Weekly Creativity Prompt – Near and Dear – The Aces

Prompt: First, pull the Aces out of a deck of your choice. Then consider… Do you have someone in your life that fits with the theme of one of the cards? Do you have people in your life that would fit with each of them? Share the connection you see between each Ace card and the person in your life it represents. 

Insight Tarot

Ace of Pentacles – The bakery could run on its own these days, and he could spend his time in an office while others do the work.  And yet, every morning he gets up at 3AM, and is in the bakery by 4 in the morning to start the first batches of bread for the day.  This is his quiet time, where he can bake loaves of bread, buttery croissants, and sweet scones… And feel content in the fact that he’s feeding the world, and that every bit of food he brings into existence is going to feed someone, whether it’s the customers that come in to buy his breads and confections or the needy that receive what’s left at the end of each day.

Ace of Swords – If you’re stuck in a rut? This is the woman to talk to.  She’s full of ideas and happy to share with anyone that needs a little bit of encouragement.  Sit down with her and let her fill your head with the possibilities of what you could do. Brainstorm about where you’re going, and talk long into the night as you bounce ideas off each other.  She will inspire you, and give you a peek into the possibilities at your fingertips, helping you to find your way to unstuck so that you can follow those potential ideas into a new path.

Ace of Cups – He smiles without provocation, his laugh is infectious, and he cries at the drop of a hat. With his heart on his sleeve, every touching commercial causes his heart to pitterpat and his eyes to shine with tears, a happy ending will do the same, and an audio book as well.  Music creates souring emotions that he rides like a surfer rides waves, immersed in the emotions of the music as they carry him away.  He feels with every shred of his being, and loves with all his heart.  He feels pain deeply… but then, he feels everything deeply.

Ace of Wands – Her house is filled with Rubbermaid tubs, cardboard boxes, and shoe-boxes, knitting bags, totes, and skeins of yarn, scraps of fabric and wicker baskets filled with this and that.  Paints and paintbrushes, candle molds, boxes of wax, and little baubles.  Beads and pearls and epoxy mixes and everything in between.  She knows how to do everything, learning skill after skill, starting project after project… and yet none of them are ever finished before her attention is caught by the next new thing to learn, discover, and explore.


Weekly Creativity Prompt – Learning to Fly

Prompt: Pull at least three cards and use them to formulate a response to…
“You’re early,” said the Grim Reaper with a hint of surprise.

Paul Klee TarotSitting down with a sigh, the young man looked up at the Grim Reaper with a rueful grin and began to speak…

Well, you know how I always enjoy a good hike in the woods at night (The Fool atop The Moon). It’s one of my favorite things to follow along the deer trails and small paths through the silhouettes of trees cast upon a moonlit sky. I go often, and I know the mountain well. (Strength)

So I decided to go out last night and climb to the peak of Rosemont, and sit and relax for a while and meditate on life.  That particular peak has a breathtaking view of the river running through the valley below, and I go there often to enjoy some peace and quiet. (The Hermit)

Once I arrived, I settled comfortably on the edge of the cliff with a sandwich for a snack.  I was appreciating the splendor of nature around me and the quiet night song of subtle sounds. I ended up losing track of time. (The Empress)

I was having such a nice time and so wrapped up in my thoughts, the nip of the cool mountain air, and the view below… that I didn’t hear the bear approaching from behind. (Wheel of Fortune)

So when the bear chuffed in my ear in the process of looking over my shoulder at my sandwich (The Tower), it startled me badly that I jumped in surprise… right off the edge of the cliff I was sitting on. (The Chariot atop The Hierophant)

In the fall, I ended up caught on a root sticking out of the rocks. (The Hanged Man) I hung there for a bit before I came to the realization that nobody was going to come for me.  A long wait of starvation and dehydration sounded extremely unpleasant, so I said “Fuck it”. (The Magician atop The Emperor)  I took out my knife to cut myself free. (Justice)

And here I am. (Death)


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Woods Part 2

Prompt:  Pull (at least) three cards and use them to tell us a story about new beginnings.

Little Twin Stars Love TarotThis is part two of a previous story… The Woods – Part 1

As the young man sank beneath the earth and was accepted into her womb (The Empress), tendrils of roots slipped beneath skin and drew forth from the man’s body the essence of the man (Death).

The man’s essence traveled up from the roots of the tree to its trunk and branches that stretched high overhead (The Chariot), and in the embrace of the canopy of leaves and branches, a new bud began to grow.

Through the fall and winter months, the tight little bud remained snug on that branch, hiding the miracle within as the cold months passed by. (The Hanged Man and The Hermit)

Then one fine spring morning after the last of the morning frosts had fallen away and the world grew warm again (The Star), the little bud began to swell and the tight clench of leaves began to ease their grip (Temperance).

As the folds of leaves unfurled, the essence of what had once been the man burst forth (The Fool), his new form a small and glittering thing of earthy greens and browns with  fluttering wings that shimmer in the rays of the sun. (The World).

Others like himself darted out from the leaves of the tree, coming to greet him with eager enthusiasm and together they spirited off into the depths of the forest to play like motes on a summer breeze. (The Sun and The Lovers)


Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Woods

Prompt: Pull (at least) three cards use them to tell a story in which the characters are warned not to go into the woods.

Tarot ResomThe Woods

“Don’t go into the woods” they said, but he just couldn’t resist. He went every day. Some days for just a few minutes, and other days for hours and hours on end. Sometimes in the darkness of wild storms, and sometimes during clear skies with the sun or moon to light his way. (The Fool atop The Devil)

He didn’t understand what they all were so afraid of. Nothing bad ever happened when he visited the woods, and so he became confident and comfortable in his visits. (The Magician atop The Moon)

He would wander for hours, lost in his own thoughts while he marveled at nature’s splendor.  He admired the birds and their fluttering wings, the squirrels and their speed and ingenuity, and even took joy in the slow trek of the snails moving over forest floor and fallen logs (The Sun atop The Hermit)

One day in his wandering he came to a small grove covered in moss and was so enchanted that he decided to sit for a while and enjoy.  He found a comfortable spot to settle upon the ground beneath an old tree and as he watched the creatures and plants go about their daily routines, he became very tired. The exhaustion came upon him suddenly, and soon found himself so tapped of energy he had need to lie down upon the ground. (The Lovers atop Temperance)

While lying upon the ground, he watched motes of pollen swirl through the air like dust motes in the light of the setting sun and a great sense of peace overtook him. Soon, he let his eyes close and breathed in the fresh air fragrant with pine needles and damp earth. He imagined himself cradled lovingly in the palm of the earth’s embrace and as he drifted off to sleep, he felt as if he was slowly sinking into a deep and heavy darkness. (The Empress atop The Star)

And indeed, as he slept, he was embraced by the earth. Foliage crept close and roots shifted to make room. (Death) He was gently lowered deeper and deeper beneath the soil as it shifted to cradle and accept him within.  So in tune with the earth, so comfortable within her embrace, he yielded to her without alarm or fear and became one with the earth without ever waking from his deep sleep. (The World)

And alas, the young man was never seen from again.