Moderation… In Good Times too

Today’s meditation was cut short by the appearance of the sandman.  He cracked me over the head with his bat while I was settled in for my meditation and I ended up sleeping for three damn hours!  Which, of course, set me back on getting the rest of my tasks for the day done.   I never really did catch up but instead just carried some of those tasks forward to be done another day. I’ll try to meditate again when I go to bed.

Herbal TarotToday’s draw is the Four of Pentacles, which is traditionally interpreted as themes of stability and structure, shelter and ease, as well as taking time for reassessment concerning the areas of finances, resources, health, and the physical world. It can also indicate greed, although I do not see that in this card’s depiction.

What stood out to me the most strongly in the imagery of today’s card is the sprig of Rhamnus purshiana, and the wimple that the woman is wearing.  I’ve had this deck for… seventeen years now?  Possibly eighteen years.  And I’ve never been able to connect the Cascara bark in this card to the RWS meaning for the Four of Pentacles.  The thing is?  Rhamnus purshiana is a laxative (thus the depiction of an outhouse in the background of the imagery).   And… that just doesn’t “fit” for me with the stability within the Four of Pentacles. Perhaps if you consider greed a form of constipation?

Anyway… I digress. Back to today’s interpretation.

The wimple is a demonstration of modesty, and the crown one of wealth.  Combined with the sprig of the Cascara tree, what I see here is a message concerning moderation.  It is a reminder that even when you are feeling that everything is stable and secure, you need to remain modest in the use of your resources and put a little something away for later.


#TarotForGrowthJune Challenge Prompt
: What in my life is ending to make way for something new?

Happy Tarot

Reading Summary: Feeling so pessimistic (Four of Cups) about my work (Eight of Pentacles), and all of the fearful/painful/worried and upset (Three of Swords) that rose up over the winter (blue background on the Three of Swords).

Take Away:  These cards are about the letter, and my response to the threat of what those that sent that letter to me could take away from me. The cards here are letting me know that this time of fear and the influences that the letter had upon my thoughts (and emotional reactions to those thoughts) is finally coming to an end. This will then allow my true skills (Eight of Pentacles at the center) to begin to shine through again.


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2020 Challenge Prompt
: How does my inner adolescent feel right now?

Tarot of a Moon GardenReading Summary: In need of some adulation (Six of Staffs) concerning my ingenuity (Ace of Swords) and responsibility concerning my financial stability (King of Pentacles).

Take Away: Okay so this sounds completely ridiculous to me.  But, then again?  As noted yesterday, I’m not particularly connected to my inner adolescent.  So maybe it does need a bit of praise and recognition for my responsibility and ability to keep life as much on an even keel as possible.

I guess on further consideration that it might actually make sense.  I did not get a lot of positive reinforcement when I was under my parent’s roof, and after I emancipated from them at the age of sixteen, I definitely wasn’t getting that positive reinforcement from anywhere else. So perhaps it’s not that far fetched that my inner adolescent would seek what it had not received when I was growing up.


#TheJuneTarot Challenge by Lionhart
: Draw one card, and use its theme to celebrate your growth or journey.

Tattoo Tarot Ink and Intuition

Reading Summary: You do you real damn well.

Take Away:  This is about following my inner compass and what feels right for me, regardless of outside influences that try to pull me astray.  This card is a celebration of my journey through life and willingness to discard what feels wrong and, in doing so, stay upon my own path.   I like the person I am, I am proud of who I am and who I have become.  I am a work in progress, yes… but I am happy with where things have come to thus far and where I am headed.  I feel secure and right upon my personal path… the Judgement card pulled here today is about that steadfast direction and strength it takes to follow my moral compass… no matter what.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What do I need to start?

Trippin Waite Tarot

Reading Summary: Take a chill (Four of Swords) while doing something you’re not good at (Eight of Pentacles Rx) and gain emotional strength and stability from the experience (Queen of Cups).

Take Away:  I need to start setting aside some time to work on the wood burning now that the weather is better and I can spend some time outside on my balcony working on it rather than inside (less of a fire hazard outside, and no ventilation concerns). All of the supplies that I need are now here, so it’s time to take a bit of time to just enjoy myself and let my creative juices flow.



Gideon’s Challenge


So many
precious things
slip from your lips.
Sweet nothings
and fuck babble,
sage advice
and curious questions.
It is, though
the words you speak
with love in your heart
and sacrifice on your sleeve
that always
stand out the most.

I love you, man.  There are times when I’ve needed time outside that I know that you wanted to be selfish and say “No, stay here with me” and yet instead you say “you need to go for a hike”.  This is a sacrifice given that demonstrates the depth of your love.  A sacrifice of time spent with you so that I can instead lose myself among the damp green embrace of the forest trails.  You sacrifice what you hold precious to you, sacrificing your own need, in order to give me the self care I need.

Those words from your lips?  Are a testament to your love as no kiss ever could be.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

Systems of Correspondences

Today’s prompt is brought to you by one of the Discord servers that I am a member of.  Just as a side note… the reason I do not link these Discord servers is because each server has their own rules about if you’re allowed to share them publicly and how, and it’s a pain in the ass to look it up for each one so I just don’t share them.

On to the question… “What systems of correspondences do you tend to work with most? How do they play a part in your practice? (Ie: the cardinal directions, elements, magickal herbs, etc)


The Elements – These are essentially the touchstones of my craft.  I do not have five points when I create a circle.  I have four.  This is because the representative for “spirit” resides inside the circle, not at one of the outer edges.  I (not surprisingly) connect most strongly to the element earth, with water following close behind.  Then air… and lastly fire, which is an element I’ve never had a very close affinity with.   The elements in spellcraft and my path align up with the same correspondences that you see for the elements in the tarot.  That is to say….

Fire (Wands) represents the inner spark of passion, willpower, and drive.
Water (Cups) represents the emotions, relationships, creativity, and intuition.
Air (Swords) represents the mind, intellect, and communication
Earth (Pentacles) represents the physical realm including health, resources, finances, etc.

Spirit/Divinity – As previously mentioned, for me spirit/divinity is not a point upon the circle’s perimeter (not that I cast circles all that often), but resides at the center of that circle. Spirit/Divinity (in my practice), is defined as the energies of creation, evolution, and balance.  Because of its distinction as being separate from “The Elements”, I gave it its own section in these correspondences.

Plants of All Kinds – I’ve always been very connected with plants and rich, moist soil. I have two green thumbs and eight green fingers, and I love plants of all kinds so much so that my university education was focused in the areas of botany and horticulture.  It is no surprise, then, that plants and soil would be something that I incorporate strongly into my spellcraft and practice both through their spiritual symbology, practical uses, medicinal uses, and otherwise.

Lunar Cycles – I depend on the cycles of the moon to lend energy to both my spellcraft and my gardening.  You can learn more about that latter part here:  Farmer’s Almanac – Why Garden By The Moon

Seasonal Cycles – My wheel of the year is built around seasonal cycles (as opposed to the god/goddess journey or whatnot).  My celebrations align with the solstices, equinoxes, and cross quarter points lined out by seasonal changes. Which, I suppose, means it could also be said that I work with weather cycles as well.

Stones and Minerals (esp. semiprecious stones and precious stones) – I’m a jeweler.  I make amulets and pendulums and other magically enhanced items.  It would be weird to me to do this without using the appropriate stones in the process.

Colors – This one is more rare, but there are magical correspondences that have to do with colors, especially when using candle magic, thread and knotting magic, etc.  I do occasionally incorporate this into my spellcraft, but not all that often.

I’m sure there are plenty more that I’ve not included, but this is a list of some of those I use most often.