How Long Is Your Reach?

Today’s meditation was again postponed to take place at bed time.  I know.  And I agree with you that I need to get on track and more dedicated to doing my meditation practice in the morning again.  But it did not happen today.   I will put more of a push behind doing better about this, though. Because you’re right… morning meditation works a lot better for my self care than evening ones do.

Herbal Tarot - Seven of Cups - Juniper BerriesToday’s draw is the Seven of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of being presented with a variety of opportunities, and using one’s heart assist in making choices.  It can also represent feeling overwhelmed by the choices set out before you.

A lot of times when I get this card in my personal readings, it means that I am leaning too heavily on making decisions in my head, and that my heart needs to have its voice included in making whatever decisions are going on at the moment.

What stood out the strongest to me today in the imagery of this card was the sprig of Juniper at the top of the card, and the image of the little blue dragon that looks like its trying to get a nibble off that sprig.

Juniperus communis is used spiritually as a way to protect oneself from negative thoughts and influences, which fits in well with what I see in that little dragon, actually.   As what I see here in the imagery of today’s card and the relationship between the dragon and the Juniper sprig… is empowerment.

When you reach for the things you want, sometimes? Negative thoughts have a way of shortening your reach and influencing you to fall short of your goals.   The message in today’s card is to not allow those negative self dialog to have that kind of power.  It’s not about a specific thing or event, instead this card is about how to build my confidence and become stronger.


#TarotForGrowthJune Challenge Prompt
: How can I align more with the wildness within me?

Tarot of a Moon Garden

Reading Summary: It is self defeating (Five of Swords) to intellectualize (Nine of Swords) your emotions so much (Queen of Cups). Set them free and allow them to find their own way (Six of Cups).

Take Away:  Funny that we just talked about this a bit ago.  Although, this question refers specifically to connecting more to the wildness within me.   So of course intellectualizing would be self defeating in that goal.  I’m not really sure that connecting to my wildness is what I need right now though.  So perhaps the intellectualizing is a good thing, yeah?


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2020 Challenge Prompt
: Philosophical Question: Are beliefs and superstitions the same?

Japaridze TarotReading Summary: When driven by our convictions and passions (Queen of Fire), belief and superstition can both provide a sense of emotional fulfillment (Ten of Tides) when we feel that we are being guided and protected by them.

When we connect with others that share the same beliefs or superstitions (Three of Gardens), the experience has the ability to create a sense of intellectual superiority over others that do not share the same views (King of Winds).

By the same turn, both beliefs and superstitions can create a sense of being overburdened if we become too focused upon them and too dependent upon them and their parameters (Ten of Fire).

Take Away:  What is being shown in these cards is about how both belief and superstition are related.  In these ways, they are absolutely the same.  I do think, though, that there are as many differences between belief and superstition as there are similarities.


#TheJuneTarot Challenge by Lionhart
: What more can I do to ready myself for the next mercury rx?

Simply Deep Tarot

Reading Summary: Have a plan in place (Three of Wands), depend upon your intuition to guide you forward (High Priestess), and keep plowing forward (Chariot).

Take Away:  I’m not usually particularly affected by mercury rx, but the people around me are and as a result what I notice most is a bit of a breakdown in communication between others… and sometimes between others and myself.  Essentially what the cards are telling me is to keep my head down and keep moving.  Don’t allow things to stagnate, and follow my intuition when I need a little boost or a bit of extra direction.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
Question: What are my 3 goals for the next quarter of the year?

Grimalkin Tarot

Reading Summary: More understanding and nurturing of the self concerning stability goals (Queen of Pentacles. More stable and grounded self talk (King of Swords). Inner growth and maturity (Grimalkin).

Take Away:  I hadn’t really set out to make goals for the next three months, but these sound like really good ones.

The first goal is about allowing myself a bit of wiggle room concerning my usual obsession with stability and security.  This is a topic I’ve been hyper focused on for the majority of my adult life, and I’ve had a lot of readings indicating lately that I need to loosen those barbwire bindings I use to keep everything in control.  I have a feeling that this loosening is necessary if I want to do the restructuring I’ve been working on and have it be a success.

The second goal is about my inner narrative and being more kind to myself.  Or… not so much more kind as less unstable.  Less lashing out, more stability and strength.  There are good kings that make spectacular leaders, and bad kings that are tyrants.  Don’t be a tyrant.

The third goal is about learning from your mistakes and the growth and maturity you develop through experience.  This is a long standing goal, and I feel it’s also a healthy one to continue.


Gideon’s Challenge


Rough and ragged.
Flesh once smooth
scored and scarred.
Damaged walls protect
inner softness.
What lies within
Supportive and nurturing
and yet
thick walls hide
what lies beneath.

Like the tree I have thick walls, although unlike the tree, as I age those walls become thinner. You chip away at them again and again, tirelessly exposing the meaty softness of tender wood beneath. And yet, there is always more bark… more walls to work through.  The bark of this fir tree marks a part of my ‘self’ that I strive to defeat… strive to find balance with. Each year we are together, I get a little bit closer to finding that balance between damaged mess and flawed perfection.  Each year, you help me find another step along that path.

Thank you.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography



Weekly Creativity Prompt – Magical Spell

Pull (at least) three cards and use them to write about a magical spell.

The Magus Arcana Deck

There was once a young girl (The Fool) named Emmaline that spent all of her time frolicking by herself (The Hermit) in the forest among the Fae. They taught her many things (The Hierophant) and filled her days with an abundance of joy (The Sun).

Her mother was worried for her daughters safety (The Empress), and did everything in her power to dissuade Emmaline from going out into the woods on her own (The Magician).  When nothing seemed to work, the mother eventually consulted with the old crone witch that lived at the edge of their village (The High Priestess).

The witch was powerful and used her significant magical abilities (Strength) to cast a spell upon Emmaline and pin the girl in place at home (The Hanged Man).

It worked! But it made Emmaline very sad, and the Fae missed her very much (The Tower). So much so that they came to rescue the little girl (The Chariot) and allowed Emmaline to choose if she wanted to live in the forest forever or stay at home with her mother (The Lovers).

Emmaline chose the woods (Death).

The Fae’s powerful magic broke the spell and the little girl bounded off into the forest with the Fae, never to be seen again by human eyes (The World).