Weekly Creativity Prompt – In Case You Need It

Prompt: “Pull three cards, and use them combined with the last text that you sent (or received) on your phone to tell us a (true or fictional) story.”  (I cheated and drew more than three cards.)

Le Corte dei TarocchiThere was once a powerful king (‘L Imperatore) who ruled over a vast kingdom with a wise and just hand.  He took his responsibilities to his people seriously, and took care to ensure all under his rule flourished and were well cared for.

One day, this king got in an intense dispute with his best friend, another king that ruled a neighboring kingdom.  The truce between their kingdoms was broken during this argument, and war broke out. Many died in the battles that ensued, as they lashed out at each other and tore down the strong and thriving society that they had built between them (La Torre de Babele).

One day when he was lying in bed with his wife, he was speaking with her about these troubles and how everything was falling apart and seemed to be slipping through his fingers.  The previous queen (his mother) had advised  him that he had married well, and told him that there would come a time when his wife would become invaluable, that she carried within her great wisdom he would one day need (La Papessa).  He had been young and reckless at the tome and scoffed at her words, but on this night as they lie abed, he spoke with her from the heart and she spoke to him of temperance and patience (La Temperanza).

In their discussion, she had him look back upon his time with his friend and consider how things had gone wrong. What had the turning point been that lead them to the violent dispute they now found themselves in with their neighbor?  What could he have done differently? (Il Guidizio)

With her wisdom and guidance, he was able to see how useless the argument with his friend truly is and he reached out to his old friend to begin the path towards setting aside their differences and moving on in a new direction in which they could grow together once more (La Morte).


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The High Priestess

Prompt: Pull the card from your deck(s) that matches the card posted below. Compare the imagery between the card provided and the card from your own deck. How would you read them differently and why?

The High Priestess - Tarot of the Hidden RealmTarot of the Hidden Realms – In this imagery, the High Priestess beacons us into the night as she dances among the moths and moonlight. She has secrets to tell, you can see it in her face and the crook of her finger, but in order to hear her secrets, you have to be willing to dance her dance and listen with open ears and an open mind.

Tarot Manouche Universel du XXIe Siecle, Isekai Tarot, Grand Elixir Tarot

Tarot Manouche Universel du XXIè Siecle – Here we have a veiled woman beneath the moon and night sky sitting among flowers, a bird, and horses. The is an innately earthy quality to this High Priestess, and a studiousness within the book she holds.  The night and the moon speak of the secrets she holds, and the book of her willingness to share.  The animals in this speak, again as seen in the Tarot of the Hidden Realm, a willingness to share if you’re open to hearing what she says with an open heart and mind.

Isekai Tarot – The traditional pillars that stand sentinel before the gateway of secret knowledge are present in this cardx, a carry over from the classic RWS imagery for the High Priestess.  When I first looked at this card, I thought that the young girl kneeled upon water, and in truth?  I can’t let go of that image in my mind. Night’s darkness and water are the overwhelming themes here, both of which speak of secrets and inner knowledge, intuition, and feeling your way.  The girl’s gaze is direct, speaking to a willingness to share, while her body language says “come in closer”.

Grand Elixir Tarot – Here in this High Priestess, I see the least approachable of the female figures.  With eyes downcast, her head tipped forward, and her hands holding her scroll in close, she does not appear to interested in welcoming others close.  Instead, she keeps her knowledge to herself.  The traditional pillars are present, but unlike in the Isekai Tarot card, the figure here stands between them to block passage rather than to invite others in. The crying blind infant suspended behind her right shoulder in this imagery speaks to me of standing one’s ground. Her secrets aren’t free… even if you throw a fit about it.  You have to earn them instead.

