Gratitude For the Present

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and ended in me dozing off towards the end of the process.  I’d made it through my piriformis stretches, though, so I know I managed to be in the meditation for at least ten minutes.   Unfortunately, because I dozed, I was nearly late for work!  Which kind of fizzled my zen that I’d managed to achieve during the meditation and nap.

Herbal Tarot - Ten of Cups - MarijuanaToday’s draw is the Ten of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of finding a level of fulfillment or completion in the areas of one’s emotions, relationships, and intuition.

What stands out to me the strongest in this card today is the beautiful green scenery in the background, as well as the tall stretch of the Cannabis plant looking much like an overhang of palm trees over the scenery.

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to go into the medical or spiritual uses and symbolism of Marijuana.  If anything, it’s probably the most well known plant in this entire deck. So I’ll move on to the message that today’s card is trying to portray to me through its imagery.

What I see here is a carry over from some of the readings in yesterday’s cards.  That is to say, that I need to take some time to be grateful for everything that I have and all of the emotional fulfillment currently in my life.

There’s always room for more, but sometimes you have to just pause for a bit and live in the moment.


#TarotForGrowthJune Challenge Prompt
: What is my relationship with victimhood?

Grimalkin Tarot

Reading Summary: I move from this quickly by taking control and steering myself into (The Chariot) making the choices that need to be made (Seven of Cups) and using the tools that I have at my disposal (The Magician) to find my way to a better place where I connect with others rather than retreating into myself (Unity).

Take Away:  The cards here indicate that I do not connect well with the “victimhood” mentality but rather move immediately to bypass it and move into the healing process.  There’s no wallowing and no hesitation involved.  Just “how can I move forward” and overcome, and am not shy in reaching out to loved ones to help me accomplish that.


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2020 Challenge Prompt
: How can I begin to resolve this pattern of neglect?

Everyday Witch TarotReading Summary: Dive into it as you would anything that you choose to put your passionate drive towards (Knight of Wands). Brainstorm on new ideas (Ace of Swords) and new methods of doing things (Ace of Pentacles).

Take Away: The pattern of neglect that is being referred to here is my slacking off on my self care practices. The cards here indicate that if I want to resolve this I need to actually focus upon the practices and use my intellect and ingenuity to rekindle my passion for these activities. The reading here actually picks out the core root of the issue that has caused me to slack off in the first place, which is that lack of spark.

To resolve this issue of lack of spark, I need to consider new ways to look at and approach my self care so that I can foster return of enthusiasm in this area that had begun to wane recently.


#TheJuneTarot Challenge by Lionhart
: Close your eyes, take a deep breath and draw a card. Share what it says to you.

Sawyer's Path TarotReading Summary: Procrastination is not your friend. All of that chaotic water indicates you should have your eyes open and be paying attention instead of screwing around.  The reminder to meditate is also present in the Lotus flower on the cup in the corner.  With all the chaos that can swirl around you on a daily basis, you need that calm that the meditation can bring.

Take Away: Stop procrastinating on your meditation practice and start taking it seriously again.  Going through the motions and skipping when you don’t feel like it isn’t going to help you in taming that chaotic splashing going on in your heart and soul.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What brings me joy?

Tarot of Passing Showers

Knight of Pentacles: Slow and steady progress towards a stable future. Stability is something I crave and feel a great deal of need for. When things feel stable, I have a huge sense of relief and feel a sense of freedom as my worries ease.  Being able to make progress towards the goals of prolonged and sustained stability makes me very, very happy.

Queen of Wands: Embracing my creativity and directing it towards my passions. I have a great deal of creative spark at my disposal and a huge amount of curiosity that allows me to fire off that creative spark again and again towards new ideas and different pursuits.  These pursuits… not just the doing of them but the process of learning and perfecting the skills involved… is a great joy to me.  As is sharing these pursuits with others when the opportunity presents itself.

The Sun:  Okay, so I’m not particularly talented at the optimism thing, and I usually have to actually work at it to accomplish it… but it’s still nice when it happens organically now and then and takes me by surprise.


Gideon’s Challenge

Rainforest Fern PlantsActs of Service

comes in many forms
from the philanthropy
of the rich
to the young boy
offering a hand up
to a stranger.
It isn’t in what
you contribute
that matters…
only that you do
with a
generous heart.

I feel like I run into a lot of people that feel that because they can’t afford to contribute money or resources to a cause, they think anything they contribute is worthless.  It always bothers me when I run across this mentality, because in my opinion?  Every little thing you do with a generous heart is a contribution.  Whether it’s to a cause or just because you feel the need to lend a hand, it all counts.  It’s all important.  And every single little contribution spurred by a generous heart lifts us all up a little higher than we were before, whether you see the results of it personally or not.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography