New Moon in Virgo – September 2020

New Moon In Virgo Tarot Reading

Today is the New Moon, and like all new moons and full moons, I did a spread aligned to the moon’s current themes as a part of my recognition of the moon’s cycle and influences upon us.  Today’s spread is brought to you by Ethony‘s Tarot By the Moon series.

1. Where to focus your energy this season?

Page of Pentacles – It’s preparation time.  The holiday season is coming, and now’s the time to work on preparing for what’s to come.  Soon enough it’ll be all fast paced crazy, and there won’t be any time for much of anything but work, including no time for sleep and food.  This season is the chance to get ahead on the things that you will need for the holiday rush that’s soon to come.

2. What needs reevaluating?

The Lovers atop Five of Swords – I’ve received this message a few times lately, but the advice here is about choosing your battles wisely.   I have not yet run into whatever it is that this advice keeps referring to, although I am consciously watching what impassioned disagreements I feel the urge to dive into lately and making sure to evaluate each before I decide whether or not to step forward and engage.

3. Where do I need to get more organized?

Nine of Cups – My deck collection needs some love.   The Nine of Cups here is a reflection of the very emotionally sated and gluttonous feelings I have towards my deck collection.  And it is absolutely very true… I need a better organizational system than what I currently have.  Unfortunately?  There’s only so much I can do without more space to spread out into.  Still, it’s possible I may re-evaluate my current system again and see if  I can come up with something better.

4. What is just a distraction that I need to ignore?

King of Cups – I need to make sure that I’m not allowing my accomplishments this year concerning my emotional growth to get in my way or create the opportunity for a setback.  Although I’ve done very well with my journey, it is nowhere near complete.

5. What project would benefit from my full attention?

Ace of Cups – Again we are looking at that emotional growth I’ve been fostering over the past few months.   As I said in the previous question, the journey is nowhere near to over… in fact, I am still just in the budding beginnings of the process. With the holiday rush coming, I have to ease out of this growth process for a bit and slide it onto a back burner, but at the same time?  I need to make sure that I’m doing this in a way that allows that growth to continue to stay healthy during the wait to be brought forward again.   No backsliding allowed.


One thought on “New Moon in Virgo – September 2020

  1. Meh I hate the busy holiday season.

    But I am here for you, anytime you need to reach out and reconnect, anytime you need a little support or a reminder that your emotions are valid and true. Anytime you need me. Any reason…I’m always right here man

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