Gideon’s Challenge


So many
precious things
slip from your lips.
Sweet nothings
and fuck babble,
sage advice
and curious questions.
It is, though
the words you speak
with love in your heart
and sacrifice on your sleeve
that always
stand out the most.

I love you, man.  There are times when I’ve needed time outside that I know that you wanted to be selfish and say “No, stay here with me” and yet instead you say “you need to go for a hike”.  This is a sacrifice given that demonstrates the depth of your love.  A sacrifice of time spent with you so that I can instead lose myself among the damp green embrace of the forest trails.  You sacrifice what you hold precious to you, sacrificing your own need, in order to give me the self care I need.

Those words from your lips?  Are a testament to your love as no kiss ever could be.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

One thought on “Gideon’s Challenge

  1. Okay so this one made me tear up a little bit. *Grins* Goddamn man, I love you. And you do need that time away, that time outside on your hikes. To cleanse your soul and just…recharge. You are my little faerie boy and this isn’t just something you enjoy, it’s something you -need- It is an integral part of your overall well being. You need this as much as you need air and sunshine and food and water.

    Your soul needs cared for too, hm?

    You are my priority, my love. Always. God always.
    And I appreciate that you appreciate me….I love how you love me

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