Today’s meditation was fifteen minutes long, and I nearly fell asleep there at the end.  I was just so comfortable and the temperature was just right… it was hard to drag my ass up to get working.   And on that note, I promise that when I soak in the tub on Saturday (or maybe tomorrow), that I won’t nap in there.   I’ll be careful.

Hush Tarot - Eight of CupsToday’s draw is the Eight of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of emotionally disconnecting and/or walking away.  This type of withdrawal or abandonment is usually created through a sense of disappointment, although other emotions are also able to be at play in bringing this card’s theme to the forefront.

What stands out to me in this card is the Fae girl in the lower left corner and the fact that she is pulling on (or off) a hood/headdress that had her concealed as a blackbird.  This brought to mind the phrase “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, which then had me wondering… who is she hiding from?  What is it she hides from?   What has she need to retreat from or distance herself from that she has to conceal herself under the cloak of feathers?

And there is the message in today’s card.   It’s time to look at what I am avoiding.  What am I trying to distance myself from in life, and why haven’t I cut the ties entirely instead of trying to hide and avoid? I don’t have the answers to this right now, but it’s something that needs to be mulled over.


#Zentember #LovelyHealing Challenge Prompt
: Where do I need to bring light in?

Archeon Tarot

Reading Summary: Your mental dialogue (skull imagery in the Ace of Swords) and inner process is to conflicted (Five of Wands). Your bad habits are blinding you (Eight of Swords) to the good.

Take Away:  You need to be nicer to yourself and open your eyes to the positive instead of always settling on the negative and pessimistic views that are your habit.  This applies to both your inner dialogue with yourself, as well as your outlook on the world at large.  The pessimism and negativity is creeping in.  Be aware of it and deal with it… don’t just turn a blind eye and let it grow.

Oh…. shit.   And there’s the answer to what I’m avoiding from my COTD today.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2020 Challenge Prompt
: What projects and energies am I taking with me into Autumn?

Telluric TarotReading Summary: New emotional growth (Ace of Cups)… growth by keeping the past in its place (Six of Cups under Death) instead of allowing it free reign.  Fostering my relationships through connecting with those important to me (Two of Cups).

The Wisteria and Peridot card is an indication of hope and positive inspiration on an emotional level.  It speaks of my emotional growth not being over, but still being in the budding stages.  I love the combination peridot and wisteria in this card because it feels so hopeful and positive.

In the Adder Stone and Clover, we see the energies of childhood experience, enchantment, and curiosity.  With the card that sits atop this card being what it is (will cover that in a moment) what I see in this card is a reference to my childhood.

The Aragonite and Ghost Pipe card pins the childhood reference in place on the table.  It holds it down and keeps it in its place. Both aragonite and ghost pipe are highly unusual in how they appear in the world.  They speak of life rising from what one would think as inhospitable environments, and beauty formed through organic growth.

Lastly we come to the Amazonite and Forget-Me-Nots (Myotosis).  There is a harmony to the Amazonite, which in this card is features in a cluster combined with Smoky Quartz.  The Myotosis then lends a gentle warmth to the representation of coexistence and mutual growth.

Take Away: My emotional growth will continue through the Autumn months and, unlike last year, I need to make sure to keep my past in the past.  That means not allowing father issues to rise up as the veil gets thinner late next month.  Depending on Gideon and others that I have a close emotional connection with can help me in keeping things in balance.


Lionharts #AstroTarotChallenge
: In what direction am I being asked to personally grow starting this month?

Tyldwick Tarot

Reading Summary:  There’s going to be a sudden collapse and shift in direction over this month concerning my personal growth (Three of Staves under the Tower).  Remember that new beginnings (Ace of Coins) sometimes take a good deal of time to grow into anything of value, but the wait is worth it (Seven of Coins).

Take Away: This is about my emotional growth, and having to change gears abruptly into the whole business aspect of things. There will be a moment of frustration involved in the kicking off of this new perspective where income is concerned.  This is to be expected and happens every year.  Patience is important.  Just keep plugging away at it and soon you’ll be reaping the rewards. 

(Then later on after the holiday rush is over, you can return to the emotional growth that has been your focus for so much of this year to date.)


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question:What do I need in order to create success?

Tarot of Reincarnation

Reading Summary: Nurturing strength and dignity (Empress/Eagle) combined with a passionate pursuit of dreams (Queen of Clubs/Longhorn Beetle) and an unrelenting foundational strength (Queen of Diamonds/Lion).

Take Away:  In order to create success, I need to feel that I have a good foundation and nurturing energy to encourage me into following my dreams.  And of course, I need those dreams themselves as well, and the strength to accept and go after them regardless of how silly or impractical that they may seem.  Manifesting success is about making the impossible possible through intention, vision, and determination.


One thought on “Avoidance

  1. Don’t let those negative thoughts take root, man. You can overcome this, I know it’s not easy but you’ve been doing SUCH a good job at pushing back the negatives and keeping the positive on the surface.

    I love you babyboy. And I’m here to help in any way that I can

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