Staying Open to Change

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and another of the harp strings meditation sessions.   Another session that I had a bit of a struggle in concentrating, mostly because of the whole aggressive customer issue that was going on this morning and getting that dealt with.  I hate having to turn from kind and courteous customer service into that more firm and authoritative voice.

Anyway, it messed up my groove a little bit and because I was all stirred up and my brain was in “compose this message” mode, I really struggled at staying focused in the meditation today.

Herbal Tarot - Two of Pentacles - Yellow DockToday’s draw is the Two of Pentacles, which is traditionally interpreted as struggling with multiple priorities, the juggling of responsibilities, and finding balance (or being out of balance) between one’s obligations.

What stands out the greatest to me in the imagery of this card today is the combination of the yellow dock on the page, and the two sailboats off in the horizon.   The meaning of the sailboats in today’s message is twofold, as they speak both of freedom as well as adaptability and how, through that adaptability, freedom can be obtained.    The Rumex crispus is one I needed to brush up on, as I could only remember that it was a good cure for athletes food and edible in small quantities.

What I found is that the spiritual properties of Rumex crispus lies in the purging of what is no longer working for you, clearing out stagnancy in order to help strengthen what is left and allow for room and growth.     This message is very much in line with my current goals.

The message in today’s card is a reminder that I need to stay open to change in order for change to happen. If I close myself off, even if it’s subconsciously, it will effect my progress.  So stay present, stay aware, and stay open.


#TarotForGrowthJune Challenge Prompt
: What unconscious rhythms have settled into my life?

Brady Tarot

Reading Summary: This reading is about “greener pastures syndrome” and the fact that when I am feeling fulfilled, I can’t stay still.  The progression here is in the new shiny thing (Ace of Roots) that I learn and master (Nine of Cups) and as a result end up bored or frustrated (Eight of Cups) and ready to move on to the next new thing (Six of Arrows).

Take Away:  Actually, this isn’t an uncommon rhythm for me, but it is one that I’ve experienced again and again throughout my life (although, not as often as Z apparently *LOL* who is where I got the “syndrome” title from).   It has to do with interests only being interesting for as long as they are a challenge, but not so much of a challenge that you can’t conquer them.   So you fall into this pattern of finding interests and exploring them until you feel you’ve reached a level of expertise, and then going “meh” and discarding them for something else.  Fortunately, I have far more staying power than Z, although I do this often with my periphery interests. 


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2020 Challenge Prompt
: Philosophical Question: Is it easier to love or be loved?

Grimalkin TarotReading Summary:  In the center of this reading, we have a cat that stares adoringly at a firefly while the firefly is without any interest in the cat at all.  On one side, we have unrequited affection.  On the other we have homecoming and celebration shared with others.

Take Away:  In both scenarios (the right side and the left) there are emotions involved and in both the emotions involved include having “full cups” (even if on the left there are not as many full cups as you might desire.   I would say that, from these cards, it is better to love than to be loved.   I’m not entirely sure that I agree with that, but this is what the cards say to me.  They say that when you focus on your own heart, you will always have love… whereas if you focus on other’s hearts and love directed at you, you will always feel as if you are missing what you seek.


#TheJuneTarot Challenge by Lionhart
: Think of something you are proud of and draw a card for input.
Pride: Fostering stability and responsibility in my life.

Everyday Witch TarotReading Summary: The Queen of Swords (for once) did not immediately bring to mind my mother.  Instead, in this card she appears to be saying, “Good job.  Your independence is admirable. Keep it up.”   She is a reminder to listen to that good, strong, and proud inner voice that lives within me, and to not allow my inner critic to interject.

Take Away:  You are smart and resourceful. You can be the Queen of Wands without turning into your mother.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What good habits do I have?

Tarot of Passing Showers

Reading Summary: The ability to look at personal hardships (Three of Swords) and find the positive (Hanged Man and Art).

Take Away:  In the Thoth tarot (which is the system this deck is based upon) the fourteenth card in the Major Arcana is not Temperance, but rather Art, and speaks of taking something mundane and turning it into something precious.  Balance also plays a part in this card, and when combined with the new perspectives presented in the Hanged Man’s card, it demonstrates how I approach the struggles and strife in my life… and how I heal from them.


Gideon’s Challenge


it isn’t about
what you can do
on your own,
but rather
about what you
can accomplish

I am very much guilty of trying to take everything upon my own shoulders and not “bother” others with requests for help or assistance, even when I desperately need it.  Instead, I continue to pretend all is well, even as I drown under the weight of too much.

That is not strength.

Real strength comes in reaching out to others and allowing them in to help.  Real strength is about love and trust.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

Weekly Creativity Prompt – Childhood Antics

Draw up to three cards from your tarot (or oracle) and use them for guidance in choosing  something to share with us about your childhood.

IMG_4794The Emperor (Ego) –  Once when I was very young (around the age of 9 or 10) my sister and I decided to do an impromptu ritual in our front yard.   We had been doing our own rituals and spellcraft for quite some time, and we were both very confident in our abilities.

The Star (Elation) – We set  up everything outside and began our ritual.  Everything was going along great.  We had been very careful in our set up and things were going smoothly.

Justice (The Lesson) – Until I accidentally bumped the small makeshift altar we’d set up using a wooden stool, and one of the candles toppled off into the dry summer grass.  We were both barefoot and the little cup of water we had for offering didn’t put out the flames (which are incredibly difficult to SEE on dry grass in the middle of the day, by the way.  I had to run and untangle the hose, turn it on and then bring it back, because we were not prepared!   Half the yard burned before we managed to get the fire out.

Moral of the Story –  When preparing for ritual or spellcraft?  It’s not enough to prepare to do the ritual or spell.  You have to prepare for if things go wrong as well.   ie: If you’re playing with fire in the middle of a yard of dry grass?  Have the hose ready and the water already turned on.