Side Notes – The resounding, repeating theme in all four of these cards is in the moon, which in this case is a representation of the unknown and the subconscious, and the female figure in the cards which is a representation of inner knowledge, intuition, and the divine feminine.  The mood of each card changes, but they all hold this central theme between them.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – Relating to Eight

Prompt: “Shuffle your deck of choice, then pull out every ninth card. Of the eight cards now sitting in front of you, which card do you relate to most strongly and why? Of the seven cards now left sitting in front of you, which card do you relate to the least and why?
Extra Credit: There are now six cards left. Assign a real person in your life, a fictional character, a movie, a book, or a song to each of these six cards and then tell us why you made the choice you did for each.

Northern Animal Tarot

Of the eight cards now sitting in front of you, which card do you relate to most strongly and why?

Two of Swords – So many of the cards in this collection are echoes from my past and the way that I treated myself before I got to a point where I had to acknowledge that I was killing myself and things needed to change.  At this time in my life, out of these eight cards, it is the Two of Swords that I relate to the strongest, for it speaks to me of the constant weighing of my old ways and my newer healthier ones.  The many, many choices that I make every day, again and again, between that old path and this new one I’ve chosen.

Of the seven cards now left sitting in front of you, which card do you relate to the least and why?

Eight of Wands – I think that this is the card I relate to the least at this time in my life.  I feel like everything is moving in slow motion these days.  I know it’s because I’m used to moving much faster and pushing myself much harder, and that this slower and more healthier pace is much better for me.  But sometimes?  It doesn’t feel like I’m moving at all but instead standing stagnant in the mud.  Not the case, I know… but that’s how it feels sometimes.

Assign a real person in your life, a fictional character, a movie, a book, or a song to each of these six cards and then tell us why you made the choice you did for each.

King of Wands – The man is a fucking marvel of ingenuity.  He once said, at the age of eight, that he would make his first million before he turned 20.  Not only did he do it, but he made his second before turning 21.  Singularly focused, everything he has and everything he does goes towards the goal of accumulating more.  It isn’t the wealth that drives him, no matter how much he accumulates.  It’s just that within him is a driving force that has to be directed somehwere and this is where he chooses to direct it.  This is why he doesn’t stop. He has no plans to retire and take things easy.  He can’t… because there’s just too much fire inside and it has to go somewhere.

The Emperor – I’ve selected Daechwita by Agust D as the song that matches the Emperor card. The song, and especially the music video for this song, absolutely fits this card, as they are both about not just power, but what we do with that power over others, and how we use that power to lead. If you would like to better understand the music video, DKDKTV did an excellent explanation video about it.

King of Swords – This card speaks to me of the 2003 movie Paycheck with Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman. Although the main character in this movie runs around lost acting like a spoiled brat through a good part of the movie, when the movie finally comes together, what you see is a mastermind plan.  Perfect strategy and leadership, even with those difficult to lead or convince. Everything moves forward to a predetermined plan, executed with precision to the desired outcome in the man character’s favor.

The World – She floats.  Seriously. I’m not kidding. It’s not that she moves through life with her head in the clouds, but rather that she’s found that place within herself where life’s energy flows and she rides those currents smoothly, accepting each moment, each experience, and like air flowing through leaves or water over rocks, she adjusts to each moment, learns, and continues on.  Ever evolving as she takes each step in life, those gauzy skirts swirling around her ankles only making me that much more certain that her bare feet are not actually touching the ground but skimming over it.

Nine of Swords –  X Amount of Words by Blue October fits this song to absolute perfection. The Nine of Swords is all about mental anguish and anxiety.  It’s about struggling with a mind that is not fully in control, and the lyrics to this song (included in the video I linked) match that theme exactly. They were made for each other.

