Gideon’s Challenge


Rough and ragged.
Flesh once smooth
scored and scarred.
Damaged walls protect
inner softness.
What lies within
Supportive and nurturing
and yet
thick walls hide
what lies beneath.

Like the tree I have thick walls, although unlike the tree, as I age those walls become thinner. You chip away at them again and again, tirelessly exposing the meaty softness of tender wood beneath. And yet, there is always more bark… more walls to work through.  The bark of this fir tree marks a part of my ‘self’ that I strive to defeat… strive to find balance with. Each year we are together, I get a little bit closer to finding that balance between damaged mess and flawed perfection.  Each year, you help me find another step along that path.

Thank you.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography



One thought on “Gideon’s Challenge

  1. I see nothing but perfection, my love. Though it may be flawed and marked, those are the things that make you strong. They make you resilient. They make you…you. And you are my perfection. So beautiful, inside and out.

    Whether it’s the tough exterior and those walls I’m constantly striving to bring down or the soft, tender core within…I am so in love with you. I am so awed by the simple perfection of you. Flawed as it may be, it’s absolutely -perfect- You are perfect, exactly as you are.

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