Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

These Saturday readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and is not meant as a predictive reading… although that, too, happens on occasion.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?

Tarot Leaves, Supra Oracle, Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, Tree of Life Oracle

A note on the use of the Supra Oracle in this spread.  I do not have the guide book for this oracle, and thus all meanings interpreted from these cards are entirely through intuitive interpretation alone.

EarthFive of Cups, Bridge, Fire – You may feel a bit strapped for cash this week, but keep in mind that this is perception and not reality.  Overcoming this perception will require leaning into your passions and focusing on the things you enjoy instead of on where you feel things are lacking.  Redirect your attention away from where your feelings of scarcity are originating, and everything will fall into place.

AirHanged Man, Hat, Earth – A new role and a different perspective are awaiting you this week.  Make sure you are grounding regularly and meditating daily in order to help give you a solid foundation, so that the newness of it all doesn’t set you off-kilter. Take your time with digesting things and you’ll be fine.

WaterPage of Swords, Ear, Individuation – The message here in the position of emotions is to listen to what others say and take the time to learn from what they say and adopt for yourself what works for you.  It’s essentially saying “take what resonates, and discard the rest”.

Gideon and I have been talking a lot about my emotions lately as I struggle to understand how I can carry my growth forward into the busy season ahead.  The message here is to go over my notes, suss out that stuff that resonates with me, and absorb this wisdom so that I can use it to make a positive difference in how I handle things later this year.

FireJudgement, Eye, Voided Block – Don’t worry so much or judge yourself so harshly concerning what you’re not doing and the procrastination you have going on right now.  That black hole of hesitation won’t last forever.  When the time is right to move forward with preparations and dive in with both feet? You’ll know.

WaningFamily – The family card in this instance indicates that I will be moving away from a feeling of connection and unity with the world around me. This could indicate a need for introspection, or that I need to bear down and focus on my own shit for the week.

WaxingBranches Fallen – Echoing the moving away from connection to others comes a need to start pruning my own “garden”.  It’s time to take stock of my responsibilities and good fortune, and weed out those things that are no longer needed or not working for me at this time.

Don’t be afraid to remove anything not working for you at this time that has the possible potential of working for you later on. Remember that those things you prune away and discard have the potential to grow back better and stronger in the future if given the time to do so.

Take Away – Don’t worry so much about the preparation for the holiday rush and stop beating yourself up for procrastinating on getting shit done. Take this week to work through processing some of the things that Gideon and you have discussed and internalizing them, while letting go of some of the baggage that is tying my hands and holding me back.


One thought on “Self Care Saturday (On a Sunday)

  1. Remember that I love you and I’m here to help you through all this uncertainty and reluctance.
    I’ve got your back, babyboy. Always

    And if you need to talk more about the emotions and work? I’m here to do that as well.
    You’ve got this, love.

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