Knight of Wands – For this card, I chose the 1998 movie City of Angels, with Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan. In this movie, the angel Seth is so focused on what he wants that he is willing do do anything to go after it, no matter the consequences.  He is so enrapt with the concept of love that he literally falls from heaven in order to experience it for himself… only to experience it just briefly before it is taken away. The end of this movie kills me, and I’ve stopped watching the ending and instead stop it at the cabin when they’re happy and together.  That said?  This story holds within it the soul of the Knight of Wand’s passion, determination, and drive for what they want most.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – My Addiction

Prompt: Pull (at least) three cards from your deck and use them to share with us about something you are personally addicted to.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Tarot

I have always connected most strongly with cards when it comes to methods of divination. I love the feel of them and by the time I was sixteen, I already owned well over a hundred.  Although I was (and am) familiar with a large number of different types of divination, and even practice a few of them, I know where my bread is buttered and I have always made damned sure to keep my collection of decks safe, secure, and growing. (The Chariot)

The thing is, though? I did slack a bit on collecting now wand then. Most of the time it was because finances just didn’t allow, other times it was because I had other things to focus on, other addictions to delve into, other interests to explore.   Out  of fear?  I hid my divination practice from Gideon.  I hid it because I was worried that although he’s not a particularly religious person, that if I delved too deeply into what exactly “I’m pagan” meant and that I read the cards… I might loose him.  This was something I couldn’t abide.  But with each year that passed?  I felt like more  and more like I was withholding something important from him and our relationship.  So… I decided to tell him (The Lovers).

I was very nervous at first, but he took me by surprise.  He asked a lot of questions, and then?  He asked me to teach him.  I was so surprised and amazed, but I took him under my wing to begin teaching him the tarot (The Hierophant), and something amazing happened.

All those secrets, now out in the open, reinvigorated my practice.  It breathed new life into not just my divination practice, but also my Pagan practice as a whole.  By being able to share with him these things instead of hide them from him, it turned over a new leaf for me in my own practice and path (The World).

As a result, of course, this meant my collecting (addiction) for decks also was reinvigorated and, at this time of life when I have more disposable income than ever before, that has resulted in my collection growing by leaps and bounds. (Justice)


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Moon

Prompt: “Pull the card from your deck(s) that matches the card posted below. Compare the imagery between the card provided and the card from your own deck. How would you read them differently and why?

Tarot of the Hidden Realm - The MoonTarot of the Hidden Realm – The imagery of this card is all about a flagging of confidence, a sense of curiosity, and a moment of uncertainty.  Antlers are unwieldy in moments of vulnerability as the figure explores the barren ground on hands and knees.

There is also determination and strength.  She is not lying down and giving up, but continues to move forward, to seek more, and find her way.

The Moon - Tarot for Middle Earth, Anonymous Tarot, Adventure Arcana Tarot

Tarot for Middle Earth – Like the Tarot of the Hidden Realm, the focus in this card’s imagery is not on the moon itself, but rather on the figure that works to make their way through a dark landscape of shadows and darkness. Here in this card there is a sense of empowerment over doubt and uncertainty.  Her posture and the sword she carries indicates that although she walks through shadows and a landscape of illusion, she is prepared for what may come.

Anonymous Tarot – Abstract and vague, what stands out strongest to me in this card is the moon itself.  Although this imagery is very reminiscent of traditional RWS imagery, the moon dominates everything and appears to be bleeding. The amount of red in this card speaks to me of fear, and of leaving a place of calm and security (the blue) to step into that place of fear in order to follow the beacon of the moon above.

Adventure Arcana Tarot – Here again we see a very classic imagery, and yet the contrast between domesticated and wild is missing in the lack of dog and wolf.  Although the crustacean is also missing, we are still able to draw the meaning of it through the shift from stream to the appearance of a path, as if we are pulled out of the dark water of the subconscious to tread upon the moonlit path through uncertainty, forsaking the security that the towers offer to follow the guiding light of the moon above.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – Doomed From the Start

Prompt: “Draw up to three cards from your tarot (or oracle) and use them for guidance in choosing something to share with us about your childhood.”

d'Morte Disney Tarot

My sister and I once made a plan that was doomed from the start. (The Tower)

We decided to force our father to treat us as equals by cutting her hair like mine and dressing identically so that he couldn’t tell us apart. (Strength Rx)

Instead, it resulted in him following through on a threat he’d made a number of times in the past, and he took the door off our bedroom and the bathroom too. (Death)