Taking Stock and Saying “Well Done”

IMG_5597Today’s meditation was a little over fifteen minutes long and was focused upon the mentality of being “enough”.   This is a mentality that I struggle with a lot, and I chose this topic for my meditation because of the graphic to the right, which I saw on IG.

I really like this graphic, and it speaks a lot to how I view helping others…. and being a teacher and guide as a whole.  No one is perfect.  Everyone has things to work on and different experiences that come together to create the whole that is them.  All these little things we learn along the way can be offered to others to help them, and teach them.

It is like when I take on a mentee I’m always sure to let them know that I don’t know everything, and that I will learn from them just as they learn from me. Growing and learning is about give and take.  It’s about sharing and an exchange.  It’s not a one way street.

Next World TarotToday’s draw is the Ten of Pentacles, which is a traditional representation of completion and fulfillment in the area s of one’s finances, resources, health, the physical realm, and manifestations.

Interestingly enough, I don’t see the Ten of Pentacles in the imagery of this card.  To me, it feels much more like the Nine of Pentacles and all that solitary pleasure one takes in their accomplishments.

That said, what really stood out to me in the imagery of this card today is the alignment between the purse that the woman holds and the arc of moon phases in the sky surrounding her.  It is as if she’s swung her purse in a cheerful arc and it left behind a trail of moon phases in its wake.

This aspect of the imagery and what I see within it speaks of allowing yourself to find joy in your accomplishments no matter the time or season. There’s no wrong time to look at how far you’ve come, take stock of your accomplishments, and give yourself a little pat on the back.


#TarotForGrowthAugust Challenge Prompt
Topic: I feel like I’m struggling to see clearly.
Question: What comfort do I get from from the belief that reality exists separately from my perception of it?

Anthro Tarot

Reading Summary: Lost opportunities (Ace of Pentacles Rx) due to an unrealistic singular view (Nine of Pentacles) that comforts only you (The Empress).

Take Away:  OK… First of all I don’t like this question and I disagree with it entirely. I tried to rephrase it to make it more palatable to me… but that didn’t work either, and this is clearly reflected in the response from the cards.

In my opinion if you are unwilling to look outside your own perspective and see the world from the eyes of others and from their perspectives as well as your own, then you are closing yourself off and being close minded. I feel like this question encourages that close mindedness. I do not believe that seeing clearly means cutting out other perspectives and narrowing your view. I feel the seeing clearly requires seeing beyond your own personal perception of reality in order to see the whole picture.

Perhaps I missed the point of the question?


#DiscordTarotholicsAug2020 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread #1

Spark and Pen TarotSeeds SownSix of Swords – Over the spring and summer, I’ve been working on shedding a lot of bad habits and other negative influences on my physical body like overworking myself and eating less junk every day.

The ChaffThe Chariot – My impatience is a big problem when it comes to most goals, and it’s no different in this case either. In this reading, the Chaff is my impatience. Discarding that impatience and accepting that I’m not going anywhere fast will make room for the type of growth I want to happen. Change takes time.

The HarvestNine of Swords – In order to prepare for the harvest to come I need to make sure that I’m staying on top of my mental health. Falling into a depression or creating a situation where anxiety rises into play will only set me back on my physical goals… not to mention my goals in other areas as well.


Lionharts #TheAugustTarot #ElementalChallenge
Question: How can I best work with the energy available to me at this time?

Tarot Del Fuego

Reading Summary: Take your time (Knight of Cups Rx) and make good choices (Seven of Cups) that will lead to triumph instead of defeat (Five of Swords).

Take Away:  The energies outlined yesterday weren’t particularly pleasant. If you want to change the trajectory of that energy, you’re going to have to think clearly and really examine every choice available to you. This is a theme of strategization (Google says this is a word, but I’m still not sure), instead of just being reactionary.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: How can I get better at stopping to smell the roses?

Sacred Rose Tarot

Reading Summary: Practice at slowing down (Knight of Wands Rx), and adding a little bit of youthful enthusiasm (Six of Cups) to the effort. It doesn’t have to be solitary (The Hermit Rx), and you need to remember that just because you’re taking time for yourself away from everything doesn’t mean that the world’s gonna fall apart because you’re not there to hold it together (The Tower).

Take Away:  Lots of reminders to slow down and be mindful in the cards today.  In this case, that slowing down is meant to encourage me to find youthful fun in the process of taking a look around and time to smell the roses.  It’s about putting away the guilt and sense of driving obligation and responsibility so that I can be lighthearted in my enjoyment of the moment.


One thought on “Taking Stock and Saying “Well Done”

  1. The cards, an I, could remind you daily that you need to slow down and smell the flowers, take a break, enjoy the moment, and it still wouldn’t be enough *Grins* But you -are- doing so much better than you used to and I am very proud of that.

    I love you, my heart.

    I’m not sure I understand the question either, so I can’t say if you are missing the point. I thought it was saying something about there being a reality outside of what -you- see or believe? But I could be wrong. I read it several times and it’s still evading me.

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