  This is about self-love.  It’s about the impatience I feel towards myself when I feel that I am not moving fast enough or progressing quickly enough.  It’s about that “Not Enough” shadow deep inside that is always nitpicking at everything I do and telling me it’s not enough.  The love that is needed is a love of self, and the understanding that it’s okay to take my time and not to let that inner voice cause me to say “fuck it” and walk away.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2020 Challenge Prompt
: What do I need to focus on for self-care for this new moon?

Joe Sparrow TarotReading Summary:  Preparation (Page of Wands). Self Care (The Empress). Streamlining (Ace of Swords).  Note: Color combinations between the Page of Wands and Ace of Swords connect these two cards into a singular theme.

Take Away:  As this week is my week off and lands right smack dab upon the new moon, this is the ideal time to give myself a little rest and nurturing recuperation that is suggested in the Empress card, the placement of which in the center of this spread indicates its priority and how its theme should permeate through the rest of the reading.

My self care this new moon needs to be a combination of taking care of my need for rest and nurturing activities, joined with the needed preparations necessary for the holiday rush that is right around the corner.  Part of that preparation requires the streamlining of certain processes, as well as the progress of actually stocking up on supplies for my business and it’s needs.


Lionharts #AstroTarotChallenge
: What could further support my partnerships?

Brady Tarot

Father of Feathers atop The Empress Rx – Although being kind to yourself and others is all well and good?  It isn’t always the answer and sometimes tough love is needed. Lighting a fire under someone’s ass to get them motivated is sometimes the only way you’ll be able to get them motivated.

Five of Horns atop The Hierophant Rx – Don’t allow times when you’re feeling down to influence how you interact with those that come for your help. This isn’t about having eased up on the teaching schedule to give yourself space for your own personal growth, but rather it’s about your current influences on others.

Five of Feathers atop Death Rx – Being competitive has its place… be sure to keep it there. Being competitive is not really in my nature, but like everyone else… sometimes it sparks up when I’m least expecting it. This is another “choose your battles wisely” message like so many I have received from the cards lately.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What needs to be different in my life?

El Goliath Tarot 2nd EditionReading Summary:  Too much juggling (Two of Pentacles) leading to burnout and a resulting apathy (Five of Cups) that then smothers out my natural creative spark (Ace of Wands).

Take Away:  This is what I have been working on so intently over the year thus far. I’ve come a long way toward giving myself more space and allowing myself more rest along the way.  As a result, I experience less burn out.   The cards here are a warning that these tendencies are very likely to try and rise up and repeat as I get closer to the holiday rush.  It’s something I need to watch out for and work at being conscious concerning so that I can catch these bad habits and course correct along the way.


New Moon in Virgo – September 2020

New Moon In Virgo Tarot Reading

Today is the New Moon, and like all new moons and full moons, I did a spread aligned to the moon’s current themes as a part of my recognition of the moon’s cycle and influences upon us.  Today’s spread is brought to you by Ethony‘s Tarot By the Moon series.

1. Where to focus your energy this season?

Page of Pentacles – It’s preparation time.  The holiday season is coming, and now’s the time to work on preparing for what’s to come.  Soon enough it’ll be all fast paced crazy, and there won’t be any time for much of anything but work, including no time for sleep and food.  This season is the chance to get ahead on the things that you will need for the holiday rush that’s soon to come.

2. What needs reevaluating?

The Lovers atop Five of Swords – I’ve received this message a few times lately, but the advice here is about choosing your battles wisely.   I have not yet run into whatever it is that this advice keeps referring to, although I am consciously watching what impassioned disagreements I feel the urge to dive into lately and making sure to evaluate each before I decide whether or not to step forward and engage.

3. Where do I need to get more organized?

Nine of Cups – My deck collection needs some love.   The Nine of Cups here is a reflection of the very emotionally sated and gluttonous feelings I have towards my deck collection.  And it is absolutely very true… I need a better organizational system than what I currently have.  Unfortunately?  There’s only so much I can do without more space to spread out into.  Still, it’s possible I may re-evaluate my current system again and see if  I can come up with something better.

4. What is just a distraction that I need to ignore?

King of Cups – I need to make sure that I’m not allowing my accomplishments this year concerning my emotional growth to get in my way or create the opportunity for a setback.  Although I’ve done very well with my journey, it is nowhere near complete.

5. What project would benefit from my full attention?

Ace of Cups – Again we are looking at that emotional growth I’ve been fostering over the past few months.   As I said in the previous question, the journey is nowhere near to over… in fact, I am still just in the budding beginnings of the process. With the holiday rush coming, I have to ease out of this growth process for a bit and slide it onto a back burner, but at the same time?  I need to make sure that I’m doing this in a way that allows that growth to continue to stay healthy during the wait to be brought forward again.   No backsliding allowed.