Stability For All

As I mentioned in the post for the 18th, I’m in the process of catching up, although I do remember what happened with today’s meditation.   It was skipped.  I wanted to get on the road to head north for my mail as early as possible, so instead of lying down and risking falling asleep in the middle of my meditation, I skipped it.  I then played with you when I got home until I was dead tired and dropped right to sleep at bed time. So… no meditation today.

Herbal TarotToday’s draw is the Ten of Pentacles, which is a representation of fulfillment and completion in the areas of finance, resources, manifestation, health, and the physical world.

What stood out to me the strongest in the imagery of today’s card was the root (fruit) of the Wild Yam plant on the card.  Dioscorea villosa is a spiritual representation of releasing fears and using one’s talents and skills to better better not just your own position but to help others as well.   What I see here, though, is more than that.  The fruit of this plant holds strength in the soil.  It is the foundation itself that is strong, and where its strength lies.

The message that I see in today’s card has to do with building your own foundation, and using it not just to provide stability and comfort for yourself… but for others as well.  It is a message about cherishing those that are closest to you, and supporting them the best that you are able using the strengths that are at your disposal.

I have worked hard to manifest this stability in my life for a long time, but I have not taken the opportunity until recently to really appreciate the fact that I also provide this stability for others.   Today’s card is a reminder that I’m doing a lot more than I realize.


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2020 Challenge Prompt
: What can I do to help my inner adolescent feel heard and understood?

Tarot MoodReading Summary:  More fun (The Sun) combined with the assurance of slow and steady stability (Knight of Pentacles).  Don’t let uncertainty (The Moon) turn you harsh and your inner critic vicious (Queen of Swords Rx).

Take Away: As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really have much of a connection with my inner adolescent, but I see the sense in the approach that the cards lay out here for me.  Who doesn’t want a little more fun, and who (when feeling vulnerable) doesn’t feel the need for a slow but steady hand?


#TheJuneTarot Challenge by Lionhart
: What should I take to heart right now?

Tarot of Metamorphosis

Reading Summary:  Being bossy and commandeering (Chariot) is not going to get me to a place of stability and security (King of Pentacles).  Resist reacting to instability (The Wheel) and follow your intuitive voice instead (High Priestess).

Side note:  I get a good chuckle out of the Chariot card in this deck every time I see it.  The blond is like “Pull my hair again and I’ll eat your face off!!” while the brunette is like “OOhhh, I wish he’d pull my hair like that”.

Take Away:  I need to let up on myself for a bit.   I need to let myself coast for a bit and ease back on the grip on those reigns.   It’s a good time to do it, being that I’m sliding into my slow season with the business. The Wheel card in this reading refers that the ups and downs of my business and how I sometimes freak out when things slip into a lull, but the cards indicate that a lull is just what is needed at this time.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What is my hardest lesson?

Tarot of a Moon Garden

Reading Summary: Self-love (Ace of Cups Rx), and not deceiving myself into thinking things are bad (Three of Swords) when they’re not (Nine of Cups).

Take Away: I often use my fear of instability and inadequacy as a drive to push myself forward and prod myself into doing more and working harder, especially in times when I really need to take a break but don’t want to let go enough to allow it.  The cards here indicate that my hardest lesson is loving myself enough to recognize I don’t need to use these methods, and I can ease up and be kinder to myself.  I am aware of the lesson I am being asked to learn… it’s just the act of actually learning it, taking i to heart, and putting it into action that I’m struggling with.