Weekly Creativity Prompt – Magical Spell

Pull (at least) three cards and use them to write about a magical spell.

The Magus Arcana Deck

There was once a young girl (The Fool) named Emmaline that spent all of her time frolicking by herself (The Hermit) in the forest among the Fae. They taught her many things (The Hierophant) and filled her days with an abundance of joy (The Sun).

Her mother was worried for her daughters safety (The Empress), and did everything in her power to dissuade Emmaline from going out into the woods on her own (The Magician).  When nothing seemed to work, the mother eventually consulted with the old crone witch that lived at the edge of their village (The High Priestess).

The witch was powerful and used her significant magical abilities (Strength) to cast a spell upon Emmaline and pin the girl in place at home (The Hanged Man).

It worked! But it made Emmaline very sad, and the Fae missed her very much (The Tower). So much so that they came to rescue the little girl (The Chariot) and allowed Emmaline to choose if she wanted to live in the forest forever or stay at home with her mother (The Lovers).

Emmaline chose the woods (Death).

The Fae’s powerful magic broke the spell and the little girl bounded off into the forest with the Fae, never to be seen again by human eyes (The World).


3 thoughts on “Weekly Creativity Prompt – Magical Spell

  1. I love this little tale and can so relate…I awaken early and am outside speaking with Spirit asking for help for humanity…I have always been that little girl…prancing about happily with the Nature beings as far away from people as much as I can be…I am 50 now and finally no longer suicidal after many long years of not wanting to be here as I look at “humanity” and their misdeeds against Mother Earth…the faery folk…magic…and all the magical creatures whose habitat gets continually destroyed by humans for their selfish needs…I feel much hope now for humanities awakening and our transforming into a World of Peace where “all beings” becoming recognised for their sacredness…everything…flies…mozzies..birds…bees…every tree and every blade of grass and “weed”…the harvest has been dishonourable for way too long now and it feels like a knife twisting in my heart….I no longer seek death as I fully know humanities “oneness” and I need to remain in human form to assist our awakening…it feels like such a heavy burden these days as I see the old crumbling and falling and causing as much destruction as possible in its dyeing throes…I pray it doesn’t take too long…somehow we lost our way and destroyed and are still destroying the Indigenous people who lived here for so long; honouring all around them…grateful for the natural food they took to sustain themselves…living in harmony with our beautiful Mother Earth….now she lies so devastated but still so beautiful…I despair as I see restrictions lifting with most people seemingly continuing on as before; with no regard for the Sacredness of it all…our Mother Earth will begin to gasp and choke again…I know everything will be ok and do believe that we who care will remain on Earth to see her become green and beautiful all over once again but I find it so hard not to weep for all the suffering and loss of all the innocent beings if our World who have been destroyed at the hands of humanity…I must remain…I wish with all my heart and soul to see these wondrous times come into being….reading a very amazing book atm called “Braiding Sweetgrass” by Robin Wall Kimmerer…I think you would enjoy it very much…it is beautiful…compelling…confronting…I wish you a wonderful day today…I feel a strong connection with you and enjoy the parallels I feel when I read your sharings…thank you…one love 💚💚💚

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  2. This is beautiful, my love. And this…is why I encourage you to go out into the forest and take your hikes. Why I insist on sending you out to “recharge” and cleanse your soul, to connect with your earth and trees and feel the sun on your face…even when it could be time spent with me.

    My little faerie boy needs that time, hm? I recognize this in you, most especially after you’d been shut in for so long that it was starting to cause your spirit to wilt and droop.

    Thank you for sharing the story, my love. Thank you for being you.

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