Don’t Discount Your Emotions

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and ended in a nap.  I meant to eat, and then lie down for ten minutes for my meditation before hopping online.  Instead I ate, laid down for ten minutes to meditate… and dozed off. Which sucked, but I’m glad that I at least got my meditation in.    Today’s meditation entailed Miss Luna snugging up against the side of my head and purring for me, and I spent my meditation focusing on the rhythmic rumble of her purrs.

Herbal Tarot - Two of Swords - PassionflowerToday’s draw is the Two of Swords, which is traditionally interpreted as a struggle in making a difficult decision or coming to an impasse where you have to pause and carefully consider your options.

What stands out to me the strongest in today’s card is the water in the background. This speaks to me of the decisions being made having an emotional component.  Perhaps the emotions are making the logical choice not the right choice and that is causing a conflict and struggle in making a decision.

The passiflora did not stand out to me at all in this card today, so I am not including it in the interpretation.

The message in today’s card is to make sure you don’t discount your emotions when making important decisions.  This is something I have a habit of doing pretty much all the time, and as a part of my emotional growth, this is something I’m trying to change.  The reminder is needed, because sometimes I forget.


#TarotForGrowthJune Challenge Prompt
: Where am I being invited to challenge myself?

Tattoo Tarot Ink & Intuition

Reading Summary: Being kind to myself both physically (The Empress) and mentally (Knave of Swords), and slowing the fuck down (Nine of Wands with Knave of Wands).

Take Away:  I get this reminder a lot and it is fitting that it would appear here when asked what I’m invited to challenge myself concerning.  Being nice to myself is not an easy task for me, and takes a lot of conscious effort… so does slowing down and pacing myself.  They are both worthy of the effort put in, but they are definitely not simple or easy for me to do.


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2020 Challenge Prompt
: Write something free form inspired by the cards.

Japaridze TarotShe played from the heart
Opening up to all
Laying bare her treasure
Sharing her emotions
to all that would listen
and in each note
the immersive experience
took the spectators deeper
taught them more
opened their own hearts
and their own souls
were left bare as well. 


#TheJuneTarot Challenge by Lionhart
: Where or in what way did I grow this month?

The Crystal TarotReading Summary: Being more aware of the help around me that is out there for me if I reach for it (Five of Pentacles) rather than giving in to the temptation to continue following the ingrained habit (The Devil) of keeping my head down and plowing ahead (Eight of Wands).

Take Away: The cards here indicate that I’m doing better at not just being aware that there is help available to me when I need it, but actually asking for it and allowing that help rather than pushing it away and plowing onward alone under the weight.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: Where do I want to be in 10, 15, and 20 years from now?

Fanuna's Tarot

Ten Years – Happy and looking back on the past with fondness.

Fifteen Years – Full of energy and oomph and passionate enough about my inspirational pursuits to fight for them.

Twenty Years – Still driven by passionate nature, and finding new and interesting things that kindle my inner spark to go after.


One thought on “Don’t Discount Your Emotions

  1. That meditation and nap sounds very relaxing, man. And I’m sure the nap was much needed, as most of them are.

    Reminding you to keep your emotions in mind when making decisions is a good thing, as you so often discount your own feelings for the more logical aspects.

    And yes, you need to slow down, you need to be kinder to yourself. That is always a much needed(and oft repeated) reminder. One that you need as it is still a struggle for you.

    Your future in these cards sounds very promising, my love. Having you happy and healthy is all I could ever hope for, for you. I love you, man. SO much


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